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#FridayFotoFiction #13: Heir


#Fridayfotofiction: week #13 – heir


The peals of laughter echo through the baronial walls, the fragrance of roasted Littis wafts from the courtyard, Maa serves Baba and Dadi supper; her pallu securely draped over her head, Veeru and I lie on the straw, gazing at the billion stars; all these flashes of memories come revisiting me as I stand gazing at the derelict remains of Baba’s Haveli.

I have dreams of reviving the Haveli, by starting a school here. Dreams that will give the village children wings. But Maya has no inclination of backing me. She loves the city. Some dreams just have to crash mid-flight.

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16 thoughts on “#FridayFotoFiction #13: Heir

  1. Now, what are the dreams that are about to crash mid-flight? The ones about the school or the ones about a long life with Maya? There’s a lot to ponder here. Tight writing, Natasha. Welcome to #WordSante. BTW, your link is not working from the linkup. I’ll try to fix it up.

    1. Thank you so much Rohan. Yes, true that, one must try follow through ones dreams and callings. Though that might be easier said than done. But when done it gives life a whole new perspective.

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