Look Through My Window: #WordlessWednesday #GuestPost #Blogiversary

  #wordlessWednesday: Robert Goldstein   Look Through My Window:  Robert M. Goldstein   Soo-Been Lee - Wieniawski - Variations on an Original Theme Op 15   @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Rob Goldstein is a writer and photographer from San Francisco. He calls his blog Art by Rob Goldstein but he believes he can just as easily call it life … Continue reading Look Through My Window: #WordlessWednesday #GuestPost #Blogiversary


Of Ice and Men #BarAThon

It's a bitterly cold winter morning in New Castle Upon Tyne, UK. The roads are snowed out by 10 inches. Elvis needs to get to work. His job as a newspaper boy entails waking up at 4 AM, picking up the newspapers from the dealer and dropping them at each doorstep before 6 AM, in … Continue reading Of Ice and Men #BarAThon