Diwali 2018 From Our Doorsteps: #WordlessWednesday

Diwali 2018 From Our Doorsteps: #WordlessWednesday


 May the light within you always shine brighter than the circumstances outside you. That is my little wish for you, this Diwali and always. 



Photo Credits: Aarshia, my ten-year-old


Diwali 2018 From Our Doorsteps: #WordlessWednesdaY

7:36 PM., 6th November

I welcome you to my home, for a little peek into the festival of lights or Diwali.  My ten-year-old along with our help made this rangoli.

Happy Diwali, amigos. Keep shining your light, with all your might!





A little note for my dear bloggers and readers:

Millions of apologies for not having commented on all your wonderful posts and even comments for a couple of weeks now. I know, very terrible on my part and I am guilty as charged. Unfortunately it’s been that time of the year when I’m swamped in more ways than one. I hope you will forgive me, for this aberration. I will try to play catch-up with all your earlier posts, as soon as I can. 

Also to the readers of this blog, I hope to return back to regular blogging sometime real soon. In the interim please do bear with me.

Gracias, Danke, Shukran, Dhanyawad. 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Diwali 2018 From Our Doorsteps: #WordlessWednesday

  1. Happy Diwali, dear Natz! Loved this sneak peek into your home this Diwali! Such a pretty sight —hard not to fall in love with the warm glow of the diyas! Hope you all had a wonderful celebration today.

  2. Happy Diwali, Natasha. Don’t feel apologetic, we all get caught up in life at some point. You can always play a catch-up. Enjoy the festivities!

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