Kitty and Pretty : Fiction

Kitty and Pretty : Fiction

The starving kittens land up in the landlady’s home. We call them Kitty and Pretty.

One of Pretty’s eye is gauged out; from being mauled by the local dogs. We help nurse them back to good health with a feast of Mackerels. Our vet visits regularly, to clean and dress Pretty’s wound.

They live outdoors and respond to our whistles!

Mrs. Ramos doesn’t like cats and orders them out. Pretty is whisked away in a gunny bag to Cuenca.

Kitty has disappeared.


I wake up to a gentle meowing.

Kitty has found her safety net amidst Victor Hugo, Yuval Noah Harari and others.


Bookshelf- Books and Kitten
Photo Credits: Dale Rogerson





Danke to our fabulous hostess with the mostest, Rochelle for the Friday Fictioneers and to Dale for the lovely picture prompt.

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Thanks to Keith for the Librarian Froggie would-a-wooing-go and pretty kitty. 🙂
Art work by my dear friend, Keith

29 thoughts on “Kitty and Pretty : Fiction

  1. The resilience and bond between the kittens, Kitty and Pretty, amidst their challenges highlight the profound impact of compassion and care on animals in distress. Their story, from near tragedy to finding solace among books, reminds us of the unexpected ways in which animals enrich our lives and homes, even in the face of adversity.
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  2. I love, love, LOVE your haircut. I’m getting better my dear friend! Oh, how I’ve missed you so very much and our little talks. I try to send you a note here and there when I can. How are you doing? You look wonderful my dear friend, and your posts are so accurate and beautiful. I’ve missed you very much. Maroon V is a great group, and the song you’ve chosen is awesome, don’t you think so? Such beautiful pictures thank you for sharing! Oh, how I have missed you. May I ask you how old you are? I want to know so I know whether to adopt you or just be friends! ~hehehe~ Anyway I must go watch my old westerns. I found a channel that has old shows I use to watch when I was a little girl and watched them with my mother. I’ve been missing her so much lately… not sure why, but I have. My daughter has been staying overnight one night every other week and I’m loving it. She has even taken over fixing my pills too. She’s the eldest of five and such a sweetie! Her name is Patricia and we call her Tricia. My youngest daughter is getting married in May can hardly wait. The young man she’s marrying is a sweetie too. They will be very happy together. I’ll send you some pics if you like when I get them. Well, you take care of you and yours and I cannot wait to hear from you again and more pictures of course. God bless, and lots of hugs and more hugs. I shall pray you and yours stay very healthy! HUGS! Kitty’s are oh so cute!!!
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  3. How sweet and cute kitty! I enjoy so much when I see how they look for small places, like boxes or book shelves! Adorable images!
    Thank you, dear Natasha for the smile!
    I wish you a beautiful week ahead and a lot of inspiration!
    Cheers! Love and light!

  4. I’m glad to know that Pretty and Kitty have a happy home life without fear or worries that a mean ole landlord is out to get ’em. Please feel free to link your post to the 4M dance party! 😉 Have a boogietastic week, my dear!

  5. Dear Natasha,

    Kitty knows where t hide. 😉 Nothing like getting lost in a good book or two. 😉 Sweet.



  6. How sweet little cat! <3 She knows that books can be a "wall" against evil, a shelter, a place of rest. 🙂

    I had a cat (a he) who liked between the books. Sometimes, with his claws, he would throw a book off the shelf, then go down and sit on it. 🙂

    I wish you serene days, dear Natasha! <3
    Hugs and kisses! <3

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