Wanderlust Chronicles II | Earth Day Every day

Wanderlust Chronicles II | Earth Day Every day

“Honouring this beautiful, blue planet that dispenses with open arms; the air we breath, the water we are made of, the fire that blazes in our bellies, and the guardians of this planet that watch over us.”

Natasha Musing

I’m back with Wanderlust Chronicles II, the sequel to the much promised post from December 2023. I know, I know; this has taken forever (4 months to be precise) but I’m sticking to this commitment, as promised in my WOTY post.

This narrative takes you back to trips I made from April -December 2023. Most of the images here are a tribute, befitting if I may say so, to Gaia or Mother Earth and celebrates the vastness and expansiveness she unconditionally offers. This, not just because we recently celebrated Earth day, but because I believe in celebrating the beauty of this planet every single, moment and day.

We left you at April 2023 in the Wanderlust Chronicles I, therefore sharing from May 2023 onwards.




hand-yellow dragon fly
I’d returned in April from the forests, armed with my learnings of Telepathic interspecies communication. This image was from a trip to Lucknow, our home town, where I once again utilised my skills to communicate with a dragon fly. The first time I realised I could speak to other species was when I spoke a dragon fly in Kashmir, back in 2021. This picture features my younger one’s hand, as she also applied Mommies newly minted skills. 🙂


A tree outside the same park where we had conversations and chai with the dragonfly. It says in Hindi:  Thought for Today, “Welcome all experiences. Who knows which experience will change your life forever.”       



Home terrace -Sky-Palm trees
A paint-brushed, glorious morning sky from our terrace at Lucknow.


Celebrating the sky with Yoga and Mishka.



Sunset-2 birds-trees-sun
We returned home to a serene sunset and an ochre brushed sky such as this. From our 15th floor.


June was a challenging month, but not the kind of challenges that can’t be conquered. Being close to nature helped alleviate a whole lot of stuff.


A flourishing cactus at the Sahyadari hills, on my few weeks at the Krishnamurthi Foundation of India, the younger one’s then boarding school.



The meandering walks by the hill-top of Bheema river was solace to the soul and healing for one’s being.


This beautiful butterfly shaped plant in the rain drenched Sahyadari hills, was such a sight to behold.



Gulmohar-purple flowers -meadow
This meadow strewn with gulmohar flowers and  purple flowers that trailed around a trellis, made for a superemely meditative morning.




road-car-sheep-sheep herder
On a road trip from KFI to Bheema river, downhill.


A gorgeous snail slithers on the rocky hillside.


Bhrama Kamal-Queen of the Night
Watching a Bhrama Kamal bloom, in the KFI school premises was my high point from July and my life in general. I’d wanted to witness this miracle forever. You ask and the universe gives. This one’s from a friend’s balcony in Banglore. To read more about this divine flower, click here



Met Mr Melt-Your-Heart-Eyes, that literally bumped my heart to my shoulders; enroute Bheema river, outside a Shiva temple. If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is!


A road trip from Sahyadari hills to the Sai Baba temple in Shirdi, was another earthly wish that came true in 2023. I had manifested this two decades ago with a dear friend. And guess what, we made this happen. 


White clouds-road-hills-car view
Even the skies were bestowing their blessings upon us as we drove through these alluring roads. The candy floss clouds it seemed wanted to woe and entice us all the way.


mushrooms- feet with blue nail paint
Tiny mushrooms making their presence felt, when I returned from Shirdi to the KFI school. Life’s immense blessings.


Book-pink flowers-quote
Home coming to this blessed quote that I savoured with my morning cuppa. This is Young Pueblo’s book Lighter.




chakras-yellow wall-plants
In August we returned to the 15 year-old’s school again for her grade’s incredible theater performance. Chanced upon this at a serene, vegan cafe in Pune, before we headed for Sahyadari. It depicts and encompasses all the sounds, symbols and feelings associated with the 7 chakras, in our body.


acrylic painting-sunflower
After many, many decades dabbled in water colours and made this painting at the Sahydari school art room.


blue bottle-flowers-painting
August was about experementing with the brush. Painted another piece inspired by the younger one’s art project. Sweet reminder: get back to making art!



black Butterfly-butterfly
This beauty landed up at our Lucknow home, when we went visiting to look up Dad and celebrate my nephews’s betrothal. Wanderlust indeed. 


Bee Eater-Blue Tailed
A Blue- Tailed Bee Eater from our birding walks.


European Starling-Starling
Common Starlings or European Starlings having a field day. Photo credits: Lokhit Rajan



open air-Hair salon-man getting haircut
A street side hair salon in Bombay, As local as it can get. This was a lovely trip to the Maximum city.


apartment-living room
My lovely Airbnb accommodation hosted by Akram and Ankita at Versova Bombay, facing the majestic Arabian Sea.


cat-plant-white cat
My bestie’s adorable cat, in Bombay.


tree-tree huger-me
My favourite thing to do. Hugging and talking to trees, after a super enriching nature walk that I wrote about here.



I now realise that Wanderlust Chronicles II will become way longer than I had intended it to be. That too, if I go on to include the last two months of the 2023. Primarily because November-December where about exploring the wilderness. There are quite a few images and stories which I don’t wish to bury under a flurry of images.

I therefore hope you will wait for next week, for me to unfurl them. No I won’t postpone posting any more. 🙂 I need to be back to my blogging; to reclaim my own self, and this little scared space I so love, including all my friends in this virtual world.


Wishing you a blessed, restful, rest of the week.

See you sooner, than soonest.

Love, light, laughter galore. 


Natasha ♥


*Feature image: Common Moorhen by the 15 year-old, from our upcoming chronicles.


Have always found Enya’s music soothing and healing, including the one’s she sings in Aramaic, Jesus Christ’s language. Therefore sharing this album. After all the earth and we all need much healing and good vibes. 

21 thoughts on “Wanderlust Chronicles II | Earth Day Every day

  1. Natasha, your wanderlust chronicles are a breath of fresh air! Each photo and story is a beautiful reminder of the magic and beauty of our planet. I love your connection with nature – from communicating with dragonflies to witnessing the blooming of a Bhrama Kamal flower. Your artistic talent is incredible, especially your paintings inspired by the chakras. It’s clear that nature fuels your creativity. Thank you for sharing these moments with us, Natasha. Your commitment to honoring the Earth every single day is inspiring.

    Hugs and blessings

  2. It’s a priceless gift to be able to enjoy nature and I’ve never thought of documenting one year (month by month) in pictures. Time flies so quickly that one has to look back just to realize what did happen and its value. Thank you for introducing us to the Bhrama Kamal, the queen flower that blooms for one day. I’m a little surprised to see European Starlings – as you may know they are not native to my United States but were introduced by someone who had the bright (not) idea of introducing all the birds mentioned in Shakespeare’s works to the U.S. They have thrived here. Enya’s music is so relaxing and I was so happy that my favorite, Orinoco Flow, was included.

  3. Thrice.
    (I just like the sound of the word.)
    It is also the number of times I reviewed this latest missive from your soul.
    Once – To savor the words.
    Twice – To relish in the rich images.
    Thrice – To combine words, images and thoughts for a synergistic result.
    Thank you for this soothing summary of your year (almost). We look forward to consuming all you wish to add to the buffet.

    (It seems my response to your last post, Chronicles I, slipped into the ether while I wasn’t looking. I’m quite certain it was very eloquent and most likely the best reply ever written by anyone at any time in history. Or, perhaps I forgot to actually post it. I did, however, enjoy your return to the blogosphere.)
    Wally Jones recently posted…Local ColorMy Profile

  4. Dear Natasha, we don’t mind that your post is long, we never get enough of your Wanderlust Chronicles Love the picture where you embrace the tree, it says all of your Oneness with Nature. Great paintings too. You’re so talented. Now, have you ever talked to a mousie…we do that effurry day, but they don’t listen…Granny says, it’s because of us 😉 Anyways…Thanks for being such an inspiration and for being YOU Double Pawkisses from us for a Happy Time ahead :)♥♥♥
    Angel Binky, Stippie, Peachy and Granny recently posted…Effurrybody was Kung Fu FightingMy Profile

  5. Hello
    Sorry I am late visiting and commenting.
    Beautiful nature photos.
    Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post.
    Take care, enjoy your day and have a great week ahead.

  6. I adore Enya and it has my favourite piece from LOTR sung in the fairy language. You had an amazing journey and dragonflies and butterflies mean joy in life in native meanings. Have you ever read Ted Andrews’ book about native teachings? It’s wonderful. Love the flowers and your experiences.

    1. Would love to read Ted Andrew’s Birgit. Thanks for the recco.
      Lovely thoughts about butterflies and dragon flies. I love Lori Morrison’s – A Shaman’s Guide to Spirit Animals too, must read.

  7. Thanks for continuing to summarize the events that took place in your life last year for us. Your talent behind a camera lens is always captured so beautifully and I love that you’re dabbling with painting. Creative endeavors feeds the mind and body so well. It’s a wonderful release of energy that does so much good. Your music was a perfect way to end your post. Enya is an excellent choice! Have a boogietastic week, Natasha! xo

  8. Hello Natasha,
    thank you very much for your visit and your comment on my blog. Thanks also for pointing out Ken Schneider’s Facebook account. I really hope he’s doing well. I enjoyed reading your post.
    Kind regards – Elke / Nature Thursday (Der Naturdonnerstag)
    Elke Heinze recently posted…Angepasste WeisheitenMy Profile

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