Brain Fever | A Forest Escapade | Guest Post

Brain Fever | A Forest Escapade | Guest Post

Brain Fever! Brain Fever! Brain Fever!

Today I have a guest post from a fellow birder and wildlife enthusiast. Hemant, very kindly agreed to put together his forest adventure to Corbett National Park, in the form of a free flowing verse/poem.

Bird-Brain Fever Bird-Common Hawk Cuckoo
Common Hawk-Cuckoo – The “Brain Fever” bird after which this post is titled. Their relentless calls sound as though they were saying, “brain-fever, brain fever, brain fever.”


Brain Fever! Brain Fever! Brain Fever!


I just went to Corbett*,

Against odds I had bet.


It took me patting some pets,

A way is what a will begets.


We set off on a Saturday morning,

Drove up in our car, honking and horning.


Me and my two friends,

Negotiating curves and bends.


We reached there on time,

Shelled out a nickel and a dime.


Our driver was Naeem,

Stupidly silly he was, to offer me haleem*.


I’m a devout hypocrite,

At the mention of beef, I throw a fit.


Any how and way,

I kept my emotions at bay.


For us it was all sorted,

We had snored, and he had snorted.

Deer-Spotted Deer
A Spotted Deer looks back inquisitively.

And so we entered the jungle,

Carrying our bugles with great bungle.


We checked in as VIPs,

There were no internet domains or IPs.


It was like going back in the past,

The forest was so deep and vast.



Elephant Whisperer, the grand Asiatic Elephant


We soaked it all in from this sojourn,

As the fauna scoffed at us with a scorn.


But we still unbelonged and invaded,

Seduced ourselves and serenaded.


The rustling leaves and bustling trees,

A landscape full of bovines, birds, and bees.


We reached the fabled rest-house,

A former hunting lodge, a slaughterhouse.


There was the ‘old’ and there was the ‘new’,

The ‘old’ was reserved for a selected few.


We were allotted room number four,

Of which I’d heard only in folklore.


The lodging where Modi* had stayed,

With stories of specials it was sprayed.


We cared not to lose our senses,

And jump over those electrified fences.


Finally we set off on our safari,

In a gypsy almost ‘ram’ ko ‘pyaari’*.


As the tyres raced and rolled,

Buttons on camera I scrolled.


Desperate to click, not to see,

Marvelling at the apex’s faeces full of flea.

The mighty King of the forests – a Royal Bengal Tiger.
Here’s looking at you kid.

Like a rat my heart raced,

When a tiger I finally faced.


I felt so small and puny,

Stripped like a lacklustre looney.


There is no greater than God,

A human is just a stupid sod.

Who thinks he owns all,

In the scheme of things he’s so small.


This continued consecutively,

We acted impaired imperatively.


We scarred the earth and the air,

Still calling ourselves fair and aware.


Had some food and some more fun,

Qualifying ourselves to fit the intended pun.


More sightings and writings followed,

As batteries on my camera I hollowed.


It was truly a joyful junket,

Replete with roars and trumpets.


We came back home from the stint,

Adding gloriously to the carbon footprint.


As I write this tell all tale,

I feel like a convict out on bail.


I should take a moment to think,

Before I re-rampage and raise more stink.


© Hemant Garg

river-nature photography-camera-photographer
From the Shutterbug himself
Hemant is a nature and wildlife lover whose pictures speak a thousand words. Born and raised in the capital city of New Delhi, he claims to be a serial procrastinator who loves to dabble in photography. Hemant also happens to carry his bald pate with much elan, while entertaining others with his humour and poetry that flows at the snap of a finger. When not engaged in his wilderness escapades, he can be found managing his own organisation; and all this while donning the role of a father and husband.
In Hemant’s words, “I appreciate good food, good conversations, good people, good deeds and good God.” 
Oh! Good-ness gracious me!! 😉
Scroll down to savour other forest denizens from Hemant’s forest escapade. All pictures have been captured by the author and his candid camera. 
Hornbill-Great Hornbill
Great Hornbill
Owl-Spotted Owlet on a Tree-Owl
Jungle Owlet
Monkeys-Rehsus Monkeys
Rehsus Macaque- A Rhesus monkey getting a spa treatment to clear the mites off her skin.


River Lapwing-Lapwing-River-Bird
A River Lapwing seems to be in a hurry to catch up with its naughty kid who is once again causing havoc.
Wagtail-White Browed Wagtail
A White Browed Wagtail
Bulbul-Himalayan Bulbul
A Himalayan Bulbul with the spiffiest mohawk of all.
Collared Falconet


Wild Boar-Boar
Pumba’s cousin, a Wild Boar


Mynah-Common Mynah
Lessons on how to look like a ragamuffin with a mohawk from this dude – Common Mynah
Common Kingfisher-Reflection in water-Kingfisher
Common Kingfisher – The games people play.


Shrike- Long Tailed Shrike
Long Tailed Shrike, known to hunt and then impale their prey by banging them against a pointy cactus, thorn, or barbed wire.
Elephant whispering sweet nothings to its mate and sand spraying as part of their ablutions.


Plum Headed Parakeet- Female


Barking Deer
Barking Deer
Kite-Black Winged
Black Winged Kite
Black Necked Storks and other waders
Forest-Forest path-light
So long! Farewell! Forests.
* Corbett – Corbett National Park,is a forested wildlife sanctuary in northern India’s Uttarakhand State. Rich in flora and fauna, it’s known for its Bengal tigers.  It is named after Jim Corbett, the well known naturalist and hunter turned conservationist.
* Haleem – A meat stew mostly made of beef in this context.
* Modi – Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.
* Ram ko Pyari – Precious to Lord Rama, the Hindu deity.
Sharing the calls of a Common Hawk Cuckoo, the Brain Fever Bird and the timeless classic, Fever by Elvis.
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Gratitude to everyone hosting. 🙂

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  2. Absolutely breath-taking! Thank you for showing us! Well, guess what today is!!! It would’ve been my mother’s 100th birthday and I did a Post on her. Hope you can stop by and see it some-time!!! She was a little happy person all the time. I miss her so much, and naturally she was the best mommy ever! I have a Post today all about her. I hope you can stop by and see it some time! Here’s the link:
    and this one is about my brother who passed away. I miss him so much, but I only had one brother and he was a lot of fun. (my brother), and my mama….. well, SILLY ME!!!!! You were there! hahaha Thanks for stopping by my dearest! You’re duh best!~ HUGS… and have a wonderful day! BIG HUGS
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  3. Now that I have found your wonderful corner of the universe, I am a happy person.

    Poetry and superb wildlife photography! What could be better?
    Hemant is obviously a very talented individual. Thanks to him for sharing his talents.

  4. Hello Natasha,
    What a wonderful post, filled with beautiful birds and critters. The photos are all amazing.
    I love elephants. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care , have a wonderful week! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  5. These photos are uniquely, deeply, beautiful. I love how he uses softness here and there in the photos and sprinkles humor though the poetry. “A serial procrastinator” and “devout hypocrite,” made me chuckle.

  6. Love the pic of the unbrella bird and the reflected kingfisher. Great poem – the bit about adding to the carbon footprint made me bite my lip guiltily…how lovely to see tigers in the wild. Thanks for joining in #Allseasons

  7. Love the poems and all the beautiful photos. I would love to go on this safari.
    Thanks to you and your guest host for this beautiful post.
    Take care, have a happy day and a great weekend.

  8. Natasha,

    Your guest blogger did a fabulous job with on holiday to the forest. The Bengal tiger is my favorite but the elephants pix are amazing. The closest I’ll eve to get these kind of animals is at our city zoo for which I haven’t been to since the early 90s. Shame on me! The poetic flow of his words worked purrfectly. Oh yes, let’s not forget the music – great song pick for the post title! Have a boogietastic day!!

  9. Thanks Natasha dear. Beautiful work. You’ve put together everything so nicely. What a wonderful post this one is, just as all the previous ones from the past. Hats off!!

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