Sound of Silence: #MondayMusings #MondayMotivation

Sound of Silence: #MondayMusings #MondayMotivation

“Listen to the silence. It has so much to say.” 

– Rumi 

In stillness, I found my silence. 

Over the years I have come to appreciate the sound of silence, far more than ever.  

The endless chatter in my head, has paved way for the meanigful presence of silence.

In silence I have found my solace. Sometimes the best answers lie in the midst of silence. And they have come tumbling my way cocooned in the warmth of quietness.

I was a very chatty person, ever since I was a child. I never really understood the simple pleasures of rejoicing in silence. So much so, that my teachers at school called me “chatter-box”, and the only grievance they had against me at PTMs was my ability to talk too much!


In stillness, I found my silence. Click To Tweet


But the pandemic has indeed opened up new vistas in my life, one wherein I have learned to appreciate the sound of silence.

In my silence I have found my bliss. I have found the nagging answers to the questions that have bothered me.

I have made peace with the unwarranted demons in my head, and silently so.

Silence has taught me that not everything needs to have a reaction.

In the comforting presence of silence words don’t matter. It is action that speaks louder than any words could.

Silence sometimes is the best answer to somebody else’s rant against me, or otherwise.

I have also discovered not everything that other person is feeling has to do with me; it could be what they need to sort in their heads, in their silence. 

In my quiet moments, I have come to value the smallest of things; that would have otherwise missed my gaze.

And in the midst of silence wells up immense gratitude, wisdom and understanding of that which remains unsaid. 


Silence and Its After-Effects

I am married to a person who relishes his silence far more than anybody I know. Yes, that’s my DH for you. For years I did not understand how someone could be so quiet. I have come to value his ability to be silent slowly but surely.

After all Lao Tzu rightly said,

“Silence is the source of great strength.”

Someday I wish to do the Silence program, Vipassana. A long cherished desire, for many years now, and experience what it feels to be silent for 10 days!


Do you appreciate the sound of silence, or not?

What makes you want to stay silent?

What drives you to talk or express yourself? 

Have you found your answers in silence, or otherwise?

What does silence mean to you?

I’d really love to know. Do share your thoughts with me.




I found my silence more recently in the mountains. I love how the mountains are enveloped in the beauty of their pristine silence; the solitude of towering yet calming breeze of the pine forests, and the mighty oaks. A lesson I duly carried back home.  


“The more quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.”

– Rumi 





Joining the wonderful ladies, Corinne for #MondayMusings and Mel’s #Microblog Mondays. 



17 thoughts on “Sound of Silence: #MondayMusings #MondayMotivation

  1. So glad that you’ve discovered the beauty of silence, Natasha. Loved reading your thoughts on Silence.
    I’ve been a silent person right from childhood, speaking only when required. At the most I used to only smile when spoken to! Folks around me have always been intrigued and mostly uncomfortable with my silence. Daughter is a chatterbox and every so often wonders aloud if i’m truly her mother 😀

  2. Beautiful click and lovely post.
    Even silence says a lot, I love to be silent but with selected few I feel like saying it too. But this rarely happens as self-talk is more therapeutic.
    Me too longing for vipassana for long. Need to see my mind talk with soul without even speaking.

    1. Yes, we all crave for those peaceful, silent moments spent deep in our blissful thoughts.

      And I’m sure with a little baby those silent moments are not easy to always get.
      All in good time I suppose.

  3. Hi Natasha, thank you for a great post! I love silence but it took me years to appreciate it. I used to feel very uncomfortable with silence but then I met mindfulness 😉 Silence is such a gift and then, it’s so true that you can hear so much more. I live on an island so it’s actually very rare to get complete silence because nature is so wonderfully loud here. The birds are constantly chatting away and at night, you hear the night creatures and the geckos. I love it! Actually, the only time they all go quiet is just before a storm and that’s an amazing silence also 🙂

    1. Dear Anne,

      Thank you so much for swinging by.
      I loved your comment and the story from your beautiful island. What a delightful place to live in! I would trade anything to go live in the wild.

      But u guess those sounds that you hear day and night are the most calming and the ones that add to the silence of your mind and soul.

      Mindfulness is a fabulous excercise in just being, in the moment. And I love it’s practise too.

      Thank you for leaving such an endearing note here.

  4. Silence is my language, Natasha! It is my Oxygen and my water, my very source of life and sustenance in a world bursting with din and clamour! I’ve always been like that, as a child and it is one thing that comes to me as naturally as the air I breathe! So, I totally get you when you say how silence has been feeding your soul, lately! May you always savour the sounds of the silence. may it helps you find whatever it is that you are seeking in life!
    P.S. Can always listen to S&G Love them!!
    Esha recently posted…The Waiting | #FictionMondayMy Profile

    1. How fabulous is that Esha, to be able to regale in the sound of silence since your younger days.

      It’s a valuable quality to have.
      Yes, it leads to some soulful answers indeed. And gives endless solace.

      Simon and Garfunkel are outstanding indeed.
      Lovely to see you swing by.
      Love and hugs.♥️

  5. Silence is better than useless chatter. This is a good thumb rule. I’m glad you have been able to attain equilibrium. Silence is considered to lead to the spiritual path.
    That picture from the mountain is a great setting.

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