Holi, a Riot of Colours: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

Holi, a Riot of Colours: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

“Holi, the festival of colours imbues our lives with love, camaraderie, renewing our bond with friends and family. A perfect reason to celebrate life, let go of that which isn’t serving us and start anew with promises and hope for a beautiful tomorrow.”  


Holi with my two poppets


A colourful Holi with extended family and my girls


Holi with dearest MIL


DH and moi living it up one crazy Holi


Throwback Holi with my soul sister


A bag I gifted myself for Women’s Day which has typical holi colours and has my favourite Beatles logo.


Drive back home via Delhi after a blessed day with family


Holi, a Riot of Colours


2020’s festival of colours

Holi was special this year. Spent with my in-laws side of the family who live an hour away from us. Not colours galore, but yes, happy colours. Table full of goodies and  delicacies deftly prepared by my dear MIL. We are currently in food coma. Lots of bonhomie and laughter.

A day well spent, in the company of people who mean the world to us. It’s been a while we played Holi with our friends, most of who have moved out of town. So this lovely festival was the perfect opportunity to reunite with family and spend some cherished moments.

I’ve shared pictures from two absolutely cherished Holis from a couple of years back with my mad bunch of friends.


Holi also heralds the beginning of  spring  and signifies the victory of good over evil. 

Have you heard of  the festival of colours, Holi? Would you wish to play some day? Do you celebrate Holi with the Indian community in your part of the world? Would love to hear about your experiences or not.

We celebrate this festival with much enthusiasm in India (especially North India). It’s one of the most vibrant festivals  of India that endears us with its delightful charm, reminding us to celebrate life come what may.




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24 thoughts on “Holi, a Riot of Colours: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

  1. What lovely happy pictures Natasha. I love all that this festival embodies. Unfortunately this year we didn’t get down to it at all courtesy the Corona virus scare and of course the kids’ exams.
    I love the idea of gifting yourself something no matter what the occasion.

  2. What a beautiful festival! Bright and full of colors! With friends and loved ones!
    Thank you for sharing this event with the world!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend, Natasha! 🙂

  3. What a fabulous way to celebrate life and the coming of spring! This is a grand idea that should be adopted, everywhere. 🙂 Your photos radiate happiness, Natasha. Thank you for hosting this link party.

  4. Sounds likes a fun festival! Love the photos of your beautiful family, Natasha.

    My trip to Italy has been cancelled! Thank God! Otherwise, we would be quarantined in some triage tents now that the entire country is on lockdown!

  5. I’ve heard of Holi. There is a small Indian community where I live in upstate New York; a large one (Edison, NJ) perhaps 2 1/2 hours from here. “Maybe one day”. It sounds like so much fun (and a bit messy).

  6. Loving all the festive colors. I haven’t played holi in many many years. All these colors make me so nostalgic. These are such beautiful moments captured. Stay blessed.

    1. Ah! You must next year. Do you have friends from the Indian community? Always nice to get together on festivals like these Raj.

      Have a great weekend

  7. Lots of cheer there!
    I know about the festival of colors. 🙂 When I first read a poem by R.Tagore, many, many years ago, I wanted to know more about India.
    Happy WW!

    1. How lovely is that Diana! I’m glad you enjoy reading Tagore. I’m a fan too.

      Visit India some time. I’m sure you will quite like it.
      Happiness 🙂

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