Life is a box of…: #WOW #Blogadda #MondayMusing


This post was written for Blogadda’s weekend prompt “Life is a box of…” This happens to be my second WOW (winning) post two weeks in a row.     Life is a box….. of Puppies. Yes, a box of cuddly, cute, lovable puppies, that you want to keep holding in both your arms, as they …

Those Dark Days Before Sunrise: #WOW #Blogadda #MondayMusings


  This was my first entry for the BlogAdda prompt, “The Day Before Sunrise” and I won. I’m proud to be showing off the winner badge.     I have seen many a dark nights, tossing and turning in bed, as sleep would continue to elude me; till the wee hours of the morning. Those …