Letters to my Children

Letters to my Children

“You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars.”

– E.E. Cummings

Letters to my Children


Thoughts Have a Way 

I was at the gym this morning, burning some calories enthusiastically on the cross trainer and gazing out of the window. The peppy work-out music nudged me to amp up my speed. As I pedalled enthusiastically, a thought swirled out of no-where, landing on the right side of my brain.

It proclaimed:

“Write a letter each, to your children.”

Great idea!!

I knew I would use my favourite, old fashioned way of writing letters on paper with my fountain pen.

But then another thought appeared out of nowhere,

” Those letters and notes tend to get lost these days, like other keepsakes.”

“So, why not write on your blog?!”

That was an interesting piece of advice, I believe, from my Inner Thought smith.

If I wrote the letters to my children on my blog, it would stay forever. Until, of course due to some unforeseen circumstances the CIA or RAW pulled my blog off the internet. The chances of which are more than a fraction of percent minimal. Phew!

Why Letters to My Children?

I also felt there was a reason this idea had floated into the aura of my being. The 14 year-old bubba is home from boarding school, for her summer holidays. We now have both the children at home with us, after long spells of not having them around together.

I feel smug and sublime. Sometimes, I wish I’d never sent the younger one to boarding school. We miss her so much. But it was a well-thought out decision and is holding her in good stead. The older, 24 year-old bubba who lives with us, has been busy with work that is occupying for 6 whole days of the week.

Therefore, I felt writing these letters to my children this summer would be like a summer cooler. One that helps satiate that unquenchable thirst to communicate with them, on the things we don’t get to say, or acknowledge on a regular basis.

I’ve written quite a few letters to the 14 year-old by snail mail (postal mail). All the while she has been at boarding school, for the last two years. But these letters to my daughters will be exclusive and will stay right here, even when I’m long gone.


Today’s Letter – Letters to my Children


Today’s letter is a lot more generic.

Addressed to both my wonderful children. The ones that follow, in the coming days will be addressed to them individually.


My Dear Roosh and Aarsh,

This one’s dedicated to the precious light that two of you ignite within my soul.

A light that glows with your carefree laughter, your uninhibited words, and those laced with wisdom. Your small, yet noticeable deeds of compassion. The unflinching support you lend us when the tides are tough; or even when the waters are steady and still.

Roosh, my child, you are like the Banyan tree – strong, reliable and steadfast. Can I forget these moments, however small or big they maybe?


Wasn’t it close to midnight, when I spilled over that glass of water by my bedside? And you promptly came in to check on me and then clean up. All this, while helping me salvage my books and journals. Or, of those times when I had to travel out on work or leisure, and you took the reins to manage our home with Papa.


And then there have been times, when you have taken care of it all by yourself, tending to the doggos and our house full of plants. It’s been a joy to return to a sparkling, spiffy home, just the way we had left it. Or, those treasured moments when you dispense free advice on how to live life, or stay afloat a shaky boat. Or, all the new Gen stuff you teach me, every other day; whether it is the nouns or pronouns!

You my child, are my walking and living encyclopedia. What would I do without you my sweet, Roosh Moosh mushroom!


Aarsh, you my girl are like the Flame of the Forest.

Your homecoming lights up our den. Your bedazzling presence adds radiance to our souls. Yet, you bloom and spread your fragrance quietly each day, much like the pristine Gardenia tree on our terrace.

Those silly giggles and gaggles that we share, while going about our day are more precious than you will ever know. My birding escapades begin to feel far more wholesome and complete with your sweet, gentle presence. Our secretly planned dates to bring home pet fish, or to  shop till we drop, are like a whiff of fresh air.


Your helping hands in giving Mishka and Laila a good weekly scrub. The late night cuddles and your comforting arms that keep wrapping around my neck, as we potter through the day. The cinnamon rolls and exquisite bakes that you painstakingly rustle uo. Each one of them and more, infect me with joy that is indescribable.


There are more letters to come, my sweet-sunshines, so watch out for this space. 

Or who knows, I’ll change my kind and they may be on paper!

Much love, hugs, kisses and blessings,

Mamma/ Momchie



One of my favourite Mamma songs by Alana Moriseette. <3


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19 thoughts on “Letters to my Children

  1. HELLO DEAREST FRIEND!!!! How is your vacation going? Are you back yet? All I know is these are some pretty fantastic photos you’ve been posting! I wish I was with you if only for one day! Now that I’m stuck at home especially. Ever since my last back surgery I’m stuck walking around with a walker, but on good days I can use a cane. My hubby & I go walking at our park which is right across the street. I will take some pictures one day & show you on a Wednesday probably. You are such a nice person I hope one day in heaven we will meet because I know you will be there! HUGS AND HAVE A GREAT TIME & BE SAFE. The world has gone crazy to say the least. I hope that President Donald Trump gets back in office. As far as I’m concerned he’s all for the U.S. & its people. The way things are going now it’s looking like we’re heading for War & that scares me to death. My poor babies. Oh did I tell you I’m a great gramma now? Yes, next week I’ll post his picture. My granddaughter had a little boy & named him Gino after daddy. He’s a good man too. Served in the Army for 4 yrs. God bless you & yours whole family dearest. Have a great day!

  2. Hi
    I visited your site. I can read your about & some blog post. You have good knowledge & experience. Nice you sharing you dreams.
    What a great post. I inspired. These are amazing letters written you. Your letters are heartwarming & inspiring. Great your child love. Such wonderful letter to your girls.

  3. As long as there are Mothers and Daughters such as this in our world, hope for the universe remains intact.

    Thank you for sharing such intimate thoughts and for inspiring some of us to get in touch with our children. Today.
    Wally Jones recently posted…Resurgence and TransitionMy Profile

  4. Dear Natasha, Thank you for the insights of the letters to your daughters. These girls sound like two amazing girls, just like their mom and dad, who guided them to be a good Soul
    Good choice of mewsic too ♪♫♪
    Oh and thank you for the shout out, it’s just that we still don’t get updates of your bloggie, but Granny thinks she knows why, so we’re working on that. We don’t want to miss a thing on your bloggie, as you’re inspire us so much and we love you, but that you already knew Double Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend to you from all of us
    Angel Binky, Stippie, Peachy and Granny recently posted…Who said it was wordless…My Profile

  5. Such wonderful letters to your beautiful girls

    I’m having a clear out at home and finding long forgotten letters I’ve kept for one reason or another, it’s amazing to reread these letters once more

    Our children grow so fast and I love the idea of writing them on your blog to stay forever xxx
    Dawn Hart recently posted…Some Good NewsMy Profile

  6. Dear Natasha, I love these kind of thoughts from ‘nowhere’, apparently! This nowhere is only from our inner spirit, no doubt!
    Beautiful thoughts, beautiful kids! They are blessed with you!
    Love, light and happiness to all of you! ❤️

    ps. I solved the entrance!

  7. Natasha,

    What a wonderful idea! The start of your letter series is beautiful. You have a lovely style pulling from the depths of your soul the love you have for each of your darlings. They will appreciate your fond words forever. Thank you for joining the 4M party. Have a boogietastic week, my dear!

  8. Okay, I’ve had my quota for today! I need to go take a hot shower & soak a bit in the tub. My back has been acting up because I’ve been sitting too long!!! So, I need to rest. Who luvs ya girlfriend???? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Have a great day! Miss ya! The below link is my new home for now… please make note & email is still the same. Have a great day! Luv ya! HUGS
    Marie Moody recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  9. So precious, so heartwarming…what a fabulous idea, dear Natasha! May they always be the light of your life. Blessings to your Roosh and Aarsh.
    Much love and hugs, dear friend. ❤️❤️

  10. What a fabulous post. What a great idea. Now your kids need to do letters to you. So precious.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. Love and hugs, my sweet friend. ♥
    Sandee recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

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