Save Our Environment: #WordlessWednesday #WorldEnvironmentDay2020

Save Our Environment: #WordlessWednesday #WorldEnvironmentDay2020


“Let’s take individual steps to save our environment.

It’s the only one we have, and will ever have.”


The gentle giants who are ruthlessly man-handled by mankind. Fortunately people are becoming aware slowly but surely, with laws getting stringent.
This picture is a tribute to the pregnant elephant that lost it’s life in Kerela. I have used this picture in my previous post, but had to share it again. My little tribute to her, and an appeal to all of you to do your bit to help conserve wildlife.

My Rant from 6th June, 2020:

Here’s a little rant/or appeal I wrote in response to a blogger friend, Shilpa’s Facebook post, when the life of the elephant in Kerela was nipped away, along with it’s foetus. 

My heart goes out to all the elephants and also other species in the wild, and otherwise who are relentlessly tortured, traumatised and given a brutal send off.

Sound as brutally honest as it may, but mankind is paying for all these deeds now with a pandemic, various natural calamities and bush fires etc. Those of which continue to engulf our planet. 

(The unrest around the world, by the political factions, isn’t that also an outcome of our actions and decisions?)

Nature unconditionally continues to give. Yet, time and again we continue to exploit nature, till she rears her angry head at us. We must accept this bitter truth, and start doing our bit, sooner than later to preserve every inch this planet has offered to us on a platter.

Ironically, it’s #WorldEnvironment day today and I do hope some amongst us awaken to this reality and take measures to bring about change.

Signing a petition is not enough, and making donations is also not the solutions always. 

I’ve been thinking what else can we do, sitting in our comfortable urban dwellings to help the dwindling wildlife species and forests? I’d love to know from you. Do write in. 

I know we need to act and be responsible. Little steps will go a long way. Avoiding single use plastic, recycling, and living more sustainably.

The world will  only change, when we change.

Who knows the ways of the universe. 


A dazzling Laburnum or Golden rain tree from one of my walks. This year the Laburnums in my neighbourhood have bloomed like never before.
We weren’t out polluting the environment, you see!



It’s moment like these that I hold on to, when the going gets tough, and the world seems so broken.
Nature only knows how to give. Even the sun doesn’t stop shining upon us every morning. So why do we give up on ourselves and our environment so soon?
It’s our time to give back to our Earth. To restore peace and harmony within and outside of us.



wordless-wednesday-natasha-musing-save-our-environment-laburnum flowers
Some yellow to uplift those of you who aren’t doing too well in these challenging times, from the all encompassing Laburnum blooms.



It's our time to give back to our Earth. To restore peace and harmony within and outside of us. Click To Tweet


What is it that you do to conserve the environment?

One small step also counts too.

Avoiding single use plastic, running the tap gently, talking to the tress around your home, putting out water for the birds in the scorching summers, walking or cycling instead of taking your car out, composting kitchen waste, recycling clothes, or left overs at home. The list is endless.

But I’d really love to hear, that one thing that you do to make a difference. And even if you don’t, you can start now. 🙂

Every drop in the ocean counts. Make yours count too. 

Love and light for a wonderful month ahead. 🙂







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54 thoughts on “Save Our Environment: #WordlessWednesday #WorldEnvironmentDay2020

  1. Well said! The beautiful cascading golden blossoms are among my favourite! Planting indigenous plants, nurturing trees around us even if they are avenue trees are just some things that come to my mind about what we can do as individuals.. may not be much but every small step may count.. fingers crossed!

    1. Yes, we need to act now. It’s already late. We inherited this earth from our ancestors and it’s gift to our children and grandchildren . The least we can do is start now, if we haven’t.

  2. Could not agree more that it looks like Karma. I know what you mean and I feel that too. Love your shots and the yellow raintree is so beautiful and bright. Also that little view of the sky from the 15th floor is super pretty.

    Thanks a ton for joining, Natasha! I hope to see you tomorrow. Take care!

    1. Thanks Parul. Also thank you for clarifying a Laburnum is also called a Rain Tree. Those are the pictures you shared right on #TTL.

      Have a good week ahead!

  3. Sorry I’m late, but I made it. I’ve had an awful day. I have been hacked & whoever got into my bank account & not only stole my social security check, but our income tax money & all our savings. OMG I cried for an hour, but I have to go to bed early tonight so we can get up early we have to go to the bank & social security office & then I’m off to the police department. I sure hope someone we can get our money back. I must get a new social security number, new band and change my name or whatever I can do. This is the second time this happened. 🙁 Wish me luck my friend. This is just too too much! I’ve been sick with a sore throat, and my leg is still bothering me since my back surgery & it’s swollen like a watermelon. bummer & my DUMB JADE PLANT WON’T GROW! UGHHHHHHHHHH I’m so upset… sorry my friend… didn’t mean to rant! 🙁 HUGS & LOVE YOUR TREE… and I heard the elephants are going extinct is this true? Awwww I love baby elephants so cute! Sorry I didn’t get here on time to sign your linky with mine 🙁 Next time… promise! BIG HUGS

    1. Marie, I’m so sorry to hear you are going through a rough patch. Keeping you in my prayers. I know this can’t be easy, but will pass in time. Hang in there!

      Not extinct, yet but endangered. Asian elephants are indeed endangered.

      Don’t you worry about linking up. Whenever you can. Be well, and keep smiling.

  4. The golden showers look lovely. The trees provide shade for us and the non human life while the flowering trees add so much color and joy to the scorching surroundings in summer.

    Nature is healing and forgiving but like everyone has a threshold. We have been given ample chances to improve but in vain.

    A small% of us are aware of the source of all life – nature; and are doing our bit to keep it protected. But that is not enough. I think every family as a unit should imbibe ways to protect and love nature not just one member.

    Of late my desire to move out of big cities and into lap of nature is so intense that I wish it happens pronto.

    I just hope and pray people become sensible and sensitive towards nature and all its life forms and not otherwise.

    1. “Of late my desire to move out of big cities and into lap of nature is so intense that I wish it happens pronto.”

      Resonates and like how!! Just that this desire has been growing within me for sometime now.

      “I think every family as a unit should imbibe ways to protect and love nature not just one member.” – true that, one persons action make way for other persons reality. Even though it may take some time and persistence.

      Yes, I’m hoping the pandemic will be a wake up call. If not everyone, but a chunk of people who will adopt new sustainable ways of living, just like their ancestors did.

      Thanks Monika, always for leaving such a well thought out comment. Gives me fodder for thought. 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing Joanna. I have also switched to a mostly plant based diet 4 months back and cut back on dairy drastically as well. The shit has been gradual as I was much of a meat lover. But this shift has been extremely beneficial I feel.

      One step at a time. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing this post. I found another by Gaurdian which claimed how animals caused pandemics happen when meat consumption go up.

      Here’s the link:

  5. Your nature photos are really great to see. It’s sad that there are those that don’t appreciate the complexity and importance of our world and commit such terrible acts.
    I try hard not to waste any food or resources. And I make sure my garden is appealing to the bees and birds in our environment.

    I am excited to see your corner at ‘My Corner of the World’ this week! Thanks for linking up.

  6. We truly have abused our environment and all the gifts that nature has given us. And you’re right, it’s payback time. Sadly so.
    I hope the next generation is more aware than we ever were and that it takes better care of it.

    1. I have a feeling the younger generation will. Probably pay a price for our deeds, but they will know better than us.

      Our parents always taught us to live sustainably but we gave in to the lure of modernisation and urban settings.
      Better late than never. It takes one person to change and I’m sure the ripple effects go a long way.

  7. Thanks for the mention, Natasha! <3

    The things that you mentioned at the end of the post…I do most of those to give something back to Nature. No more single use plastic. Recycling clothes. Using kitchen ingredients for hair and skin care. Placing seeds and water for the sparrows (whose numbers seem to be dwindling). Ensuring there's no wastage of food.
    I think these are the things most of us can manage to do, right? Simple things, really. All that's needed is putting some thought into it, knowing how these little things will help Nature. For, every drop counts! No good deed, however small, goes waste.
    Often, when I read about animal cruelty, I ask my mom why God had to create us humans. Wasn't the Earth better off without us? The animals would have lived here so happily! Mom always says that God wanted someone to admire and appreciate the wonderful Nature He created. But, are we really admiring Nature? would be my next question to mom. And she always says that there are people doing their bit, which I am sure Nature doesn't miss noticing. May be that's why, even after all that's going wrong on our planet, it ensures that we brave it all. That we learn from our mistakes and that we begin taking proative steps in changing our ways.
    So, despite everything, I have hope that things will change. WE will change. Slowly, but surely. Fingers crossed.

    We REALLY need to change.

  8. I have become more conscious of avoiding waste, conserving water, and it’s now become the default in our family to reuse and recycle things.

    1. So heartening to hear, dear Shantala.

      We were conscious to an extent and since my job is with an organisation that adopts sustainable measures in and around the forests, my inherent love for nature of course had to spill towards conserving it further.

      As a family we all have grown around nature, recycling almost everything.
      I guess most of us did as kids.

      My older daughter is an eco-warrior and vegan. And as we all stayed at home during the pandemic, we spent lot of time exchanging notes and finding sustainable measures together and living in even more eco-friendly ways emerged.
      I must also give a major chunk of credit to my friend, Sridhar Ramakrishnan whose energy tips for years, and recent energy workshop to help us tune in to our inner and our worlds in the pandemic situation, was such an eye-opener.

      I guess it’s a slow process of imbibing change and becoming one with it. Sustainable living can’t be implemented overnight, it requires piece meal change bit by bit, so I feel.

      And even if we start now it isn’t too late. The planet knows how to revive graciously. Rajlakshmi had posted pictures post the Australian bush fires and it was heartening to see how the forests were making a come back.

      Thanks for writing in.

      The only way we can save what is left of the environment.

      But somewhere I think many of us forget these basics to our busy lives in urban settings.

  9. It is tragic the way the elephants and other wildlife is hunted down.
    I live in a rural area so we get clear skies and low pollution, but I have even noticed that the stars are shining more brightly here lately.
    I hope this terrible pandemic teaches mankind that the world can be healed, but there are too many who won’t take notice.
    I never buy anything wrapped in plastic or with any excess packaging.
    My fruit and veg all comes from a local supplier who buys everything from local farms. It all comes either loose or in paper bags.

    1. Extremely heart-warming to hear stories from your countryside.

      Rural life has it’s perks. Life just slows down. Of course it’s also living in harmony with nature and not always living in perfectly comfortable conditions. Versus the facilities one may be used to living in a urban settings.
      I speak from the perspective of India, not too sure how things are where you live.

      But I also believe it is all worth it. Life is far more easy paced in the country side. Isn’t it? And being close to nature is such a bonus, where you can grow your own food, too.

      We have our ancestral homes by the countryside.

      I can imagine how magnificent the clear skies might look. Thank you for sharing stories from your home.

      Love and light!

      Even we get at least 60% of our vegetable from a local farm. The taste so fresh.

    1. I’m glad you liked the pictures, Steve.

      Got too do some funny ones, some day for #WW too. :-)) Inspiration from bethere2day. :))

      Yes, I will, you have a nature-fantastic week! 🙂

  10. I feel the pain and anger in the post. Despite that the photos are beautiful. I try to do my part to take care of my small part of the world. I didn’t realize today was World Environment Day. :-/ I’ve done a few post in the past about taking care of our world. I could have reposted one today. Maybe, I will later on.

    1. It was last week, Chandra, 6 June
      This is just my humble tribute a few days later.
      My next post might be about all the positive changes that are also happening in the planet.
      There are quite a few too.

      Do link those posts or share the link with me. Would love to read.
      Be well.

  11. In some ways, the pandemic is making us more of nature. In part we are remembering we are part of it and in part some of the creatures who are usually shy are making their way back into our lives. At the same time, the increase in single use plastic through all the extra PPE must be exponential. It is worrying.
    Thank you for becoming a follower of Loose and Leafy posts.

    1. Yes,the pandemic has been an eye-opener for sure.

      The ying and yang staring back at us. And how we can balance that too.

      It’s good to hear from you, Lucy.

  12. It’s so sad to read about the elephants. We see sometimes the orphants on television, that really breaks our heart. I wonder will one ever learn :'( We do everything here to save the Earth. Granny says it’s our duty to do something in return while Mother Earth lets us live on her planetPawkisses for a happy week ahead

    1. Granny is a very wise soul, Binky. And she has a wise companion also like you to boot.

      Stay safe. Did you manage to see my furry girls, Binky? Had shared links.

  13. We all need to be kind to our home – Earth. It’s the only home we have.

    I would love to see the elephants. They are so beautiful.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  14. Love your stunning pictures, Natasha!!
    Environment preservation is a topic that asks for whole hearted participation from everyone, to effect really big impact. However, doing our bit for this beautiful planet of ours in small ways does count in the overall scheme of things. I’m sure scores of like minded individuals are trying in their own lil ways.

    In addition to some of the ones that you have noted, one topic close to me is sustainable menstruation. Do check out my post if you are interested to read 🙂

    1. Yes, you are right. We have a whole lot of people rallying toward and save the environment. Yes, the change in mindset is a time consuming process.

      I sometimes wonder what is it that I can do, apart from writing at the ground level to help these mute inhabitants of our planet?

      Thank you for sharing the link. It’s something I believe in too, Priya. 🙂

  15. I have stopped using plastic straws and plastic bags for some time now. I try to use only products that are safe for the environment.

    Clocks are ticking, and the only planet we have to live on is dying right before our eyes.

    Great post as always, Natasha!

  16. The golden rain tree is amazing! I have never seen such a beautiful tree! Thank you for sharing this beauty with us, Natasha!

    Happy WW!

  17. What would man be without nature? Does he even realize that? We need to do our bit, in every way possible.

    I posted one about Elephants too. Such beautiful gentle giants they are.


    1. Soumya,

      Yesterday, I was busy at work, so didn’t manage to write exactly what I was feeling about our wildlife, and the recent episode and a few more I manage to see, working closely in the sector.
      I’ve added my “rant”. Take a look if you can.

      Glad to see you also posted about elephants. 🙂

  18. We need world leaders to enforce change working together… leaving it in the hands of people’s good heart just isn’t going to work.
    Sadly, we cannot get world leaders to agree on anything and the environment and its inhabitants just aren’t a priority over the other green, cash

    1. Couldn’t have been said better, Roshan. I was thinking what your views are on this, as it happened in your state.

      Your current world leaders are just busy enchasing everything, including nature. Such a shame and pity.

      Thank you for sharing more tales from Tapori and friends. I love Betta fish. I have write one on Akira, Comet/Ellie (elephant ear Betta) and Arohi, too!! 🙂

  19. It’s the little things that count, dear Natasha and I couldn’t agree more on that. We are doing our bit everyday, so hopefully, a few things are being done right which, if done consistently, can actually effect the change we wish to see in the world and in our environment. Its high time we realised our actions have brought us here at the brink of an ecological disaster.

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures and leaving us with enough food for thought!
    Happy #ww my dear friend and a blessed week ahead too!
    Stay happy and healthy!

    Much love

  20. Lovely images! You are right, the list is endless. The recycling is very important every day!
    But is not enough for the planet. Must be a planetary effort of all the countries, in legislation.
    And I am not sure this is really happening! 🙁

    Thank you, Natasha for the linking. Happy WW and a fine week!

    1. Yes, Suzana. Legislations have been passed, but never enough either. Maybe more stringent ones need to be passed.
      But as long as politicians continue to look at personal benefits and filling their coffers, things won’t change so easily. But every one comes together, and stands united to make a difference.

      Happy #WW, dear Suzana. Excited to see your art for this week!

    1. I still feel there is hope to hold on to. But only if we try.

      Yes Laburnum’s are hanging chadeliers of love. Good to see you with us this week Keith.

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