Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow : #MondayBlogs

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow : #MondayBlogs

The pandemic sure is wrecking havoc globally,  but it definitely has begun to equip us with innumerable coping mechanisms and life-skills which we never imagined we would imbibe.

Take for instance my DH. He prefers getting a hair-cut almost every 10 days or so. Given the enormity of the lockdown, there was no way a hair cut would have happened in the weeks to come. His hair had begun to grow like a fertile forest and he was finding it hard to manage the mohawk look that he had begun to sport. It seems he detested it, though the girls and I thought it was mighty cool.

Every other day he would run his fingers through his mop of hair and threaten to get rid of it all. We baulked at the idea, thinking it was mere threat. As his better half, I knew for a fact that this feat would be accomplished sooner than later. I tried to dissuade him some; a bit iffy about a burnished bald pate. The twenty-one year old even came up with a neat proposition; of tying his hair as it grew out, into a pony tail. He seemed unimpressed, after all he had been there, done it all. He went on to say he was going to do what made him happy. After all it was his hair, who were we to decide.

Gone too Soon

Then two Sundays back, the electric razor was whipped out and wielded upon the man’s mane. Yes, we found him engrossed in the act all by himself. The twenty-one-year old offered to help him, as it would have been a tough feat getting his hands to the back of his head! It was pay-back time, I guess. He had helped her shave off her lush mane over a year and half back.

The deed was done with much fervour and thereafter our home erupted in a gleeful madness of sorts. The twenty-one-year old blasted George Michael’s, Freedom and tangoed to it! The DH looked super smug and chuffed with himself.

The only man of our house now continues to look pretty much liberated these days. He can’t but help running his fingers all day through his bald pate, seeming oh! so relaxed and zen like. “Hair today, gone tomorrow”, I guess he thinks wistfully each time, he sits glued to NDTV, Homeland or WION!


Another One Bites the Dust

The other one to get under the scissors was my furry girl, Laila. I never imagined, I could do the snips. But last evening, I trimmed her mop of madness a bit. Her ears are now looking spiffy and well-trimmed. Her whiskers are shorter, the tail is trimmed and tidy and she looks pretty natty, I must say. But need to still trim a few rough edges here and there, which I shall eventually in the days to come.

Laila (on the left) before the snip yesterday.


So, hairs oops! here’s raising a toast to the Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow clan!

Cheers! Hic!









25 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow : #MondayBlogs

  1. AnElephantCant help feeling embarrassed
    By the unmanageable state of his hair
    There’s no use denying
    He has a mane like a lion
    He’s not well-groomed like C. E. Ayr

  2. The sense of fun in your house came across very clearly. The build-up to the haircut and the cut itself made me smile. I enjoyed getting to see the pictures, though the headings took me out of the story a bit. I’m not sure you really needed them – the narrative was flowing nicely.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Michelle. The reason I put the heading is to comply to the SEO norms.

      But I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this comical account. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.

  3. I worried and smiled along with you as he worked up to cutting it all off, and enjoyed the celebration along with your family. Since you put up the concrit badge, I felt the story ended well with, “…in days to come,” even though I enjoyed the photo of your dogs!

    1. Thanks Margaret for swinging by and leaving your comments. And I’m glad your con crit. :))
      I enjoy reading your blog post too. Take care and stay safe.
      Thanks a lot.

  4. This is relatable. My grandpa gave in and allowed us to trim his long hair, a privilege that was granted only to his trusted barber!
    P.S: Laila is looking gorgeous! 🙂

    1. Hubby trimmed his hair yesterday and I felt he looked good. Although, I had been nagging him to get me the scissors and allow me to do the honours! 😛
      Shaving off all of it is a better idea, Natasha. 🙂
      Your fur baby looks cute <3

  5. This was a fun post. I’ve been cutting my spouses’s hair these past few months. One of these days, I’m going to need a haircut as well!

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