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5 Ways I Beat the Blues: #MondayMusings #MondayMotivation

I was hoping I would be done and dusted with the challenges of the 2018. But who said 2019 would come with a guarantee card, of an easier life. I really wish I could write a more optimistic post, and not start the first line by ranting. But such is life at times. I’m not… Read More 5 Ways I Beat the Blues: #MondayMusings #MondayMotivation

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Reviving Our Art: #WordlessWednesday

“Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.” ― Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor and Park


Placid River: #WordlessWednesday

placid River This picture was shot on my iPhone camera, at the Dandeli sanctuary, Karnataka, India. The serene, River Kaali enveloped us in a surreal calm. All our worries, from our city life just vanished into the thin, fresh air. We sat there spell-bound, soaking in the bliss and silence of the “River Placid”. I’ve… Read More Placid River: #WordlessWednesday

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{G} is for Goblins, Gnomes and Gypsy Spirits: #AtoZChallenge

{G} is for Goblins, Gnomes and Gypsy Spirits In the narrow alleys of Delhi’s Sultanpur, you find a small, red, slightly flimsy iron door that leads to an enchanting getaway where goblins, gnomes and gypsy spirits frolic and play. The world beyond this tiny, red door is magical and is much like tumbling down the… Read More {G} is for Goblins, Gnomes and Gypsy Spirits: #AtoZChallenge


One with The Sky: #WordlessWednesday 60

ONE WITH THE SKY   This was taken last Sunday on a hike to the rugged, semi-bare; yet awe-inspiringly calm Aravalli forests. The placidness of the dusty path, a sole partridge running for cover, a splash of clouds wooing the azure sky, and two people close to my heart sharing some unique moments; left some… Read More One with The Sky: #WordlessWednesday 60

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Breaking Bad: #WriteBravely #WriteTribeProblogger #MondayMusings

“I’m going out with my friends this evening for the Jazz festival”, Mayra announced, nonchalantly. “But, Myra the doctors have asked you to rest it out for a while, before you can actually start going out. Else you’ll fall sick again and have to miss school.” “The doctors always over-dramatise the sickness and you believe… Read More Breaking Bad: #WriteBravely #WriteTribeProblogger #MondayMusings

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#ThankfulThursday: What I am Thankful For Not Having

There’s so much to be thankful for each day, and to start my day with gratitude, a smile on my face, and a spring on my feet is the sure shot winning mantra to a happy, positive, rewarding day. Like most people, I’m blessed to have so much. If I were to start counting my… Read More #ThankfulThursday: What I am Thankful For Not Having

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#ClickAndBlogAStory: Put the Stress to Rest

#ClickAndBlogastory #week 5 #stress   Put the stress to rest I have been the kind of person who gets stressed in some situations and at the same time be calm as a cucumber around the most challenging ones. Over the years I have realised that getting stressed does not solve the problem. It just makes… Read More #ClickAndBlogAStory: Put the Stress to Rest