Terminal? : #WriteBravely #WriteTribeProBlogger #MondayMusings

Terminal? : #WriteBravely #WriteTribeProBlogger #MondayMusings

“She has a terminal illness which is in the last stages.” The earth shattering news was broken to us with much aplomb by our family doctor.

At that very moment I felt as though shards of glasses had pierced through my tough exterior, bruising me beyond repair. I badly wanted to rewind back to the days when she was a healthy, hale and hearty woman of steel; ready to take on the world with her enchanting smile and spirited attitude. She now looked frail and fragile, like she never had.

I hugged my older child and broke down. We embraced each other tight, wiping the tears, offering gentle words of consolation. Though the ground under our feet seemed to be slipping away, we chose to calm ourselves and hold fort. After all we were the ones who needed to hang in there for her sake and not give up. “Life is known to send miracles your way, all the time. Only if you notice”; so I believe. And there was no way that another miracle would not happen. We knew our strength, our prayers, our reassuring words and most of all our presence by her side, could turn the impossible to possible.

She battled her illness like a Lioness, and we fought alongside tooth and nail, like her warriors; never ever giving up hope. When she wanted to give up the fight, we pushed and prodded her to keep at it. And she did with utter confidence, poise and invincible spirit, much to everyone’s astonishment.


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Credits: Pris Pritam on Unsplash


It’s been over four years since that fateful day with our doctor. The fight goes on, every single day. She embraces the pain sometimes with agony, sometimes with nonchalance. But she continues to make path-breaking strides each day, proving every single time that challenges are life’s way of telling us that we are stronger than we know.

Salute your valiant spirit, dearmost Maa.



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32 thoughts on “Terminal? : #WriteBravely #WriteTribeProBlogger #MondayMusings

  1. @#$% cancer (and other terminal illnesses). I know how hard it is to watch your mother struggle with this; I have been both the daughter and the mother. I think I’m happier being the mother, but not with causing my daughter that kind of fear, worry, and dread.

    There is no “role reversal.” She’s still your mother; you are still her daughter. Just love her. And let her love you. 🙂 Laugh when you’re able, and grow happy memories at every turn. I love Shirley’s story of outliving her prognosis by 19+ years and counting. For me, it’s 6. I intend to live to my mid-nineties, and reserve the right to extend that when I get closer to it.

  2. My heart goes out to you and your family. Words fail me. There is so much in my heart that I want to spill out, but the words refuse to form. so I’ll just send you and your mom lots of love and hugs.

  3. All the best in your journey. It takes a lot to face times like these. My mother was diagnosed with cancer last December. Thankfully for us, it was stage II and a surgery was done immediately. But her fight with post operative and post Chemo-radiation depression continues. Hang in there 🙂

    1. Thank you Priyadarshini for reading and sharing your Mum’s journey too with me. All of us who’ve been there know what it takes to fight back alongside and win. Much love and divine light for your mother and for her to be completely healed, happy, healthy and hearty. Hugs to you too!

  4. Kudos to your Ma and to the whole family for fighting the disease so bravely. When God gives you pain he also gives strength to bear the pain. May all remain strong during tough times.

    1. Thank you so much dear Vinodini. Challenges are life’s way to teaching us something new and invoking the strength within.
      Thank you so much for leaving your lovely imprints. I tried commenting on your blog twice but kept getting an error message. Will try again before the Friday prompt. Meanwhile, just loving your travel tales.

    1. True that Corinne. So instead of saying, “why me” we turn around and tell life, “try me.”
      Thank you so much for your love and motivation. Hugs back at you❤️

  5. It must be very difficult time for you and your family. And it must be equally difficult to write about it. Bug hug to you and I feel blessed to Co next with such talented people

    1. Dear Swati, yes it does take courage to write about it, but when you express your feelings, what you experience is catharsis. The innumerable comments that I have received after writing this post replenished me with so much love, support, motivation.
      Thank you so much for reading and leaving your imprints. Hugs back at you❤️

  6. That was such a touching post. Being a surgeon I often have the hard task of delivering a bad news. At that moment one realises how much support the patient requires. I salute you and your children who took care of your mother without which I’m sure her recovery would’ve been much more difficult. Wish you all the best.

    1. Thanks a bunch Ryan. Yes the entire family including my father; who is her primary care giver and my brother, his wife, my husband and everyone else have been the wind beneath her wings.
      Thank you so much for your kind words. Means much. Immense gratitude.

  7. Beautiful write up! It breaks one’s heart to see his/ her parent in a vulnerable state. We assume they won’t age and would remain the same. Is it a true story? Big hug to you and your mom, if it is so . This too shall pass!!

    1. Thank you Meha❤️ Yes, that’s the toughest. To see our parents crumble. I guess a role reversal happens as they age. From them tending to us as kids to us carrying them through as they age.
      The circle of life

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