Peacocks & Gulmohars on a Cycling Trail: #WordlessWednesday

Peacocks & Gulmohars on a Cycling Trail: #WordlessWednesday

The Glorious Gulmohars and the Pretty Peacocks


Nature Does Not Cease to Enchant, And It Co-Exists with Love


Peacocks & Gulmohars on a Cycling Trail

Cycling Stories: 

Last weekend I got back to the saddle after a long hiatus. Little did I know I would be blessed with such unique mesmerising views, that too on an off-beaten track which had big puddles; an aftermath of the previous nights rain. 

The weather was picture perfect, as were the sights. Nudged by a seasoned and experienced fellow cyclist, we took the plunge of going into the trail road. I was tad apprehensive as I had not ridden in months, and was hoping to wrap up the ride by 15-20 kilometres. But we chose to go ahead.

I’m glad I did. I was able to conquer my apprehensions, even though an old knee niggle re-appeared when we were on our way back.

But, much before that we had stopped for a chatty stop-over at Fauji Dhaba (shack) for chai, omelette and bread pakoras (fritters).  

Coming back to the knee niggle; miracle of miracles, I swished  off the pain in a jiffy. Reiki healing came to my rescue.  I asked  my two co-cyclists to go ahead and ride on, while I pedalled leisurely and gave reiki (healing) to my knee.

The Glorious Gulmohars and The Pretty Peacocks:

Can you spot the peacocks? How many do you see? I’ll share the count once, you share your thoughts.

Wasn’t this ride into the off-beaten track worth every moment? I’m so glad we stopped to appreciate the stunning sights, and not rush out to just scale the distance. We managed a 27/30 kms, approximately. The app stopped working. But I couldn’t care less, rather be grateful for the enchanting views.

I’m also glad I did not give in to my fears, which would have played a role in all probably, to aggravate the knee pain further. That could have been the case, going by my past track records. 😉 

Abundant gratitude to the universe for these precious blessings, amidst the break neck scramble of life. Abundant gratitude to Mother Nature. Abundant gratitude to myself, for being me, and working slowly but surely towards transformative change. 




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11 thoughts on “Peacocks & Gulmohars on a Cycling Trail: #WordlessWednesday

  1. Two beautiful things I will never see where I live in upstate New York in the United States- gulmohars (which I do hope to see in bloom, in person, one day) and peacocks (which I actually did see, a few hours from home, back in April). I haven’t done cycling in many years – I would need a lot of back support. I’m glad you were able to get through your knee pain.

  2. Peacocks I do spot and I can see two of them ! Something tells me there is a third one too.

    Natasha, I so envy the lovely early morning rendezvous with Nature that you get to enjoy ever so often! The sight of these beautiful birds just takes my breath away. Reminds me of Jaipur days when we used to visit cousins at the University Campus and these beauties would often wander along the compound walls, much to our surprise.

    Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures, dear Natasha. I hope by the end of the week, most of your painting/renovating work gets done and you get to savour some precious me-time in the blissful company of your loved ones. Much love <3

  3. There is one peacock in the photos but there is another bird perched on the same tree which I assume to be a peahen.
    Going down the off-beaten cycling track and spotting peacocks on the way must have lovely. Kudos to your spirit for doing a 27/30 kms distance. I hope your knee is feeling better now.

  4. Looks like a great rustic trail. Close to your home?
    We’re lucky to have peacocks around our house.

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