How To Love Yourself in 2019: #GuestPost By Kiana Mason

  How to Love Yourself in 2019: By Kiana Mason   So many of us spend so much energy and time showing someone else that we love them. This is all done with good intentions, but why do we neglect ourselves in the process?   If we were as kind to ourselves as we are … Continue reading How To Love Yourself in 2019: #GuestPost By Kiana Mason

#FridayFotoFiction : Past Present

  PAST PRESENT The luminous sky powdered with tufts of grey, candy-floss clouds hover over the ancient mansion. The mansion and it's picturesque surroundings are now a tourist spot. Visitors here take idyllic boat rides and lovers serenade each other, in the verdant gardens. Some come to listen to the undying tale of love that came … Continue reading #FridayFotoFiction : Past Present

What’s Love Got To Do With It? #ThankfulThursdays

whats love got to do with it? It’s yet again that incredible time of the year when people don’t mind thriving on love and fresh air. It’s that time of the year when Archies and Hallmark greeting cards, flowers, and all things romantic are making their way into the stores, and people's hearts. Florists, gift … Continue reading What’s Love Got To Do With It? #ThankfulThursdays

Wordy Wednesday #1- Feb 2017 #BARWoWe : Love’s Epiphany

  This Week: Word Prompts Educate Ethereal Epiphany Extraordinary Basic guidelines: Use the prompt in your posts. Write a minimum of 100 words on the prompt. Visit others. That’s it 🙂 It was the first day of February, The month that portended love. The month when many hearts came together as one, and many were … Continue reading Wordy Wednesday #1- Feb 2017 #BARWoWe : Love’s Epiphany

#FridayFotoFiction : Unrequited

#FRIDAYfotofiction #week 10 UNREQUITED       The mist rolling tea gardens always transported Arpita to another world. A world, where there were no worries, just gaiety, playful abandon, enveloped in the love of Ma-Baba, Aboni Kaka and Junmoi Didi who managed the sprawling estate home with perfection. The gardens were a family heirloom, nurtured over decades. … Continue reading #FridayFotoFiction : Unrequited

Serendipitous Love: #BlogChatter #FridayReflections

This a serendipitous story. Probably one that fairy tales are made of. Once bitten, I was twice shy. In marriage and in love yes. This time my parents were being extra wary, and not treading into this territory after being part of my last debacle. They had left it to me to make my choices. I … Continue reading Serendipitous Love: #BlogChatter #FridayReflections

Wordy Wednesday# 4 – Tattered

  this week's picture prompt Wordy Wednesday 4 #barwowe Basic guidelines: Use the prompt in your posts. Write a minimum of 100 words on the prompt. Tattered   Jude lived in a well turned out home with his beautiful family of four. Life had been good to him. He had worked his way to provide … Continue reading Wordy Wednesday# 4 – Tattered

#ClickAndBlogAStory: We

    #ClickAndBlogAStory #Week2  #Prompt #Journey #We When the road we are trudging gets tough, tedious and trite, Remember I am holding you your hand tight. Together we shall create light. Thanks for this lovely prompt. I know what I wrote is clichéd, but it holds true. 🙂  


#Allaboutme #blogchallenge 9 loves My Human and Dog Families and Friends Sunshine on my shoulder on a toasty winter morning. Cycling on early, nippy autumn and spring mornings into the verdant green and becoming one with the rising sun. Weaving together a medley of words that make for a fascinating read. Catharsis to the soul. … Continue reading 10 DAY “YOU” CHALLENGE: 9 LOVES

So Long, Farewell, Adieu

The curtains are drawing close to 2016. It has been a year of profound learnings, huge upheavals, surprises that were wonderful and not so wonderful, new beginnings, new journeys; all foisted together into a bunch memories. I'm carrying forward all those things that made me stronger, better and left me with a positive after taste. … Continue reading So Long, Farewell, Adieu