Focussed & Flourishing – Word of the Year 2024

Focussed & Flourishing – Word of the Year 2024

Focussed and Flourishing – My Word of the Year


Back in my cubby haven after almost 3 months. Boy! Does it feel good! ♥

I’m quarter late to the WOTY 2024 party. Yet, I believe, “better late than never.”

A calendar is also a social construct that we create for ourselves, but what the heck, it does helps us stay focussed.

Speaking of Focussed, that’s my WOTY 2024 and  Flourishing also chose to tag along. After all, when we focus our attentions where we need to, we can’t help but flourish, right?


Credits: Unknown


Focussed and Flourishing in 2024


In the past three months, I have been making efforts to practise (as much as I authentically can), unlearn and delve into a phrase that landed into my being, during the Yule season.

Ironically, even though my WOTY 2024 is Focussed, this is the longest I’ve taken to write and publish a post. Lol! I almost gave up on it, and then I didn’t!

Well, giving up never existed in my scheme of things. 

Before I get started on what my WOTY will translate to, I’d like to share how January-February 2024 panned out to be just the opposite of Focussed. If it hadn’t been so much about “unfocussing”; I wouldn’t be where I am in March.

I’m WIP (work in Progress), on my way to walking the ropes of making the best possible efforts to turn Focussed and Flourishing into my sweet reality.

Leanne’s of Cresting the Hill writes in one of her blog posts: “You’ll realise that you need the tough parts to smooth your edges and to become wiser and more compassionate.”

The un-focussing has actually turned into building blocks that have helped me square back my attention to Focus, so I can Flourish.



Discovering my WOTY

Focus on Focussed

The DH and I were on a vacation in the woods, bidding 2023 a wholesome, nature infused goodbye. For all reasons synchronous, Focus kept showing up.

Whether it was a book I was reading, a random social media message, our conversations, or just things I said; ended up bringing “focus” to the fore. It’s uncanny how it gently kept slipping into the aura of my being, unabashedly; without making too much noise. That’s how the universe works – silently.

On our vacation in the forests our attention was perpetually focussed on alarm calls, track marks, spotting various species of birds that flinted by and keeping an eye on the tiger. Clearly, the birds and all the wildlife taught us the importance of focussing our vision, while patiently waiting for nature to unfurl what was meant to show up.


That Road Trip

As we left the forests after a quick, early morning breakfast, to drive uphill into the mountains, we lost our way and went way too many miles in the opposite direction. That’s when Focus once again came handy. Some presence of mind, and I guided the DH back. That’s what we women are meant to do. ;-).

As we drove into the meandering mountain roads, the sun sank into the horizon. We were led into narrow, steep paths, plunged in pitch darkness and with no internet connection to boot. That’s when realisation dawned how we dependent we are on Google maps, and a lesson to keep a physical map handy!

Our only wish at that point of time was, for us to reach on time to enjoy the perks of a hot meal. We had no snack on us, and there was nothing on the way that would sustain us. We reached our destination, way past 8:00 PM. But not without the DH’s focussed driving, my asking the universe to manifest a safe ride that would get us to our destination on time, with a few kind Samaritans helping us find the way. Thank you universe, dear samaritans, and thank you to us. 🙂


It was also uncanny, how on a day before New Year’s Day I happened to read Balaka’s blog (I was offline, most of the vacation, and being in limited network zones helped with the tech detox). Lo! Behold, I discovered she had a similar WOTY- Focus that you can read here! It’s like the universe was conspiring to constantly nudge me towards mine.

Abundantly Flourishing

There was yet another word that deemed fit to be part of my WOTY 2024 because it  kept popping up time and again in the books I read, the words that stood out in a podcast, or someone randomly saying it out loud. The word was actually abundance which for me translated to Flourishing. After all when we flourish and prosper, we become abundant.


What you Focus on Flourishes

Here’s what it means to me, to be Focussed and Flourishing:

1. Following Patterns, Routines and Rhythms –  I strive to be a pattern follower, and at the same time love the randomness of life, and flowing  with where my day takes me. It’s a necessary part of living life in flow. Flow also means adhering to our routines, whether it is fitness, work, or play. It gives our boat the sails and direction. I have seen how well I flourish, when I focus and stay aligned to a rhythm – both the circadian and life’s.


2. Completion – Finish what I start.  I have been mostly doing that in life, yet I realised since this blog is a passion and hobby; there are a few sequels, I need to write of my earlier posts. Not just for my readers, but also myself. To give me that sense of completing the circle. This applies to a few other things too. 

3. Relationships – Invest more time to create valuable, quality pockets to nurture relationships which include one with myself, mi familia, my furry companions and my close friends. When we have a healthy relationship with ourselves, it translates to a fulfilling one with those who matter and add value to our lives.

4. Career Path – Channel my inner Goddess into my passion for wildlife, conservation, sustainability and Interspecies communication. This includes my humbles alliance with different species. We now call it Nature’s Voice, and here’s the link to the page.

I intend to continue focussing on doing the best I can, to make a difference in this area of my calling, and to the planet at large.

5. To be –  What I was born to be: a  Human Being not Human Doing. In this day and age of hustle and go, I intend to focus on going with the slow, one day at a time.  I am striving hard to focus and flourish with the being. 

6. Health, Wellness and Fitness  – To be consistently focussed on my health and wellness goals.  Including working on my overall well being – physical, mental and emotional. This translates to eating nourishing foods, consistent workouts- yoga, strength training, cycling and meditation for the mind and soul. 

7. Choosing Compassion, Kindness and Peace- Attract only those people who are focussed in making loving kindness (metta) and mudita (joy at other people’s success) their goal. Dropping judgements of any kind. Also to continue doing my bit for the homeless community animals, rescued wildlife, and the lesser privileged. 

“It is not for me to judge another man’s life. I must judge, I must choose, I must spurn, purely for myself. For myself, alone.”
Herman Hesse, Siddhartha

8. Attracting Abundance – Honouring the abundance that comes my way. Just the way I enjoy the process of giving, and doing for others, I wish to be appreciate and experience the valuable joy of receiving, minus any awkwardness. Most of us are conditioned to be just givers, and we forget that it’s pertinent to also receive with open arms and grace.

9. Balance – At 51, all I wish for is peace, simplicity, joy and equanimity of body, mind and soul. This also entails staying minimal and true to my pledge to do my bit for this blue planet, whether its is through my lifestyle of conserving the resources of this planet, or minimising my carbon foot print and living sustainably. All this, while making a difference to nature and wildlife at large, in a sustained manner.

10. Gratitude – I choose to focus and continue to be in a state of gratitude, for that which is. As we focus on gratitude, the gifts of goodness and abundance multiply manifold.

While, I walk this path of Focussed and Flourishing this quote by Leo Babuta encapsulates it all wonderfully:

“Instead of focusing on how much you can accomplish, focus on how much you absolutely love what you’re doing.”


Artist: Unknown (please message to credit)


Do you have a Word of the Year too?

If yes, how has it been for you so far?

Would love to hear from you, and tell me what you think of my WOTY 2024. 


Love, light and laughter galore.♥♥




Here are my WOTY from years gone by:

2023: Kindness 

2022: Balanced Flow

2021: Aligned

2020: Self Love

2019: Breathe

2018: Nurture

Since it’s Full Moon today, and Anoushka Shankar is an artist par excellence. 



25 thoughts on “Focussed & Flourishing – Word of the Year 2024

  1. Natasha, your Word of the Year for 2024 – Focused and Flourishing – is inspiring! Your post beautifully reflects your journey and intentions for the year ahead.
    I resonated with your experiences of finding focus amidst distractions, especially during your vacation in the woods. Your commitment to following patterns, completing tasks, and nurturing relationships is admirable.
    Thank you for sharing your journey and your WOTY with us. It’s a reminder to stay focused on what truly matters and embrace the beauty of flourishing in every aspect of our lives.
    Sending you love and light as you continue on your path of Focused and Flourishing! ♥️
    veronica lee recently posted…Gallimaufry#124My Profile

  2. It’s so good to see you back with us again, Natasha, here in your second home!
    What I just read got me thinking about what I should be striving for and concentrating on. No, I don’t have a WOTY, although something is beginning to tell me I should!
    Keith’s Ramblings recently posted…Pics!My Profile

  3. I loved your WOTY 2024. As you rightly said, it is better late than never. Your breezy writing style with the pictures and music made it a wholesome piece to read n reflect.

    Focus is the new trending word that is a reminder to human mind every time we unfocus due to several distractions. I equally loved flourishing as WOTY, as a very energising word.

    Overall, wishing you a focussed, flourishing year ahead and waiting to read your next blog. Great going , Natasha.

  4. I am so happy to finally read your post. As you said, better late than never. WOTY helps me come back whenever I get distracted. Almost like coming back to the breath during meditation. It is not that I stayed focused in last three months. However, whenever I got distracted, the word gently nudged me back to stay focused. I loved reading the “pattern” part. It is a lovely piece of writing. Keep writing sweetheart. Also, I would be glad if you could join our monthly gratitude blog hop called “glimmers and grace”

  5. Happy to see you joined our Music Moves Me this week, Natasha. Being a child of the 60’s, when sitar music made its way into various rock groups here in the United States, I enjoyed listening to the music of one of Ravi Shankar’s daughters. I gave up words of the year several years ago, but I try to practice gratitude every evening before I go to bed, but I don’t always. We all have so much to be grateful for.

    1. That’s lovely to know, dear Alana. Gratitude even during the course of the day is all we need to do. Like you said we have so much to be grateful for. 🙂

  6. Natasha,

    So happy you’re back. Your WOTY pairing is perfect! You’re so right about keeping gratitude upfront in one’s life. It’s easy to take for granted everything which is quite a tragedy. I love your photos accompanying this post, especially the sunset – just gorgeous! I I hope you flourish on your focused path throughout 2024, May you be blessed and bless others with your kindness, dear friend! xo
    CAAC recently posted…Misheard Song LyricsMy Profile

    1. What a blessed WOTY, my dearmost Gran, angel Binky, Stippie and Peachy.

      So chuffed to hear that you felt serene reading this post. Looking forward to learning and growing with this WOTY.

      Billion pawkisses and big pawsome hugs back at all of you. Love ya. ♥️

  7. Welcome back, Natasha! NIce to see a lovely post from you again. 🙂 You’ve obviously got your life together well. Focused and thoughtful! I love sitar music! Is that Ravi Shankar’s daughter?

    1. Thank you my dear dear Sandee. I missed you all so much and it’s so good to be back and to lap up all the love you all shower me with.
      Big hugs and kisses sweet one.

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