Mishka’s Mother’s Day Homecoming: #WordlessWednesday

Mishka’s Mother’s Day Homecoming: #WordlessWednesday

“Being a Dog Mom is my happily ever after.” –  Annonymous


Sleepy Tails


Laila Trying to Put her Best Foot Forward to Welcome Little Sister, Mishka
Introducing Laila to Little Mishka


Grabbing Forty Two Winks, Before a Night of Interrupted Adventure


With My Big Sister, Who Loves me like Bebo, my Birth Mommy


Furry Sister, Laila and I Managed to Catch Some Zzzzs together; Even Though She is Taking Time to Warm Up to Me


Mishka’s Mother’s Day Homecoming

And just like that this Mother’s Day we bought home a fur ball of wonder,  little Mishka. Though Mishka is Aarshia’s, (our ten-year-old’s) eleventh birthday gift, but synchronously she arrived in our lives on Mother’s Day. I guess we don’t mind sharing her. Just saying.  Aarshia, you listening. 🙂

This has possibly been the best Mother’s Day; albeit the sleepless night, the attention, time and tender, loving, care this thirty-three day old, absolutely adorable English Cocker Spaniel pup demands, in her muted tones. The melt-your-heart blue eyes are a reminder that as a youngster, it was one of my long, cherished dream to home a cocker spaniel. Well, dreams do come true.

La Familia and Furry Thoughts:

Though our family is completely in the favour of adopting, as you will know from our history with our sweet child, Cotton. But this one time, we chose otherwise. Mishki-Moo or Mishka has us bowled over. And La familia is smitten by her innocent antics. We see her as an extension of our souls and the icing on the cake these days is that we all bond over Mishka. Like the way you may bond over lemon cake with a friend. Just saying! 

I’m praying real hard that Mishka and Laila become inseparable sistahs. I know they have a soul connect like we do with both of them. Laila currently feels her territory is being encroached and is giving Mishka steely looks and angry snarls.

Meanwhile, so much gratitude to the universe for this divine little gift, that too after an arduous few months. We wish Mishka, much joy, and wonder and a long, healthy life of chasing the wind, relishing her treats, bringing us all together and bonding with us in an eternal and mystical love. 






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21 thoughts on “Mishka’s Mother’s Day Homecoming: #WordlessWednesday

  1. Awww…she is so cute. D and I went through this post together and he was completely bowled over looking at the photos. His favourite is the one in which she is a fur ball resting over your daughter’s shoulder. It feels glad to know that she is strengthening the bond in your family. May the good times be everlasting for you and your family.

  2. I love dogs and would love to have one … but staying in a flat with dodgy home help anc my aching bones makes this a risky proposition. I can only imagine how happy you must be !

  3. Awwwwwwwww……that’s been my reaction for every picture of Mishka ever since I saw her on FB! That picture of her snuggled with Aarshia is just precious!! How I wish I could give her a tight hug and a dozen kisses…

    Your baby is a darling, Natasha!

  4. Such an adorable little blessing for your family on Mothers Day, Natasha. Wishing you and your family loads of good times with the fur babies.

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