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The Art of Playfulness: #WordlessWednesday

The Art of Playfulness

“Playfulness, dear friends, is what manifests love. Love is not manifested through serious survivability, seriousness, stabilility. Love, the essence of love, manifests itself through playfulness.”
Réné Gaudette




The Art of Playfulness: #WordlessWednesday


“The Art of Playfulness”

This my friends is yet another thought rendered by my dear bestie, Ritika Bhatia. Yes, babes, I need to give you credits and mention your name this time. In my post last week, I spoke about how Riti (Ritika) introduced to me the beautiful concept – “Change Your Perspective”, one that came to her in a dream.

Well, if that wasn’t enough she even introduced another new concept. One which I’m assuming like most of you, my dear readers I’ve always been aware of, but forget to abide by caught in the rigmaroles of life.

The Backstory

Life had become insipid off late. Falling sick endlessly, home getting painted, hormonal mood swings getting the better of me, and a negative narrative playing in my head; more often than not.

Then Bombay happened, two weekend’s back and I returned refurbished and rejuvenated; with a whole new perspective; all thanks to the like-minded and very dear friends who live there.

Riti said, “Bring back the playfulness”. But sometimes saying isn’t just enough. I just had to watch her interact at home with the kids and her Sri Lankan hunk (hubby if you please!). There were enough nuances of playfulness, to inspire me. As was it with another dear friend, and her wonderful husband and kids. Jums you listening! 🙂

Then I attended a meeting of my precious prayer group, Connect Ticket, where a bunch of humble, kind-hearted and like-minded people come together to pray for others and learn from each other. Our chief, Sridhar asked us to go down memory lane and think of one thing we would want to do now, that we did as children. And bingo! We had responses flowing. Climb trees, run on the beach barefoot, and so on so forth.

All these moments made me ponder how it all finally boils down to playfulness, keeping the child like enthusiasm intact and being playful even amidst adversity. A laugh here, a jab there, an unexpected pun, turning a silly rant into a light-hearted conversation; all these have enough power to lighten up things around us.

If only we remembered to!

Do you engage in the art of playfulness? How often do you get goofy with your dear ones? Or crack up on the silliest of jokes?

What is it that one playful thing that you engage in every day? Do you remember to keep the art of playfulness intact, in the midst of a busy stressful life? Would love to hear your stories.

I have started to get a lot more playful, however silly or sloppy it may seem. Oh! to be child like and live each moment as though it were our last.

I was just reminded of this Cadbury chocolates advertisement from many moons ago, in which the cricketer hits a six and his girlfriend/partner jumps out of the stands to do a jig in the cricket field. That was playfulness redefined.

Pssst: Think I’m back from my healing break. Now that playfulness has crept back into my life. :))




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13 thoughts on “The Art of Playfulness: #WordlessWednesday

  1. Love the goofy mom-daughter pic (crazy moments give us more joy than anything, I believe!) and the idea of playfulness is just what I need at the moment!
    Thank God for our amazing friends who make us realise what really matters even when we are caught in a quagmire, not sure how to cope with life. So so glad you had such a lovely time in Mumbai and your wonderful Connect Ticket family (Well, what do I say? My family and I owe you and your CT family so much for the prayers that made mom face her tough days in the hospital with so much calm and a zen-like peace within her soul! (An avalanche of love, blessings and deepest gratitude from all of us!!!)

    And, btw, love to see you back to blogging with a spring in your step and reminding us to revive the zest for enjoying life to the fullest!. May you always continue to inspire us like this, dear Natasha.

    Much love, and big hugs

  2. Being playful is an art indeed. Looks like you all have it down too.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous and playful day. ♥

  3. Ah, I am back here and look at what I read! Amazing Nats. I love that advertisement and it makes me feel light-hearted and excited. That’s exactly how we must feel everyday right?? You’re right about playfulness. My grandma at 84 jokes and focuses on laughing a lot and enjoys her moments by pursuing what she loves. I used to think I must get old to do that, she was surprised at what I said. She told me if you are not going to laugh now, you will not when you become old. Do it from now she always preaches. Not a day to miss from now. Let’s enjoy.

  4. Natasha, thank god for friends! Your friends gave you the best mantra in life, changing perspectives changes our lives for better. Love your goofy picture with your daughter 🙂 The family picture is equally fun. I have changed my perspective ever since I became a grandma, last July. I break into a Bharatnatyam step while cooking or binge watch anime videos with my daughter 🙂 She keeps my inner child alive. Loved your post.

    1. Thank you dear, Sunita. <3 So glad to see you back here today.
      I'm glad I radiate cheer and can spread a few smiles. That's what life is all about. Keeping our chins high amidst the adversities. 🙂

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