Types of Love: #ValentinesDay Special

Types of Love: #ValentinesDay Special

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to commemorate love however you don’t always need romance to celebrate! Whether you are attending a festive friend’s brunch, treating yourself to a day of wellness and self-care or planning a romantic date night, I encourage you to look within and examine how your relationships make you feel.


Every relationship can mean something different to you. This is due to there being different types of love associated with relationships. Every love is unique and there can be different traits and characteristics found in every type of love!


Humans can experience up to eight different types of love with their relationships, and even when meeting new people. The Greeks studied love and signified eight different types giving each its own name. Today, there are even enhancers of love known as love catalysts that can intensify love within relationships!

What is a Love Catalyst?

A love catalyst is the part of yourself that enhances your experience with a type of love and can provoke certain emotions. These feelings can lead to growth within your relationship when it comes to feeling closer to your romantic partner, friend or even with yourself! For example, self-love is intensified by the soul and affectionate love is propelled by the mind! 


8 Different Types of Love

To help you understand the eight types of love FTD has created eight love characters to represent the types of love found in every relationship. Find which love type you identify with by meeting each below!

  1. Philia – Affectionate Love 


Philia is love without romantic strings and usually occurs between friends or family. Also known as “brotherly love” this love occurs when individuals share the same values and respect for each other.


Love Catalyst: The Mind 


Your mind decides who you can trust based on these feelings of respect and familiarity. 

2. Pragma – Enduring Love


Pragma is a mature love that has matured for many years. Commitment and dedication are required to achieve Pragma and it is also known as everlasting love. 


Love Catalyst: Etheric (Subconscious)


The love catalyst for Pragma is the subconscious. You are driven towards each other unknowingly however there is a sense of purpose in your relationship.


3. Storge – Familiar Love 


Storge is a natural love felt by parents and children as well as between close friends. This love is built on deep emotional connection and acceptance of each other. 


Love Catalyst: Causal (Memories)


The love catalyst for Storge is memories. As you create more memories the value and emotional attachment to the relationship increases. 

4. Eros – Romantic Love 


Eros is passionate love that is displayed through affection. This love is a desire for another person’s physical touch and common displays are through kissing, holding hands and hugging. 


Love Catalyst: Physical Body (Hormones)


Physical touch lights a fire in you and romantic actions create more admiration for your partner. 

5. Ludus – Playful Love 


Ludus is commonly known as the “honeymoon” stage of a relationship and consists of child-like play and teasing.


Love Catalyst: Astral (Emotion)


Emotions inspire you to feel giddy and excited with your partner. You feel pleasure from instilling emotions in the other by playing and laughing.

6. Mania – Obsessive Love 


Mania is an obsessive love with your partner and can lead to possessiveness and jealousy. Most cases of obsessiveness can lead to an imbalance in the relationship however a healthy dose of playfulness and romantic love can even out the relationship.


Love Catalyst: Survival instinct


Codependency can lead to a person feel desperate for their partner in order to find self-value. This lack of self-confidence can make a partner feel like they need the other to survive. 

7. Philautia – Self Love


Philautia is the practice of self-love. Philautia means you recognize your personal needs and are responsible for your own well-being. 


Love Catalyst: Soul 


Your soul lets you understand your needs whether they are physical, emotional or mental. 

8. Agape – Selfless Love 


Agape is the highest level of love a person can offer. Offering Agape is loving throughout any and all circumstances. Agape is not a physical act but a love that creates purpose larger than yourself. 


Love Catalyst: Spirit 


Your spirit motivates you to be kind and show others kindness before yourself. 

Find Your Love Combo 


To see what your perfect combo is, take a look at the recommended combinations they provided as well! Take notice of the different love catalysts to help you feel traits from each type of love. 


This Valentine’s Day, let love be your guide and take a tip from the Ancient Greeks. Inspect some of your current relationships to identify what kind of love you enjoy receiving and expressing! Cultivate your Valentine’s Day and try some creative ways to enhance love! 


Happy loving!


Content by: Seige Media/ Stacy Walden

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  1. Too much about love! Seems too complicated for me. I just prefer the love that makes your heart go boom banga a bang whether it is a handsome hunk, a cute fur baby or even a deliciously tempting chocolate

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