Mystery Of the Flowers: #FridayFictioneers

      Story # 1:   Amanda returns from work, to her new home to see two pretty bouquets adorning the dining table. The dainty one reads, “To the worlds most gorgeous woman, love you more-Rohit” The note on bigger bouquet reads, “From your Secret Admirer” Amanda is flummoxed. Rohit walks in and kisses …

The Connection : #FridayFictioneers

      For Ron, it’s a challenge to make ends meet, so a personal phone is totally out of question. His girl friend, Anna lives in Johor Bharu, while he lives in Singapore. At 7, every day evening, Ron goes to the nearest MRT station to call her. A time they both look forward …

Rendezvous: #FridayFictioneers

      10:22 A.M.: Aamir sits at the wheel; brash and oozing confidence. Though in his late twenties, he sports a salt and pepper stubble. His crooked nose stands out amidst his Greek-God like jaw line.