Wordle | Wordled: #WhatDoYouSee #Fiction

Wordle | Wordled: #WhatDoYouSee #Fiction

Wordle | Wordled

For Sadje’s What Do You See? picture prompt.


“You’ve been Wordled,” guffaws Sam, as he and Nick stand in the alley exchanging their Wordle scores.

“What the heck is “Wordled?” quips Antonio mounting off his two-wheeled Scooty.

“Dude, it’s this 5-letter word game that has taken the internet by storm. It’s called Wordle. No marks for guessing that it was created by this fella called Josh Wardle!” explains Nick animatedly.

“And if that wasn’t enough, this Wardle guy created Wordle for his girlfriend, a word game fan; bang in the middle of this pandemic,” chips in Sam.

“Gosh! Doesn’t get more romantic than this, does it?” sighs Antonio.

“Or that’s how bored they were?”, chuckles Nick slyly.

Their raucous laughter resounds amidst the traffic sounds.

Credits: Jed Velligo @ Unsplash for the #WDYS photo prompt by Sadje


*The Wordle Aftermath*


“Jokes apart guys, I am completely addicted to Wordle,” says Sam.

“It’s slow paced, requires guessing just one 5-letter word, in six tries. Moreover, you wait until next day to play the next word. Easy-peasy Lemon and Shandy squeezy!!” giggles Sam.

“What’s more, as of now you don’t even need an online app to play the game. It is free on a website, and no sign-ups required!” continues Sam breezily.

“Dude, it’s addictive as hell. But I read today, NYT bought the rights to the game. Won’t be long before it becomes another paid app. But let’s make the most of it, while it’s got this home spun, handcrafted feel,” declares Nick.

“I spent almost an hour figuring “KNOLL”, while I parked aside that sales call. On most days I have it figured in 5 minutes. Thankfully, no Boss-man to keep an eye on me, with this WFH scenario!” says Nick smugly.

“LIGHT” yesterday just blew the living-daylights out of me,” proclaims Sam.

“I almost thought I wouldn’t have it figured. I never thought I could ever play word games, man. I’m used to playing others games well, as you two know!” winks Sam, while the others burst out laughing.

ADIEU guys! Wordle sounds SHARP and SHINY. I’m up for a SUPER LUCKY START,” announces Antonio as he takes off on his Scooty.

“Another one bites the dust,” chime Sam and Nick together.


Wordle - TM


This piece is dedicated to all my friends who are Wordle fans, and all you Wordle fans out there. Cheers! 🙂

For the uninitiated check out Wordle here.




38 thoughts on “Wordle | Wordled: #WhatDoYouSee #Fiction

  1. I’m sorry just wanted to say I loved your choice of “Another one bites the dust”! One of my favorite songs to listen to, dance to and sing along!!! Great choice honey… I pictured in my mind’s eye us dancing together til’ dawn to the King of rock… Freddie Mercury (Queen)!!! Such fun we would have for sure, right? Wow, can’t get it out of my head! hahahahaha Have a good night my dearest friend! BIG HUGS!!!
    Marie E Moody recently posted…I Have Moved!My Profile

    1. My favourite too, hun.
      Ha! Ha! That sounds like a super fun picture dancing the night away to Queen- my all time fav.

      How have you been? Good to see you back here. Been eons.

      Hugs <3

  2. GIRLFRIEND……… RUNNING TO GIVE YOU A BIG HUG!!!!! We haven’t talked in so long… how are you??? Fine I hope. I had a bad cold for a while, but I’m much better now, and back to boogie woogie! Every Monday I host Monday’s Music Moves me you know that, and that’s when we play for whatever theme is going on. It’s such fun! I’ve been hosting that for years. I was playing when this girl hosted it, and she decided to give up because not many people were playing. Well, mine goes up and down, but I love music so much I’ll never give it up. Come play with us sometime. If you enjoy music and dancing you’ll enjoy my “Monday’s Music Moves Me”! There’s a theme every other week, and the other week is just a freebie. Plus we have someone pick the theme and if you want to you can become one of us & boogie til’ dawn with songs of your own pickings! You can play whenever you want too, but only on Mondays of course. Love talking to you my love. Have a wonderful week! HUGS, Always thinking of you…. Be safe… be well… you and yours of course!!! HUGS, MARIE
    Marie E Moody recently posted…I Have Moved!My Profile

    1. Dear Marie,

      I did hop in the fun with the story prompt by Sadje.
      Sounds mighty good.

      Always a pleasure to see you here.

      Lots of love and hugs. Take care, stay healthy and be well.

  3. I just started playing Wordle this week beginning and absolutely love the game. The fact that we can play only one game per day makes it even more interesting to play.
    This story sounds like a page from someone’s life, Natasha.
    Vinitha recently posted…Fiction Monday – 83My Profile

    1. I know. I see how you are acing the scores Vinitha. It’s such a sweet, addictive game, and not an endless one at that.

      Yes, that was the intention. A few good friends bonding over Wordle. The way I have been off late with some of mine. 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by. Love <3

    1. Hi-five!! Dear Debbie. <3

      Yes, that's the idea. I just hope they keep it free and easy paced. Any tweaking around will kill the original thought behind this fun game.

    1. Hello Kathe,
      Good to see you here. Been a while.

      Honestly I played for almost 7 days without figuring how it works. It was all trial and error and then learnt some from friends on the way and a few new articles.
      But yes, it’s smart to get the rules in place before you get cracking. You will ace it better.

      Good luck and I hope you enjoy it as much as many of us and I do. 🙂

  4. Now I realized about that game. I did not know anything about it.
    Nice story, Natasha! And thank you for the audition! And for the new idea!
    Have a fabulous February!
    Hugs from Bucharest!

  5. Natasha,

    Is this a real game? If so, it just goes to show I’ve been living under a rock. 🙂 I’ve never been too good at word games. I think those who love to read do very well with them, though. And, since I’m not a literary lover my vocabulary is limited. I always say I need to do something about this but never do. *sigh* I’m too lazy. Maybe, I need to find a new approach to incorporating learning new words. I liked your story. Great spin off using this word prompt or photo. Hey you have music here, you should join the 4M dance floor with this post! Definitely link up to Wild Wednesdays when you get a chance if nothing else. 😉 Have a wonderfully Wild Wednesday! XO

    1. It’s good to live under a rock. It keeps things fairly simple. But I’m just glad so many of my friends are able to discover this charming little game now, through this post. 🙂

      In fact though I am a total word lover, I never thought I could play word games. Weird right?
      By the way, this is an ideal way to learn words and up your vocabulary too.

      What say you, sweety?

      Will link up to Wild Wednesday now. 🙂

      Love and cheer!

  6. lol, fun little story, or perhaps fun little Wordle fact sheet hidden in a story. I may have to give the online version a try (I avoid anything on my phone that might be addicting 😉 )

    1. Ha! Ha!
      Josh Wardle better include me in his 7 figure buy out with NYT in that case. :)))

      Do give it a go and tell me how you liked it, Trent.

      Have a great weekend.

    1. That’s wonderful, Cory.

      But I wish it had retained its old world charm and not be turned into an app.

      But who are we the comment on the modernisation and the vision NYT may have.

    1. I’m so glad you got to know of Wordle my dear Sandee.
      I bet you will love it.

      You have a blessed week and a wonderful begining to the new moon
      Happiness hugs

    1. Dear Reema
      Lovely to see you here. Been so long?
      Are you still blogging. Will stop by real soon.

      I so hear you on how we look forward to it each day.

  7. Now I hear about “wordle”. 🙂 I know very few or no applications of any kind.
    Good luck with the game!
    Have a nice day, dear Natasha! <3 <3
    Big hugs! <3

    1. Dear dear Di

      As always great to have you here.

      It’s not an app yet but will be one soon I am assuming.

      I totally love it. Since I couldn’t play in the day as I was writing I was up till midnight wrapping yesterday’s!! Lol!!!

      That’s my love for Wordle.

      You have a blessed new moon and a wondrous rest of the week, hun.

      Rainbow hugs

  8. Great little tale and interesting aftermath!

    I’m a Wordle addict! It’s the first thing I do every morning to get the ol’ brain working. I got this morning’s on the 5th row! Recently it was all over the UK news media because they dared to use an American spelling of a word. I thought there were going to be riots!

    There’s a good app version called Slang Game which I dip into when I’m bored!
    Keith’s Ramblings recently posted…Hahahahaha!My Profile

    1. That’s fabulous, Keith!!
      That’s so funny, using the American word. I’m assuming it was – Knoll, was it?

      Last night I got around to Wordle fairly late and i had a tough time cracking it. I guess the sooner we get to it the better. The brain is less cluttered.

      My friend introduced me to Word Feud, but I am still to sign in. Just brings up the online time drastically.
      Wish to find some offline versions, maybe I’ll start with crosswords in the newspaper,
      What do you think?

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