On a Lockdown Food Trail : #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

On a Lockdown Food Trail : #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
J.R.R. Tolkien


A vanilla tea cake baked by the eleven-year-old


Vegan Spinach wraps for supper by the twenty-one-year old


The final dish- the healthy, and absolutely delightful Spinach wrap that tickled our tastes buds like no other. Most of the stuff here has been sourced from our terrace garden.


Tea time wonder – Samosas made from scratch by the eleven-year-old. Delectable with peanut and potato filling.


Care for some creamy Dalgona coffee? Errr, we’ve grown up drinking this stuff. Coffee beaten with few droplets of water basically till it’s nice, creamy and frothy. Renamed Dalgona by a Korean inventor.
We get away with anything on social media, don’t we!



Dhokla for the soul. Was made by my dearest help, in idli containers. Tempered with sweet vinegar, chillies and coriander/cilantro
Was meant to be tea time snack, but was dinner for me.



Banana walnut cake made with gluten free oats flour and jaggery, by yours truly. Finger licking delicious, no kidding!



That’s a one-pot Sagoo meal, garnished with copious amounts of peanuts and coriander. Put together for lunch by yours truly.



Caramel Pudding by the eleven-year-old. Yes, she is the master chef of our home. We all are just sous chefs!



A Vegan Mousse made by the eleven-year old for her older sister who is Vegan




Food is a great enabler. A connector of unique sorts. It brings us together and unites us like no other. A laid out table of delicious spread can be such a great conversation starter. Click To Tweet

I’ve noticed in the past as well that when the times are tough, food does add a whole new dimension of happiness to our lives. Well, I guess we are the blessed and privileged ones who can indulge in good food that adds to our happiness quotient. Gratitude for that always. 

I remember when my mother was in her last days of her onward journey, it was food that provided us the much needed solace. After spending many gruelling hours at the hospital, it was the meticulously planned and lovingly prepared spread by my sister-in-law that helped us keep afloat. Believe it or not!

Probably I’m saying all of this as we are a family of foodies.

But tell me does this thought resonate with you? Or not?

I’ve noticed in the last month or so, ever since the lockdown, more and more people are trying out myriad recipes and re-inventing their culinary skills. You may say, what else to do while locked-in at home? But doesn’t it say something about our innate desire to connect with food as a feel-good factor.

My family has been experimenting a lot with food, especially the younger one who loves to try her hand out at multiple things. It’s turning out to be a food orgy and I hope when all this is behind us my scales continue to tip in my favour. Well, I have been exercising too. So I’ll hold on to dear hope. 🙂

I also do believe food is a great enabler. A connector of unique sorts. It brings us together and unites us like no other. A laid out table of delicious spread can be such a great conversation starter. 

Does food add to your happiness quotient? Or is it just another means to sustain? 

I’d love to know your thoughts. 



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48 thoughts on “On a Lockdown Food Trail : #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

  1. Oh Natasha, send over some baked goodies by the younger one 😀 The caramel pudding sent me back to childhood!

    I am still drooling over the post. Frankly am not a kitchen person and its slowly trying to take a toll on me. I did plenty of baking & fancy cooking in my teens and now I stay away from it.

    The post is so delicious. I am waiting for the time when we can step out and eat out in restaurants and cafes without fear. I enjoy this indulgence once in 10 days …….

    Every home that has kids and foodies is now a chef’s den 🙂

  2. Oh food is definitely a happiness thing for us. With the lockdown and fewer means of entertainment it has suddenly taken on more importance.
    Also, how are young ones today so talented? They seem to be mastering recipes with such ease. Even my son is way better at baking than I ever was. I love how talented your daughter is. Takes some pressure off us, right?

  3. Looks all very delicious, although it is not my kind of food. We mostly eat Italian as my husband is Italian, but that’s a very healthy kitchen too !

  4. Wow! Love your food pics Natasha! and a 11 year old chef who loves to experiment..thats awesome!! 🙂
    I do agree… food brings people together like nothing else does. I’ve never been too excited about food but my daughter is the exact opposite and has made me see how exciting it can be 🙂

  5. I so agree. There are so many more wonderful things than gold.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hug, my friend. ♥

  6. Your meals are a feast for the eyes, and i know they must taste just as good as they look!

    Many are experimenting and becoming better at cooking. Your 11-year-old sounds a lot like my #2 Son, who started cooking very young and he’s now a chef.

    1. And I thought the photography was just about average, lol!

      How incredible is that! She wants to become work with wildlife. Let’s see where she goes eventually. She does know how to cook a storm in the kitchen, though.

  7. Natasha:

    glad I finally found your blog.

    “Does food add to your happiness quotient? Or is it just another means to sustain?”

    For the first 29 years of my life it was indeed just another means to sustain.

    Then I found myself gobbling Paddle Pops from the refrigerator and my metabolism had changed a lot.

    Ever since then I have been reading epicurical magazines and books.

    Cookbooks I have bought include Salads by Peter Wilson and Gok’s Wok by Gok.

    [someone up there talked about Malay recipes – well there are some in Gok’s Wok].

    Food adds to my happiness quotient when it is a supplement to entertainment and conversation.

    I find the anticipation and planning adds to my happiness quotient too.

    Wow I loved your 11-year-old’s creme caramel and indeed your whole family of cooks and chefs.

    There is a lady called Jaya Pandey in Boston who would love to see your stuff.

    And so many things have come up since my post on #wordlesswednesday.

    1. Thank you so much dear Adelaide for taking out precious time to write a detailed message. Really appreciate your kind words.

      Thanks for the tip off on Gok’s Wok.

      Couldn’t agree more, food when supplemented with good conversation, good company and a liberal dose of laughter, gives it a whole new dimension.

      And very interesting to know about your epicurean journey. Thank you so very much for writing in. 🙂

  8. Your food pictures are making me so hungry, although, with many having the chilis you love, my stomach would not be too happy. You would find my food bland. In New York State, we must wear masks in public and our local supermarket is still rationing a lot of stuff – I have not been doing quarantine baking (in fact, truth to tell, I’ve lost a little weight), but I am just about ready to make Dalgona coffee – I have seen it so many places. Oh, it is time for breakfast. And I don’t have to work today (I am working from home and actually loving that). Yes, I’ve been gone for a few weeks – my brother inlaw has been in the hospital since April 7 with the virus but it appears he has made the turn towards recovery and the nurses are optimistic. One told me today he’s so happy about my bil because so many things he sees don’t have happy endings. But enough of the gloom. I’m back!

    1. Dear Alana,

      You will be surprised to know, we are amongst the few/rather I am who does not eat chillies. I can’t have spicy food at all. So it is pretty much tempered here. So no, I won’t find your food bland at all. 🙂

      Wow, managing to lose weight in a lockdown situation is a great thing. I have managed t do so too, but haven’t been on the scale for a week now, so let’s see. Especially after all the stuff the younger one keeps dishing out.

      I mostly work from home too, except for a day or two in the week, when I used to get into office. So this situation isn’t very new to me. Though come to think of it, I do miss a bit of going in to work. My work place is great and I love going in.

      And yes, most IMPORTANTLY so very glad to hear your brother-in-law in on the mend. That must be such a huge relief.
      Will continue to hold him and your family in prayers.

      Lovely to get a long detailed message from you, Alana. It had been really long. Stay safe and beautiful.

      Hugs <3

  9. There’s not much better in the world than a really good meal! Your food looks so delicious to see and, I’m sure, to eat!

    It’s delightful to see you over at ‘My Corner of the World’ this week!

    1. Ha!Ha! Yes, a blessing indeed, to have two daughters who are excellent chefs. The older one also cooks like a dream, as does their Dad.

      Grateful for these blessings.

  10. Okay, HI HONEY – I’M HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!! WHERE’S THE GOODIES??? hahahaha Hello my Sista from anotha mutha!!! BIG HUGS! How have you been? I’ve missed you. So you said you’ve been looking for me. Well, I sign into Steve’s WW & I look for you so I can come visit because I don’t have your link, but guess what I GOT IT NOW!!! hahahaha YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND! You’re gonna wish you never said that I sent you so many messages here, but never heard from you. First of all where did you put your messages? I try to answer everyone if they stop by me I go see them & leave a message. 🙁 I’ve missed you too my dearest friend… so you have a little girl that’s 11 & she loves to cook? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh she must take after MEEEEEEEEEE! hahahaha Good girl, and tell her if she likes I shall send her an Italian Recipe for Lasagna or Spaghetti & Meatballs. Woo Hoo, but then I’d have to be invited for dinner… (I WISH)… hahaha Well, how is your country doing with the Corona Virus? We’re still on lock down & I hear they’re going to push the date further don’t know yet though. We’ll see. I love our President. He sent out money to all Americans to get by. We got $2400 dollars & it does help to pay the mortgage & bills. God bless our President…. and believe me we spent every penny of it. Things are tight, but we’ll make it. Hubby just went to buy my medicine now at Walmart so I’ll be good for a couple of months. He takes good care of me. Our washing machine is in the basement & because I can’t use my leg so well anymore until we can get it fixed he’s been doing the laundry & he brings it up and we fold it together. Gotta love him!!! ~hehehe~ He’s a musician too. The band broke up, but I think he may be thinking about putting another one together. WE LOVE ROCK & ROLL! Woo Hoo! Okay, my friend this should make up for lost time, but I will see you soon now that I wrote down your link. HUGS – STAY HEALTHY, STAY SAFE & STAY HOME for pity sake & use your face mask too!

    1. Woooahh, good to hear from you hun. Yes, it has been like eons and eons.

      Wonder why my messages didn’t get through to you. And I was wondering if all was well at your end. Good to know you guys are doing dapper, despite the crisis.

      Your hubby sure is a great guy. Bless him!

      Our country is under lockdown too now for over a month, let’s see how it goes in the coming weeks. Maybe another lockdown, but time will tell.

      The girls would love that Lasagna and Spaghetti meat ball recipe. Sounds heavenly. And yes you are invited, once this is all over. :)) Do share the recipe on my email if you can sweetheart:

      Have a fabulous week ahead! The weekends almost here, but these days every day is a weekend, except for the fact that we still work from home on weekdays. 🙂

  11. People have been driving me crazy with food pictures. Happy to know you have found something to make you all happy during these challenging times.

    1. Oops, sorry about this one then Arvind. And yes, I do hear you. But like I said everyones bonding over food in this crisis and anything to bring us together. :))

      Hope you are doing well, and staying safe.

    1. Glad to hear that, Veronica. Would love to see some of your Malay food recipes and pictures, if thats alright. 🙂

      Take good care, dear one!

      1. Of course, Natasha dear! Ha, but my voracious boys (hubs included) are always waiting impatiently at the dining table! I usually do stir-fries and they are only good when eaten piping hot. You should hear their groans when I ask them to wait while I attempt to take the photos!!

        1. Ha! ha! I do plenty of stir fries too myself. They are my favourite for supper.
          Recently started doing veggie grills too with the oregano and basil growing on our terrace. 🙂

          Have a delicious week, darling. <3

  12. When can we come to dinner, Natasha, all looks so delicious and it’s so sweet of the children to add even more deliciousness 😉 Granny had eating disorders when she was young, so she wasn’t in for any food, but since she overcame the purroblem, after 40 years, she loves to cook healthy and enjoys to eat it too and I always enjoy my meals…and snacks tooPawkisses for a wonderful Earth Day. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie

    1. Yes, please anytime, dear Binky and Gran. You guys are invited, once this lockdown is over.

      So glad to hear Gran cooks healthy stuff. I love healthy stuff too and always advocate the same. Hope you two had a lovely Earth Day. Big hugs and paw some kisses. <3

  13. I am feeling hungry looking at those drool-worthy food photos. We used to call ‘Dalgona’ coffee as beaten coffee, it was a daily thing at my home until the time I gave up caffeine. I had no idea it would become a trend.

    1. And your little one is also cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Tina. Kudos to you for honing his talents.

      Yes, grown up having the beaten coffee. Everything becomes a trend with social media you see, sigh!

      Thank you for swinging by.

  14. You have a lot of delicious food. My imagination starts to work! 🙂
    Thank you for the ideas, dear Natasha!
    All the best and be well!
    Happy WW!

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