How To Love Yourself in 2019: #GuestPost By Kiana Mason

How To Love Yourself in 2019: #GuestPost By Kiana Mason


How to Love Yourself in 2019: By Kiana Mason


So many of us spend so much energy and time showing someone else that we love them. This is all done with good intentions, but why do we neglect ourselves in the process?


If we were as kind to ourselves as we are to those we love, imagine how much different our happiness and overall state of mind would be. That’s why this year I challenge you to not only show love to others but to yourself as well! To love yourself also means to take care of yourself. You must listen to your mind, body, and spirit and treat their needs with care.


So what does that entail exactly? In order to begin the journey of self-love, you must be truthful with yourself about your needs, challenges, and dreams. You must be compassionate to yourself and others so that you can truly forgive wrongdoings and move forward. And lastly, you have to be vulnerable enough to reach your core and heal from the inside out.


Now that you’re ready for the journey of self-love, try these different steps and activities that you can practice on a daily basis to improve your self-love and self-care. Check out the full self-love post or the infographic below by ProFlowers to begin your journey!



13 thoughts on “How To Love Yourself in 2019: #GuestPost By Kiana Mason

    1. So glad you like the infographic and tips! Self-love is something that we need to strive for everyday 🙂

  1. Terrific advice! I do fairly well on most of this, most of the time. But avoiding negativity – and asking myself what need I have that’s not being met – that’s really insightful, and really important. It’s not always obvious. Often, the thing that triggers negativity is just “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” and the root cause goes much deeper. Small things add up. We don’t even recognize the root cause, anymore.

    Also, avoiding the perfectionism trap. Perfectionism isn’t perfection. It’s just the failure to recognize that, even if perfection is unachievable, we’ll die or kill someone trying to achieve it. Not a healthy way to live, and not a necessary thing in order to be lovable and successful.

    1. Hi Holly, I completely agree and love this thought, “Perfectionism isn’t perfection. It’s just the failure to recognize that…perfection is unachievable…” It’s totally not a healthy way to live and very important to recognize this, thanks for sharing!

  2. Absolutely loved the infographics. It is so important to take care of both physical and mental health. I loved that this also includes kindness, which is also important for the peace of mind.

    1. I completely agree that taking care of physical and mental health is so important. I also find that they go hand in hand—when I take time to exercise I feel I am much more likely to take the time to journal or meditate too.

  3. Natasha,

    It’s equally important to love oneself as you do another, so be kind to yourself. Accept and like who you are because when you do, others will follow your example. Good tips! 🙂

    1. Hi Cathy, so happy you liked the tips. So true—setting a good example is very important because positivity begets positivity!

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