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Hugs and Kisses: #Fiction #FFAW

hugs and kisses It’s a balmy July afternoon. The fever refuses to abate. Ten-year-old Kate has no other choice, but to play Tic-tac-toe, all by herself. After all Mommy is busy finishing her blog post for the day. Lyka and Leah, the furry girls are grabbing their afternoon snooze and Watson, her twin brother is… Read More Hugs and Kisses: #Fiction #FFAW

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Buddies in Arms: #Fiction

Buddies in Arms Carla and Susan are kindergarten buddies. Now in their mid- sixties, nothing has changed between them. Not even their penchant for taking long walks, come rain or shine. Carla with her umbrella, Susan in her sun hat; just the way they had been as two gangly teenagers.