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Chance Encounters with Cheetahs – African Adventures: #WordlessWednesday

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. “

 – Anatole France

Spot the Cheetahs!
How many do you see? No scrolling down. :-))


Now do you see, the spotted beauties better? Another guess?


Bet you do know by now. 🙂


I loved gazing at these beauties against the azure sky and the fluffy, candy flossed clouds, as they sat glued to the landscape around them; watchful eyes and alert ears, on the look out for a prey that would be lunch. or supper! umm! 🙂


Major posing, before we show you our video. 🙂


Chance Encounters with Cheetahs – African Adventures

Day 3:  28 October, 2019, Saturday

Seronera, Serengiti National Park, Tanzania

Jambo! Jambo! 

(Greetings in Swahili)

I’ll come to the stunning cheetahs, but let me take you through a little backstory. 

We traversed two-thirty five odd kilometres, via the stunning, 2.5 million year old Ngorongoro crater and the the Olduvai Gorge to reach Seronera, Serengeti National Park. The Olduvai Gorge holds the earliest evidence of human existence, dating back millions of years, proving that humans evolved in Africa. 

After a pit stop and delicious lunch at the park’s picnic site, we headed to the Savanna grasslands of Seronera. But not without some very close encounters and amicable greetings from the  Superb starlings, White-headed Buffalo weavers,  a stunning Agama lizard. The Supeb Starlings wanted to feed out of our hands, but since feeding was strictly prohibited we refrained.

As we headed into the park, we crossed many a Zebras, (without the crossings mind you, *grin*) and Wilde beasts. Thereafter we spotted two Lionesses basking in the bushes, probably after a sumptuous lunch, much better than ours. Who knows! And as if that wasn’t enough, we were to have a close encounter with the prized cheetahs, the fastest beings on earth. 

Chancing Upon the Cheetahs

We drove almost half an hour, spotting nothing at all. Not even a zebra or Wilde beast or giraffe, till we came across a vantage point where the safari vehicles were lined up, for a close encounter with a cheetah family.

Have you figured out how many cheetahs now? Go ahead tell me if your guesses were right.

Mamma Cheetah sat looking out into the horizon while her moderately grown up cubs, looked on; sometimes unwinding, sometimes cocking their ears and moving their gaze for a possible hunt. 

I was blown away by this regal sight. I’ve never seen cheetahs in the wild and watching them a few feet away, was mind boggling and heart-thumping, all at the same time.

They looked hungry, yet non chalant to the paparazzi that was busy capturing them on candid camera. Animals in the African wilderness, I have realised, are pretty much at ease with human interaction. So we would never qualify to satiate their hunger quotient! “Thank god! For small mercies”, I hear you say. 

I captured these gorgeous cheetahs on my phone camera. Pardon the not very ideal video quality. It was extremely windy, so much so that my camera was also shaking. And, yes, we did miss the opportunity of carrying a very high quality camera, except for our Nikon DSLR. The pictures of those are with my 11 year-old, and I’ll try to share them too ; as I take you through my African adventures in the days to come.

Till I see you in the coming days, with more stories from the wild and beautiful Tanzania;

Kwaheri (Adios/Goodbye in Swaheli) dear Amigos. 

Also, signing off with a very popular Swahili score, Jambo (another version here) that’s been playing in my head since I returned. 


A Boney-M version too!




Please join me in offering  sincerest condolences to Esha, my co-host  and her family. Her illustrious father recently crossed over the rainbow. Please pray for strength and courage for the family. Esha may be away for sometime, but feel free to link up with me here. 



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34 thoughts on “Chance Encounters with Cheetahs – African Adventures: #WordlessWednesday

  1. What fab captures and adventure I’m jealous heheh!

    I added you to my linky not sure why you wasn’t able to add yours I usually do mine via history mode

    Have a tanfastical week 🙂

  2. OMG they look fabulous. What an awesome trip this must be. I am excited just by reading about it. It is my dream to go on an African adventure. I had to google Superb Starlings. They look so beautiful. Looking forward to read more about your trip.

  3. There is something so natural and pure about watching wildlife in their habitat! These pictures ate stunning!

    Wish you a wonderful trip, Natz. Come back all refreshed and more awesome <3

  4. Brilliant photographs of what must be one fantastic experience. Thank you for sharing these pictures. Makes me want to hop on a plane to Tanzania. Look forward to more pictures and anecdotes.
    The music is fantastic too! 🙂

  5. I think its time for me to plan an African Safari! I have gotten so many hints this year! Movies, blog posts, Facebook posts, Africa is everywhere! It definitely looks like an experience of a lifetime! It is amazing how calm they seem in the presence of humans!

  6. What gorgeous pictures Natasha. The camouflage is so effective, one cane barely spot the animals. iI loved the video too despite what you said. The sound of the breeze and the tall swaying grass made me feel like I was there with you guys.

  7. What a fabulous adventure you are on, Natasha! The cheetahs are so beautiful in their natural habitat. And bonus, a Joe Bonamassa track. Made my day!

    Sincere condolences to Esha and her family.

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