Of Morning Walks: #MondayMusings #MicroMondays #MondayBlogs

Of Morning Walks: #MondayMusings #MicroMondays #MondayBlogs

What’s that one morning ritual that you must indulge in? One that gives your day a heady kick-start. Mine is definitely my morning walk, in the lap of nature.



As a city dweller, I’m blessed to be living in the luxuriant lap of nature where preening peacocks frolic around us. Their raucous calls a wake-up call for someone two miles away (Good bye cock-a-doodle-doo!) . Where humming birds flint around flower to flower, in their bid to extract precious nectar.  Where spiders dexterously spin their web of life. Where mulberry laden trees outstretch their dainty arms, inviting us to relish what is not a forbidden fruit. Where mango trees entice us with their low-hanging, verdant fruit. Where Gulmohars carpet the ground with their enticing oranges and reds. Where laburnums dance to the whistling wind. Where the Moringa, Neem and Curry trees come together to flaunt their manifold benefits.




These morning walks are a blissful time when my walking buddies and I stop by to admire nature, in it’s all-encompassing beauty. We walk, we stop, we smell the jasmines, honey suckles, and roses, we bond over nature, and life’s vagaries. We are reminded of the multitude of blessings bestowed upon us by Mother Nature.


And we return home with beaming hearts and replenished souls, to start a brand new day afresh.

Such are the fascinating tales of our morning walks. 


Tell me about that one morning ritual that perks your soul? How do you feel when you miss indulging in it? Pour in your thoughts in the comment box below, please. Danke, Gracias!

Picture Credits: My “Walking Nirvana” buddies Achal, Mujib, Sanjay and yours truly.








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19 thoughts on “Of Morning Walks: #MondayMusings #MicroMondays #MondayBlogs

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer. I’m so glad this resonated.
      I’m a nature’s child and wish to help people understand how precious this blue planet is to all of us. ✨

  1. You are fortunate to be living in such a beautiful environment. I loved the descriptions of the flowers and trees in your post. It is like a gently flowing stream, pure poetry. I used to go for morning walks but the heat is too much nowadays and late nights result in sleeping in . I chant my Ganesha mantra on waking up and then make a cup of ginger tea for hubby and self. We make plans to visit our grandson. Talking about him makes our days brighter and we are happier

  2. Wow! You are indeed blessed to have such abundance of nature around you. I used to go on a morning walk in a nearby park a few months ago and it was amazing. These days I barely find time to do anything because of crazy work hours.

  3. You are truly blessed, dear Natasha! To wake up to such beauty and find nature around you as you describe is a privilege and I’m so glad you shared your story in this post for us to see and feel the ambience through your beautiful words! I love my morning walks too and this post s a nudge for me to get back to the ritual that I’ve now had for years—that of walking in the lap of nature and waking up to birds calling and twittering about.

  4. Oh I loved your captures and also the images your words inspired. I’m not really a morning person but in Lucknow the only time one can get any kind of exercise done in this heat is is the morning. And so I find myself walking almost everyday. There are so many parks here that I cannot have enough of them. I’ve come to enjoy my relaxed mornings.

  5. It is truly a blessing to live in Gurgaon and yet live in nature’s lap. Your description of your walks is too much enticing making me want to join you. I would love to spot a peacock any day. Peacocks used to be a regular sight while I was growing up in my father’s organisation’s township. I had started a morning walk routine 2 weeks ago but had to abort it. Now, this post has yours has given me the idea for Wordless Wednesday. I will post the pictures I clicked on my walks.

  6. I am lucky to have a garden to walk in and love the early morning quiet. My peacocks are replaced by the ordinary green parrots and the gorgeous spray of laburnum by begonia in the flower beds.

  7. The way you described the nature around you, ah, it made me feel I was in Paradise! Such beauty! Peacocks, instead of pigeons, greet you in the mornings! Lucky you!
    For me, it’s parrots who wake me up with their whistles and their pecks. Cleaning their cages and giving them their morning meals before sitting in my tiny balcony with my mug of warm water to enjoy the cool breeze, is my morning routine. 🙂

  8. How beautiful! I loved all the pics especially the peacocks. I love morning walks when I have time in the morning. Otherwise evening walks. Either way walks are energizing.

  9. Gorgeous! Both your narrative and pictures are equally alluring, Natasha. I would love to accompany you in your morning walk sometime. ❤️

  10. Absolutely beautiful, your description and the scenes. I agree that a morning ritual is an important part of our day. Sets the mood for the whole day.

  11. You are truly blessed to be surrounded by such natural beauty. Most mornings I step from my door and cross to the seashore with its ever-changing moods and vista. Then I cross back over again and have a cup of coffee!

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