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A Divine Morning at Bangla Saheb: A Long Lost Wish Comes True

“Alone let me constantly meditate in solitude on that which is salutary for his soul, for he who meditates in solicitude attains supreme bliss.”  –  Guru Nanak


Bangla Saheb is an oasis of spiritual bliss. Early this morning, I had the divine fortune, of finally being able to pay my obeisance to this glorious Gurudwara (place of worship for Sikhs)

Blown over by the pristine beauty and the tranquil serenity of Bangla Saheb, which in the seventeenth century was Raja Jai Singh’s palace; I’m as smug as I can be.

natasha-musing-a-dive-morning-at-bangla-saheb-a-long-lost-wish-come-true-bangla saheb

I experienced bliss of an usual sort, as I sat in the premises, paying my humble homage, as the gurbani played in the background, soothing my soul like no other, in a very long time. I opened my heart to a few beautiful guidances from the universe, and imbued the blissfully divine energies of this holy shrine.

I truly believe, I can fill everybody else's cup, only when mine is full and over-flowing. Click To Tweet
A MYstically Exclusive Saturday:

Today was an exclusive Saturday. Done differently. No cycle rides, no sleeping in late, no walk, no breakfast outings with family. I simply took time off to nurture myself, with a visit to Bangla Saheb, a place I had wished to go to, for over a decade now. I truly believe I can fill everybody elses cup, only when mine is full and over-flowing. It is so very important to keep following your inner calling, before it dwindles into oblivion or time runs out.

The last few months had just gone by in a haze, with a very sick furry child and prolonged bouts of sickness, of every family member.

natasha-musing-a-divine-morning-at-bangla-saheb-a-long-lost-wish-come-true-bangla saheb-cotton

My furry child, Cotton transited over to the other side of the rainbow yesterday morning, after a long drawn battle with failed kidneys. She now rests peacefully in doggie heaven and watches over us.  It’s not been easy for anyone of us, as she filled our lives with lessons aplenty, always brimming with love and joy. But we know (and so does Cotton), that she is now in a good place and is eased of her sufferings.

Just the right day today to offer my prayers for her at Bangla Saheb. And I believe the universe conspired mystically to help uplift my soul. So much gratitude and love. <3






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9 thoughts on “A Divine Morning at Bangla Saheb: A Long Lost Wish Comes True

  1. I’m so sorry to know about Cotton’s passing away. I’ve lost a pet in recent years and I know how painful it can be. I’m sure you’ll meet Cotton someday again on the golden bridge. Your visit to the gurudwara sounds like a soulful one. Beautiful clicks too!

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss, Natasha. ♥ It is wonderful that you were able to visit this heavenly place. You are right, self-care is so important, especially when dealing with devastating events. Sending love and hugs!

  3. I’m so glad you spent the precious moments in the most beautiful way, in the midst of such serenity and peace! I am sure Cotton is now resting happily and watching over all of you! This time and this moment will pass away very soon but hopefully, the ambience of perfect peace and tranquillity will sustain you through the coming days as you get set to start another busy week ahead. Peace, light and much love being sent your way, dear Natasha!

    P.S. Simply loved these lines —”I truly believe I can fill everybody else’s cup, only when mine is full and over-flowing. It is so very important to keep following your inner calling before it dwindles into oblivion or time runs out.”

    So profoundly true! I’m consciously making an attempt to follow it now. So uncanny, that, I too used the same quote in one of my posts written for the FoW this week. 🙂

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