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Let it be: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

“Let it be… Just be.”           The pandemic and the world crisis at large has been tough on all of us, yet like I’ve said before nature continues to flourish and it’s for us to flow with the tide or get swept away. On days you find yourself struggling to stay… Read More Let it be: #WordlessWednesday #WednesdayWisdom

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{Z} is for Zen Thoughts: #AtoZChallenge

{Z} is for Zen THOUGHTs Do you carry zen thoughts or zen people in your life? I am fortunate to be surrounded by quite a few zen beings. Isn’t that one-of-it’s kind blessing to have? Therefore, zen thoughts come blowing my way more often than not. Sometimes in the form of a statement here and… Read More {Z} is for Zen Thoughts: #AtoZChallenge