Turning 6 on 6 | It’s a Sixer | Blogiversary

Turning 6 on 6 | It’s a Sixer | Blogiversary

It’s a Sixer


Natasha Musing turned 6 today, on the 6th Day of December, 2022. 

(I’m not counting the time I set up my blogspot account- 17 years ago; as I’d like to believe that WP gave wings to my personal writing in a different form.)

It’s been a quiet celebration this year.

Quiet is nice. Sometimes.

Though I miss the buzz around my anniversary from the last five years. To make up for it I almost ordered a Tiramisu cake and then changed my mind. I have been already consuming way too many calories, and I’d rather cut back. The festive season is approaching, as are all the winter goodies. 

I’m supremely grateful for the multiple guest posts in the first four years. Thank you my dear friends who whole heartedly and enthusiastically contributed. They kept the rhythm rollicking. 

I’ve been on a bit of a hibernating mode, and the posts have been sparse the last two months.

And what better time to hibernate than in these cold months. Animals do too. And we are animals! 🙂

I had shared a post last year on the same.

Here goes.



Having said that, I hope to write atleast one post a week, going forward.

Today was mostly uneventful, except that the Red Pierrot (butterflies) I was fostering, emerged from their pupae. The weather is getting colder and I wasn’t too sure these tiny little caterpillars that had turned into pupae 9 days ago, would finally make it.

But then there is hope always waiting at every corner. 🙂

Raising- Red pierrot-butterfly
The inside wings of the Red Pierrot


The outside wing span of these tiny little Blues


Ready to take flight. Those dried leaves are what they feasted upon as caterpillars, camouflaged inside them. I think 6 of them took flight today!! That is, if I have counted them correctly and not missed others that might have. I’d like to believe it’s a day of sixes!


On this 6th blogiversary I wish to thank all my family, readers and friends in the blogosphere for your unstinting support.

Without much ado, signing off with a heart filled with immense gratitude and love.

Shukriya/Danke/Gracias/Teşekkürler/Arigato/Mulțumesc <3 <3


Love, light and laughter,


Feature image credits: Volha Kaliaha



26 thoughts on “Turning 6 on 6 | It’s a Sixer | Blogiversary

  1. I really should look up the year I started. I do know it was many years ago, but I’ll find it and let you know. How can I say I miss you when I never met you? How can I say I like you or love you when I never met you? Because the Lord says do unto others as you would have them do onto you!!! Think about that one!!! God speed my dearest friend! HUGS & BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS ALWAYS! WHY? BECAUSE I CARE MY DEAR SWEET FRIEND….. because I care! hugs
    Marie Moody recently posted…HAPPY TUESDAY!My Profile

  2. Sorry, sorry, sorry, please, Natasha dear! <3 Now I see this post…
    I wish you many years of blogging. I have learned many interesting things since reading what you post and I have seen many beautiful things! Thank you for the optimism that is felt in every post, although I know that life is not always rosy. I wish you to keep the "power of the positive".

    Very interesting what you write about butterflies! I have never had the opportunity to observe in reality such an evolution in butterflies.
    Thank you for everything!
    All the best!
    I hug you with love! <3

  3. Six years, time flies like a butterfly in the breeze! I’m looking forward to your next six and more Natasha.

  4. Beautiful butterfly, emerging at an odd time of year for such a delicate-looking insect. Nearing my first year of living in Connecticut, a drive of 1,400 miles from our 18 years home in Florida, I am adjusting to the cold and annoyingly dark and shadowy winter. I passed my 16th Blogiversary without fanfare on September 22 and can count 1,040 posts so far– not quite matching one post per mile unless I rearrange the zeros. Best wishes!
    Ken Schneider recently posted…Crops & Clips: Flashback to December, 2019My Profile

  5. Happy Blogiversary, my dear! With the holidays here, I rather take things at a slow pace as much as possible and while I am doing that more in Blogosphere, I find I haven’t slowed down much around the house. I guess after Christmas then I won’t have so much on my plate. 🙂

    That butterfly you capture is quite different from what I’m used to seeing in this part of the world. You did a nice job preserving the memories of him greeting the outside life. Too bad butterflies have such short lives.

    Thanks for visiting. I hope you and yours have a joyous holiday season. Sending much love and hugs your way, dear friend!

    1. Yes, looking forward to Christmas and the feel good movies, and music. Thanks for sharing lovely Christmas music on your blog. It made my Monday morning sweet. 🙂

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