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The 5 Incredible Women in My Life

Celebrating My Women   Blessed are women like me who have women who have our backs come what may. In this dog eat dog world, where self-centeredness has replaced goodness, I have been blessed to have met many women who have been my anchors, teachers, guides, friends in distress, friends in fun times and without… Read More The 5 Incredible Women in My Life

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#ClickAndBlogAStory: Not Without Envy

 Envy is a word that conjures up images of extreme insecurity and partial jealousy to some extent. But in a more toxic way. Jealousy to me is subtle, short-lived and mostly frivolous but envy is strong, full of negative emotions that can induce one with a sense of resentment towards others accomplishments or goodness. The cruel… Read More #ClickAndBlogAStory: Not Without Envy

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#ClickAndBlogAStory: I Love You Without Knowing How, Or When…

#Clickandblogastory: #week 6 : love To me, Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet 17 is one such piece of extraordinary writing that defines love in a unique, wholesome, unabashed style. It flows with ease, setting the pace for words that render the reader’s heart aflame and thirsting for more. That to me is love. Distinct, simple, unique and not clicheˆd or over… Read More #ClickAndBlogAStory: I Love You Without Knowing How, Or When…

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#ClickAndBlogAStory: Put the Stress to Rest

#ClickAndBlogastory #week 5 #stress   Put the stress to rest I have been the kind of person who gets stressed in some situations and at the same time be calm as a cucumber around the most challenging ones. Over the years I have realised that getting stressed does not solve the problem. It just makes… Read More #ClickAndBlogAStory: Put the Stress to Rest

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#ClickAndBlogAStory: We

    #ClickAndBlogAStory #Week2  #Prompt #Journey #We When the road we are trudging gets tough, tedious and trite, Remember I am holding you your hand tight. Together we shall create light. Thanks http://sirimiri.in for this lovely prompt. I know what I wrote is clichéd, but it holds true. 🙂