The Call of the Wind: #BarAThon

2006, Metro Manila, The Philippines   Typhoon Milenyo has struck the Philippines, bringing with it strong winds and rains. We recently relocated to Manila, and have never in the past witnessed the fury of a typhoon that lashes out with such vengeance. The call of the wind, that packs an average speed of 185 kilometres per hour, has … Continue reading The Call of the Wind: #BarAThon

Suns and Lovers: #BarAThon

The sun is setting in the far west; a massive, orange ball of wonder. The azure sky is transformed into a purplish hue, as the opal sunset paints the horizon into a magical marvel. The two lovers, oblivious to this spectacle, lie by the seaside; their bodies entwined in a passionate embrace. They have been there since … Continue reading Suns and Lovers: #BarAThon

Lord of Files: #BarAThon

  Yogesh is diligently typing on his desktop computer. He has to submit a proposal by 2 P.M. to his boss Dr. C. Singh. It is a proposal for the communication campaign on sterilisation. It's already ten past one, and he isn't even half way done. He has decided to skip his lunch, his favourite part … Continue reading Lord of Files: #BarAThon

War and Pieces: #BarAThon

Mrs. Pammi Chopra is our buxom, next door neighbour, with an extremely foul mouth. She, along with her meek husband, Mr. Chopra who has a tiny frame that surprisingly dons a handle bar moustache, their two over boisterous kids; live in the apartment across ours. Mrs. Chopra's favourite hobby it seems, is to pick up arguments … Continue reading War and Pieces: #BarAThon


Of Ice and Men #BarAThon

It's a bitterly cold winter morning in New Castle Upon Tyne, UK. The roads are snowed out by 10 inches. Elvis needs to get to work. His job as a newspaper boy entails waking up at 4 AM, picking up the newspapers from the dealer and dropping them at each doorstep before 6 AM, in … Continue reading Of Ice and Men #BarAThon


Life of Pie: #BarAThon

I sit pretty, on delicate bone china cutlery, surrounded by my companions that include delectable savouries like shepherd's pie, mushroom quiches, chicken pie, corned beef pie, pot pie, Cornish pasty. Then there are my brethren: sweet, mouth-watering wonders like pear pie, banoffee pie, lemon meringue pie, pumpkin pie, rhubarb pie, blueberry pie and the likes. I am the … Continue reading Life of Pie: #BarAThon


Fault in Our Stares : #BarAThon

Sanjana sits demurely, a royal blue, Banarsi silk saree draped around her head, in a ghunghat (veil). Last evening she took the saath phere (seven rounds around the sacred fire) with Suraj amidst the chants of Vedic mantras, to culminate their 5-year-old relationship into marriage. Both sides of the family, from the rural interiors of Uttar Pradesh had congregated to … Continue reading Fault in Our Stares : #BarAThon