Yearn to Be

Yearn to Be

Yearn to Be


Yearn to be,

Like the butterflies

Fluttering in the autumn sky.

Cherish each moment;

as it passes by. 


Yearn to be,

Like the compassionate humans,

Who sprinkle kindness;

like confetti in the sky.


Yearn to be;

Like the farmers,

Toiling in the scorching sun.

Holding their ground;

For a harvest whose benefits;

we reap all year round. 


Yearn to be;

True to Yourself.

Acknowledge. Appreciate. Align;

with who you are.

And wrap yourself

with love;

and the world’s warmest hug. 


© Natasha 






This post is written as part of an #AtoZChallenge Event, Zip Thru Autumn. Check out the prompts here.

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19 thoughts on “Yearn to Be

  1. Your words are always inspire us, sweet furriend Double Pawkisses from us just for you
    Ps Natasha, we’re no longer on Instagram. Angel Binky’s site is still there, because Granny can’t close it yet, but she decided to stop there, so we can fully concentrate on our bloggie. Hope to see you around sometimes. Extra Pawkisses from to
    Angel Binky, Peachy, Stippie and Granny recently posted…An almost purrfect TwofieMy Profile

    1. Image not mine as you can see Cory, but yeah we always yearn to be something / someone; yet we forget where we are, is where the alignment starts.

      We forget to celebrate the brokenness sometimes. Not easy at all, but it’s all a process.
      Planting and replanting.

  2. So beautiful poem and the images are fabulous.
    If we are clever we learn from these creatures and not only…
    I introduced your post in the table, dear Natasha!
    Be well! Love, light and joy!❤️

  3. It’s human to yearn to be something or someone else, isn’t it? I like the idea of being free like a butterfly without seemingly a care in the world but have short lived lives. I hope life is treating you well, my friend. We just got home from vacation this past Saturday and I put together for the first time in a long while a Wild Wednesday post. 😉

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