Be At Ease : Wordless Wednesday | Wednesday Wisdom

Be At Ease : Wordless Wednesday | Wednesday Wisdom

Be at Ease


Today’s gentle breeze,

Is a reminder to be at ease.

With life’s follies and demands.


A young, radiant soul leaves,

Our entire community grieves.

We’ve known each other, since we were kids.


A precious relative,

Is in the ICU, hooked to contraptions and drip.

Another reminder to stay afloat, in a shaky boat.


Grief hovers like black kites,

Life’s reality surreptitiously bites.

Tomorrow hangs precariously, on gossamer threads.


Even the setting sun has no clue,

About tomorrow, so why rue?

Today’s gentle breeze,

Yet again reminds us, to be at ease. 


© Natasha

12 September, 2022

Ease of blooming amidst the harsh rains. A Bauhinia variegata or Mountain Ebony

Hope amidst the clouds


Sharing: Take it Easy, a rock playlist, that has most of my personal favourites.

Signing off with much love, ease, and joy for your precious hearts.


Natasha <3 


Ease-ing into an After Thought

I wrote this post yesterday, and today the breeze has been blowing unceasingly; ever since the wee hours of the morning. As if to remind me and all others; to take each moment with peace and ease. And then this message lands on me, as I started my day.

“I am ready for more abundance, more ease and more magic.” – Spirit Daughter

As if this wasn’t enough, it was followed by a few sweet and snappy lines, from my SIL that she lovingly wrote, after reading my poem.


“When all the noise outside

Slowly builds chaos inside,

And the light gives into the dark;

A glow worm goes twinkling by,

Reminding us of the light within,

That can light up the darkest night.”


I am so grateful for all the beautiful, kind and comforting words, love and prayers from all of you my precious amigos in blogosphere. It means the world to me.

There is so much love and kindness in this world- we just have to open our eyes and look! 🙂

Infinite gratitude and deepest love. <3 <3





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22 thoughts on “Be At Ease : Wordless Wednesday | Wednesday Wisdom

  1. I love this post, such great advice.
    I’ve had my moments like everybody, but I drive people crazy because I just know that things can be tough now but eventually things will get better. I don’t mean that bad things don’t happen and sometimes those are devastating but things will get better.

  2. words surely have the power to heal a wounded soul! Thank you for sharing this beautiful nugget and making the day sail smoothly. Keeping our dearest grandpa in our prayers.

  3. A gate of sadness generating a flow of beautiful words!
    As usual, your post is amazing, dear friend! And the music is lovely!
    Prayers and good thoughts to you, dear Natasha!
    Love and light!

  4. I’m very sorry, Natasha. You did say you had some sad news. It is a lovely poem – nobody knows where those gentle breezes will blow, and, paraphrasing another song, we are all just dust in that wind. Do take it easy in this time of sorry.

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