Uncle Bill’s Blue Truck : Friday Fictioneers | Friday Fiction

Uncle Bill’s Blue Truck : Friday Fictioneers | Friday Fiction

Uncle Bill’s Blue Truck


It’s a picture perfect day.

The fragrant, spring breeze stretches out to caress the azure skies.

The children are out armed with, Little Hearts and Ginger ale.

 Uncle Bill’s rusty, blue truck stands straddled against the edge of the hillock.


Rusty Blue truck - Forest
Photo Credits: Bill Reynolds.


 Lazing on the other side of the dilapidated wheels, are Uncle Bill and Aunt Janice. There’s Champagne and mezze platter.

Reminiscing their adventures from yesteryears: That chance meeting when Uncle Bill had almost bumped Aunt Janice off the cliff, driving his blue truck. Rest is what they call history.

“Happy sweet Valentine’s!” together chime the children, as the couple clink their champagne glasses.


Loving couple- old



I’m not colour blind, yes. 😉 It’s a teal truck, but close enough to being a calming blue-green. Aye! Aye!

Sharing two love songs that I quite enjoy; from Paris, the City of Love.






A little late to the party, but thanks to our fabulous hostess with the mostest, Rochelle for the Friday Fictioneers.

Read a bunch of fascinating tales here.

Thanks to Keith for the Froggie would-a-wooing-go.

Since this tale has music, hoping in with the adorable girls, Marie and Cathy for their Monday Mewsic Move too. 

27 thoughts on “Uncle Bill’s Blue Truck : Friday Fictioneers | Friday Fiction

    1. Mine too, Vero. I love Our Last Summer to the core. <3
      Yes, Colin Firth, Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan did such a fab job with all the songs of this beautiful film.

      Glad you enjoyed this little, old world romance.

      Have a wonderful rest of the week.

      Wishing you love and joy.
      Hugs, hugs xoxo

  1. Thank you for the music and for the story, a drop of life, a drop of love.
    It’s a nice truck, in a way, a romantic one…
    Beautiful and happy days, dear friend! Full of light and joy!

    1. Dear dear Suzana,

      Yes quite an old, rugged truck that brings memories flooding back.

      Thank you for your glorious wishes.
      Biggest hugs and loads of love. <3

  2. Natasha,

    Thanks for sharing your creative tale of two meeting long ago sharing a lovely Valentine’s Day in their golden years together. So sweet! You’re welcome any time to hit the dance floor with the 4M gang, my lovely. I hope you have a hearts and roses kind of Valentine’s Day, my darlin’! XO

    1. Thanks sweetheart.
      Glad you liked it.
      I hope you enjoyed the music too.
      The first one is from the hit drama series: Emily in Paris.
      And of course Abba’s Last Summer, a personal favourite. <3

      Have a love-ly week with the DH. Celebrate and live it up.
      Love and hugs. <3

    1. Thank you dear Rochelle for your dedicated commitment year after year. No doubt you are the hostess with the mostest. 🙂

      Happy Valentine’s week for you and yours.

      Bless you. <3

    1. Thanks to aww-dorable Froggie of yours too, dear Keith.

      It was a day dedicated to awwwws, so had no other choice. And I’m amused how you flipped it to an ouch for yours. :-)) Ha! Ha!

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