I Forgive and I Flow: Monday Musings | Monday Blogs

I Forgive and I Flow: Monday Musings | Monday Blogs

I Forgive and I Flow


Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


“May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”



This chant embodies a deep rooted will to forgive my impetuous thoughts, those acerbic words of mine; spilled out in moments of despair, those rash actions taken on an impulse; and that of those around me. Ones that have caused me deep anguish and pain.

I believe, it is only but recently that I have finally forgiven myself and been able to truly forgive others too. Someone rightly said, “Forgive yourself first, before you can forgive others”. I am slowly but surely learning to let go, and flow.

Having practised Ho’ponopono, the Hawaiian forgiveness prayer for over two years, I noticed how it helped me mend a few broken relationships, but the one with myself took the longest to heal. Possibly I had not tried hard enough to forgive myself. I was always focussed outside of myself. I guess, as you start tipping your fifties and have lived half a lifetime; you realise all the happiness, all the peace that you could contain; lies within you. And not within anybody or anything else.

Here’s a bit of a backstory, on how I was able to truly and deeply forgive myself and those around me recently. Having said that, I suppose the layers will continue to peel off one by one. The angst may rear its ugly head again. But for now a certain sense of contentment and flow envelopes my being. I am at ease and peace, knowing I have struggled long enough.

It’s uncanny that I stumbled upon this chant, “Lokah Samasta Sukhion Bhavantu” on the first day of a workshop, I had enrolled into. I’ll take you on a little journey to tell you, how it’s tied to the act of forgiveness.


Morning Rituals that Pave the Way

Upon waking up each morning, I do not check my phone. Instead the self-discipline-seeking yours truly, chooses to plunge into gratitude, meditation and yoga. On most days, I would say. Yes, there are a few cheat days too when I wake up scrolling my feed. Those are mostly rare now. Thank God! For small mercies. It’s taken a lot of will power and resilience to get here. And I choose to “forgive” myself on days I falter. 

I wake up to a quick gratitude prayer, while gazing out of the glass door, into the powdery blue sky. Thereafter, I saunter into the bathroom. I swish and swirl the coconut oil in my mouth. For the uninitiated, it’s called oil pulling. While the oil does its work on my set of teeth in need of dire attention, I spend the the next 7-10 minutes, refilling water for the birds and decorating their feeding bowl with juicy, green grapes. I then open the doors to the terrace and say good morning to my plant family, while the human family sleeps on, lost in their deep morning slumber. Mishka, our younger furry child trails around me. I give her a squishy-mushy hug a couple of times. Laila, on the other hand is fast asleep on the DH’s feet, but still gives me a sleepy good morning lick.

I cherish this precious moment of quietude, at the crack of dawn, like no other. On some days I am woken earlier than usual; by the raucous calls of a peacock or two, or the twittering birds of dawn. The sky is still an inky black, ready to stealthily welcome the blue hour. On those days I meditate, while partially drifting into wakefulness and sleep. 

Uniting with Nature

By 6 am I have changed into my green yoga pants and tee, and I head out to the park downstairs. I walk bare feet on the soft, dew caressed grass, practising walking meditation. Once I am done, I choose a quiet spot and sprawl myself on the verdant grass, partially razed down by another brutal summer. I meditate and savour nature, as it continues to unfold a brand new spectacle of a day. The lone Garden Lizard gives makes for a jolly good company. It rotates its head assuming I’m not watching. His camouflage, he thinks has done a great job. Then suddenly we look into each others eyes, and there is this underlying communication that happens effortlessly.

“I see you,” she says.

“I see you too, and your are gorgeous.” I retort.

Ah! Well, thank you. Good day to you. Go back to meditating now, will you!” She says with a sparkle in her beady eyes. 

Both of us continue to cherish our spaces and quietude, thereafter. 


Paving the Way – Lokha

Once I am done meditating and connecting with nature and its beings, I practise yoga with due diligence. 

I walk back home to our tower. On some days, I make a pit stop at Afzal’s store for coconut water, fruits and vegetables. 

Upon my return home, I sit on the terrace, surrounded by our heat quenched plant family, begging to be watered. I sip on lemon grass ginger tea, or Bael (wood apple) sherbet. 

I don’t look at my phone before 8/8:30 am. Sometimes beyond 10 am. It stays on DND mode. When I do, I check my Whataspp messages and Instagram feed (just the first three-four posts at max – and I ask the universe to give me a message). 

Last Tuesday, Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu landed on my feed as the first message. I will be eternally grateful for this chant. For over a year and a half I have been looking for a chant; one that is all encompassing. I do love chanting to various Buddhist and Hindu mantras; but this one slipped into the aura of my being and fit like a snug, furry (err! fuzzy) glove.


On Forgiving and Flowing

This Vedic chant embodies my desire to not judge myself, and others. To love every being and every situation unconditionally. Even the toughest and the most brutal ones.

“Kill everyone with your kindness”, someone said.

I’ll add to that, “Kill yourself with kindness too.” 

It helps to forgive myself of all the messy thoughts/mindless chatter, harsh words I’ve uttered, and thoughtless actions that I may have taken in the past. As a child, a teenager, a young adult, a wife, a mother, a writer, a professional, a friend, a woman/sometimes an abla naariufff! (Abla Nari is used disparagingly, humorously or ironically, as the Hindi equivalent to a helpless women.)

It comes as a reminder to be pure in my words, thoughts and actions. Honestly, if you are thinking about the goody-two shoes agenda; well, this chant does not put any pressure on me to be extra nice. I’ve done this drill while practising Buddhism for 8 long years. It truly and authentically embodies who I am as a person, and also who I wish to be till I live on this blessed, blue planet. 

Rumi says, “We are all walking each other home.”

Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu is a befitting tribute from grace to not just my soul, but everyone else who crosses my path, or even doesn’t.

Forgiveness, always has comes easy to me. Yet, I realised there are broken parts of my being- fractured by the ways of life. Despite trying hard, practising various healing modalities, journaling, talk therapy; I have often struggled to forgive and let go. 


The act of forgiveness is as calming as hugging a towering Pine tree, in dire need of healing, as much as us.
These pine forests were burnt in a forest fire recently, yet they stand tall, towering, displaying indomitable hope and courage. Forgiving the humans who time and again, overlook their importance. Photo Credits: @wondersofthewilderness The 14 year-old


Flowing with Forgiveness

But something has shifted in the core of my being.

Having said that there are no guarantees when the mind will rebel against my soul’s calling. Again I will find it hard to forgive people, situations, and myself. Who knows when, I “might “ give in to the incessant, warped chatter of this overtly thinking, anxious mind. Yet, I know for sure, that I will have it in me to even forgive that chattering mind. I will choose to make peace and let go. I have learned to bless, forgive, love and let go of thoughts, people, situations that no longer serve me. Ones that are  not tied to me and my universe, any longer.

I’ve seen life being snuffed away in fraction of seconds. Especially in the last 4 years. I have realised life is indeed fragile, hanging on a gossamer thread; ready to snap on us any moment. Therefore, I now choose to forgive, thank my breath and the past for being a wonderful teacher. I choose to live this moment like there won’t be any another and flow with the ebb of life. 


Forgiveness does not change the past but it does enlarge the future.”

—Paul Lewis Boese


In another news:
Natasha Musing was listed among the Top Blogs of India 2022, third year in a row. 
Deeply grateful for all the love and trust reposed on Natasha Musing.


 Natasha Serenity Sinha

Summer of 2022










39 thoughts on “I Forgive and I Flow: Monday Musings | Monday Blogs

    1. Thanks so much Joe. It was extremely healing for both me and I am assuming the tree too. The most fuzzy hug ever is when one hugs a tree. 🙂

  1. Natasha, i am so happy to read about your struggle, resilience and finally growth. Forgiveness is a great virtue to practice. Though trying, i falter many a time and fall back into the loop of whine and blame. A lot of for me to work on.

    Your morning ritual is worth emulating. Thanks for sharing this beautiful journey with us and inspiring many. Keep shining your light and stay blessed dear ❤️

    1. Like you, dear dear Radhiks we all falter time and again only to be reminded of the virtues close to our heart.

      Yes, my morning ritual is balm to my soul. I derailed most of this week and I can’t wait to get back in the new week.

      Big hugs, keep lighting our lives too with your precious words dear Radhika. Love, light and laughter ✨

  2. Beautiful words, my friend.

    Yes, you can’t move on if you can’t forgive. Forgiveness removes emotional baggage and replaces it with internal peace.

    Hugs and blessings, Natasha.
    Veronica Lee recently posted…Gallimaufry#34My Profile

    1. Yes it’s the internal peace that matters and nothing else does. A peace that paves way for ease, love and joy.

      So good to see you here my dear Vero.
      Missed you.
      Hugs and love always.✨

  3. We judge ourselves harshly much of the time. Is it deserved? As I approach 70 (later this year) I try to be grateful, but in a society that is increasingly violent and hateful (the United States) it is becoming harder and harder to trust, and easier to be cynical. I admire your discipline. Your music was good background music to your post.

    1. I hear you Alana. But to keep going and stay sane that’s the only way to be. Else we will continue to feel as fractired in this broken world.

      Happy 70th, what a lovely milestone and so wonderfully lived at that.

      Yes, my discipline keep me going but the uncanny thing is ever since I posted this piece I have derailed. Have to get back.

      Yes, I love this chant and keep listening to it often. And even chanting it in my heart.

  4. Very insightful and soothing words. Thank you for your contact and expression of concern. I am doing fairly well on chemotherapy and learning to more fully enjoy the small things in life.

    1. That is so lovely to hear dear Ken. It’s the simple things that count and give us far more joy and tranquility than the larger things in life.

      I wish you good health, peace, and loads of critter sightings and day filled with laughter and love,

  5. Natasha,

    Your morning ritual sounds lovely. We all can benefit from time of deep thought and prayer, giving over all of our cares to the One who loves us best while letting go of hurtful feelings and reminding oneself of the beauty that lies within and the beauty outside.

    Thank you for sharing such a lovely soothing song with the 4M crew. Have a blessed and peaceful week, my dear! XO

    1. Thanks dear heart. Yes, so important to sit quietly in deep reflection and solitude all by oneself.

      I am glad you liked the chant, though was iffy whether it qualified to be part of the 4M crew or not.

      Have yourself a blessed weekend ahead. <3 <3

  6. I am grateful for your post, dear Natasha!
    Everything is simple and complicated in the same time.
    We have to find our way, but meditation, forgiveness, kindness,compassion are perfect for this path.
    Thank you for your lovely and deep words, dear friend.
    Peace, love and light, Natasha!❤️

  7. You’re so balanced, Natasha. Forgiveness is so important. It lets you let go of negative feelings.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my sweet friend. Big hugs. ♥
    Sandee recently posted…Happy TuesdayMy Profile

    1. Absolutely so.

      This week, I have derailed a bit, but can’t wait to get back. Right now busy getting the younger one ready, as she leaves for boarding over the weekend. Also spending time with her. She will be gone for almost 3 months. Sigh!
      Was a beautiful summer in here serene company.

      Thank you so much Debbie, for the wishes. I miss your posts.

  8. Beautiful & soulful !
    I cannot express how much I enjoy reading your posts. One always learns something interesting and I simply love the way your write.
    I have noted the shloka though I offer that thought on an everyday basis in my prayers.
    What goes around comes around so we must fill it with all things good…. live in the moment….. flow through life accepting all as is ….. blessing, forgiving and healing everyone & anyone that cross our path.

    Have a blissful week ahead dear Natasha
    Monika Ohson | TravelerInMe recently posted…Sat-rangi Sat-talMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much dearest. It makes my heart joyous to hear that you enjoy my posts, and in case you didn’t know so do I with yours.

      That’s wonderful to know you use that prayer either which way without the shloka in your prayers. 🙂

      You have a blessed, radiant weekend too dear Monika. <3 <3

  9. I loved getting a peek into your soothing morning ritual and if I’m honest, am a tad jealous of how disciplined you are. But we learn from each other and I’m going to borrow some ideas from you to make my mornings less hectic. Getting up earlier than the rest of the household is a great idea – will start there!
    Corinne Rodrigues recently posted…17 SecondsMy Profile

    1. I’m glad you are planning to pace out your morning. I have realised it’s so pertinent to start the mornings on a slow, easy note.

      Hope you have been able to reset your rotien by waking up a bit earlier.

      Mine has derailed a bit this week, but cant wait to get back.

      Have a blessed weekend.

  10. I totally agree with you, Natasha…forgiving self is the most difficult task! Though I am not an early morning person, I too don’t check my phone before 10 am. Your beautiful words of wisdom resonated deeply. ❤️

    1. I’m so glad it resonated.

      Not checking the phone till 10 am is pure bliss and <3.

      It all starts with forgiving ourselves and then moving to the next steps. 🙂
      So glad to have you stop by, dear Punam.

  11. Hi, dear Natasha!
    Your lines, your thoughts went straight into my soul. Reading, I felt like I was living what you wrote. Forgiving (others and ourselves) is a kind of liberation.
    I also like to enjoy the moments of dawn, when people sleep and the birds barely wake up.
    I wish you to achieve everything you set out to do. I wish you peace of mind!
    Hugs with love!

    1. Thank you for your loving wishes always, dear Diana.

      I’m glad these thoughts resonate closely with yours.

      Waking up at dawn is a magical experience, that only those who do will understand.

      I wish you a wonderful weekend of rest and rejuvenation.

      Biggest hugs and big love. <3 <3

  12. Thank you so much Natasha! This comes at the right time for me…..a time where i am feeling lost and absolutely shitty about self. A time i need to look within and most importantly like you said…. Forgive myself,… So that flows automatically to my surroundings… Through my breath, through my being! Thank you my dearo…. For channeling the wonderful philosophy in simple, heart touching words! Loads of love and hhhhhhhuuuugggsss!

    1. I’m so glad this helped to realx in ease and peace, dear Prajakta.

      I wish you calm days and loads of love and laughter.

      Big hugs. Thank you for leaving a note here. 🙂

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