#ThursdayTreeLove: Standing Tall, Arm in Arm

#ThursdayTreeLove: Standing Tall, Arm in Arm

It’s balmy sunset at Thalassa, the Greek restaurant that lies ensconced on top of a cliff, at the Vagator beach in Goa.

As the sun peers through the cloudy sky; the wisps of cobalt yellow rays or are they pixie dust, tumble into the evening sea that placidly shimmers in a magical glory.

The twin coconut trees, though a distance apart,  sway arm in arm as they behold the spectacular sight. Together they stand steadfast, each others pillar of strength that they are.

I take sips of my refreshing watermelon juice and stop short to capture this enthralling performance that only nature can present to us; one unique from the other, every single day.

Thursday-tree-love-goa-coconut tree

Linking up with another nature lover Parul’s prompt for #ThursdayTreeLove. 

15 thoughts on “#ThursdayTreeLove: Standing Tall, Arm in Arm

  1. I love that photo – the two trees and that sun and sand in the background. You summed it so well with those words.
    Thank you for linking with me, Natasha. Make me very happy!

    1. Oh Kim the photo is right there. Couldn’t you see it?
      Yeah this view was a bit like Santorini, Greece though haven’t been there but a bit similar.

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