Strong & Silent: Cotton Story

Silence is golden and who knows it better than our four legged furry friends. It is fleetingly that they communicate their joy or displeasure by barking, growling or whining. This applies more so to my just turned 8, furry girl Cotton who is more often than not, very calm and reticent. The only time she … Continue reading Strong & Silent: Cotton Story


December 2, 2005 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abhishek is the kid brother I never had. As I rewind back to the muggy monsoon of 2004, memories of Abhishek and I sharing a raucous laugh on the dilemmas of life; ring true. It was one of those days when Abhishek had come home from his break. He was doing … Continue reading OBKEK

Let’s Ubuntu

September was serendipitous. I was taking my Buddhism Level 2 exam, which turned out to be a great leveller, actually. I learnt something innately profound and meaningful. It’s called “Boddhisatva Never Disparaging” which essentially means treating the entire humankind with respect irrespective of our difference. We sometimes get judgemental of people. And we let our … Continue reading Let’s Ubuntu

The Black Letter Day

  Sixteenth Day of December 2014 was supposed to be one of those pre-Christmas day weeks when most of us brace up for the arrival of Santa and his ilk. I spent the morning spring-cleaning. Tidied up my 6 year olds cupboard, and while fixing one of the lofts found two huge teddy bears tucked … Continue reading The Black Letter Day

Lost in Paradise

It was a crisp, sunny October morning in the fragrantly nippy, majestic Himalayan land of Binsar. The snow clad Nanda Devi peaks were sparkling like silver jewels, in all their glory as the morning sun washed down upon them. We were waking up to a languorous Diwali morning with some fragrant masala chai in the … Continue reading Lost in Paradise

Sally’s Apartment

Your character moves into a new apartment. On the surface, the place seemed ideal, but his/her first night there, your character discovers a terrible problem with the place that he/she didn't take into account... Sally’s move to County Hills was now proving to be long overdue. A pile of office work, her mother’s long drawn … Continue reading Sally’s Apartment