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Kitty and Pretty : Fiction

The starving kittens land up in the landlady’s home. We call them Kitty and Pretty. One of Pretty’s eye is gauged out; from being mauled by the local dogs. We help nurse them back to good health with a feast of Mackerels. Our vet visits regularly, to clean and dress Pretty’s wound. They live outdoors… Read More Kitty and Pretty : Fiction

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Uncle Bill’s Blue Truck : Friday Fictioneers | Friday Fiction

Uncle Bill’s Blue Truck   It’s a picture perfect day. The fragrant, spring breeze stretches out to caress the azure skies. The children are out armed with, Little Hearts and Ginger ale.

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Before I Die: WhatDoYouSee | Fiction

Before I Die Written as part of Sadje’s What Do You See? picture prompt.     They sit outdoors, huddled in crooked rows; The octogenarians and septuagenarians. They have aged gracefully; The bitter-sweet embrace of a life well lived. One foot closing up on the grave and one smugly here; Some holding on to dear, precious life,… Read More Before I Die: WhatDoYouSee | Fiction

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Wordle | Wordled: #WhatDoYouSee #Fiction

Wordle | Wordled For Sadje’s What Do You See? picture prompt.   “You’ve been Wordled,” guffaws Sam, as he and Nick stand in the alley exchanging their Wordle scores. “What the heck is “Wordled?” quips Antonio mounting off his two-wheeled Scooty. “Dude, it’s this 5-letter word game that has taken the internet by storm. It’s called… Read More Wordle | Wordled: #WhatDoYouSee #Fiction