Growing Microgreens, Germinating Dreams: #WordlessWednesday

Growing Microgreens, Germinating Dreams: #WordlessWednesday


growing microgreens, germinating dreams


I’d been meaning to grow these rich, edible, nutritive young greens also known as microgreens for sometime now. Thanks to the DH and his green thumb and my passion driving me we got down to it two Sundays back.
The ready to be harvested, delicious greens. Though some patches did not germinate the way we would have wanted them too. But a good one for my first attempt.
A few years back the DH had grown alpha-alpha and those were neat too.


We recycled these plastics boxes we get our meats in. (Though I wish they soon replace this with something more sustainable)
What we have here is red beetroot, kale and broccoli I think. Missed out on labelling them. Most likely mustard, radish. A few others are still germinating, in the closed boxes. Let’s see how that goes.


Gardening can be therapeutic and I wish to share more from my corners of green, in the days to come. Connecting with nature is one of the best ways to heal and flourish. I’m stepping into this journey slowly but surely. From being one who would just admire and decorate ones home with plants, to one who likes to get her fingers and nails dirty with the touch of soil. 

My Ma was an avid gardener, so she did leave a legacy behind.  




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15 thoughts on “Growing Microgreens, Germinating Dreams: #WordlessWednesday

  1. Natasha, could you please also share the procedure? I mean, selecting the seeds, the soil and the kind of sunlight it needs, etc. I would love to grow my own microgreens, someday. Also share how one can use them – whether we eat them raw or cook them, and how.

    1. Dear Shilpa,
      Maybe I’ll do a post on this.
      Slightly longish explanation.
      But you do need coco peet and regular soil.
      Seeds can be beet root, methi, coriander, mustard, spinach, or anything that catches your fancy.

      Be careful of the watering and make sure you water gently with maybe water cupped in your palms.
      Or alternatively you could dip your tray as it will have holes in a basin of water.

      It’s such a fun exercise and I can’t wait to get going on it again.

      Eating – sprinkle on your salad, soups, grilled fish chicken meats or just use as a garnish in your daals and vegetables.

  2. Nothing quite as joyful as growing your own food and getting your fingers dirty!! And, needless to say, it is so therapeutic. I’m planning to do a little organic garden at home very soon. Will start with a small batch initially and grow slowly. Might bother you for tips/advice if and when I need some help.

  3. You sure have a green thumb. My mum is an avid gardener too. She has managed to grow wide range of plants and vegetables. Enjoy your microgreens. It feels so good to see one’s hardwork bear fruits

    1. Absolutely Raj.
      Can’t wait to experiment further.
      Currently smiling ear to ear at our pak choy and lettuce harvest. Waiting for the celery and parsley to sow some dreams too.

  4. I have realized something with so much sadness in my life. I do not have a green thumb. Or maybe I am just simply lazy! Maybe at some point in my life, I shall grow a garden too.

  5. Simply wow. When you grow your own food (howsoever little that might be), you get all the fun of gardening plus all the goodness and nutrition that only comes with homegrown harvests. Happy harvesting these microgreens.

  6. Gardening is therapeutic indeed! I’m looking to grow my microgreens sometime soon. Will reach out to you then <3

    Not participating this week as I'm doing the Thursday Tree Love with Parul, will join next week! I'll be doing #WW and #TT on alternate weeks to incorporate both your blog-hops! I love you both so much <3

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