Lodhi Art District: #WordlessWednesday

Lodhi Art District: #WordlessWednesday

“Many things in life will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart. Pursue those.” 














Photo Credits: Achal Kaneja and Mujib Mundewadi

Lodhi art District


This photo walk in Lodhi Art District was captured by my incredible friends from our book club, Books and Beyond and walking club, Walking Nirvana. Thank you Achal and Mujib, for these splendid shots. Unable to accompany my friends on this art walk to Lodhi’s Art District, in New Delhi, this Sunday; these pictures made it all come alive for me.

There are plenty more, which I hope to share in my future blog posts. Of course with due credits to my talented friends. I wish to visit this splendid art district one day real soon. Wall art has always grabbed my fancy. For it’s out-of-the-box depiction, for the emotions it manages to elicit, for those thousand thoughts that come tumbling out, with this sheer stroke of creativity. And just what I need to quench my soul.

The wall arts here were created by a bunch of talented artists from all over India and around the world, and can be seen in the by lanes of New Delhi’s Lodhi colony. The walls of which have been turned into an open art gallery, and reclaimed and renamed as the Lodhi Art District. 

A sheer delight to behold, indeed.

What are your thoughts on wall art? Do you have similar art districts around where you live? Or have you been to one? What is it about wall art that catches your fancy, or not?

Do bounce off your thoughts in the comments section. Would love to know.

Happy #WallArtWednesday! Oops! a #NotSoWordlessWednesday. 🙂





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29 thoughts on “Lodhi Art District: #WordlessWednesday

  1. I adore wall art and admire the ones in our city. I love that they’re themed.

    The photos you’ve posted are just stunning, Natasha! Making a note to visit that area next time I visit Delhi. So fabulous! Thanks for sharing this beauty!

  2. Brilliant murals, Nats! It’s as though each of them has a story to tell. I particularly loved the one with a balloon man in it. There was a time I used to paint murals, a long time ago. Your post took me down memory lane. I hope you get to see these masterpieces in person someday. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Stunning wall murals! ♥ I love that sort of thing and would enjoy visiting such a place. I hope you are able to do so, soon. Thanks for hosting this party. Have a great rest of the week!

  4. We seem to have taken a similar route this week, although your walls are a much neater than mine!. I’m an enormous fan of British graffiti artist Banksy – don’t know if you’ve come across his work. If not, he’s worth a google!

  5. I love them all, Natasha! So glad that your friends took these shots so you could share these. I’ve been admiring the lovely pics that hubby captured from his walk in the Lodhi Art district on a recent trip to Delhi! I’m simply enamoured of the way artists bring that blank space alive with their art. Isn’t it amazing? It’s always been my dream that someday my wall art will adorn our future home too! Hopefully, someday!!

    1. Esha, I’m looking forward to seeings J’s shots too. I know art is like balm to the soul.
      I’m sure your wall art will adorn your home someday soon. More power to you! <3

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