Reincarnated Souls: #MondayMusings #MondayBlogs #MicroMondays

Reincarnated Souls: #MondayMusings #MondayBlogs #MicroMondays

“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.”

Reincarnated souls are those who are reborn in a different body, after their death.  

Do you believe in reincarnation or rebirth? Are you aware of any reincarnated souls? Does someone remind you of another person you loved, but one who has crossed over? Is there a visible thread connecting these two souls? Do you ever believe that a loved one who crossed over, could have reincarnated back into your life as a new soul?

I believe so. Our furry child Cotton, who we lost early this year, has reincarnated back into our lives as our Cocker Spaniel puppy, Mishka.

Cotton, our strong and silent warrior princess

Mishka and Cotton, the Reincarnated Souls:

We bought Mishka home when she was all of thirty-two days. Mishka has played a critical role in helping fill the void and emptiness that Cotton had left  behind. She brought home immense joy, peals of laughter and bonhomie, that had gone missing after Cotton’s loss.


Mishka, the bratty, buoyant girl

As Mishka grows older, (she is all of five-months now) she continues to display uncanny similarities with Cotton. The way she grinds her teeth lovingly against our skin, her love for Chapattis, the medley of anger and love she displays, the feisty independence, the unbridled love for everyone she meets, the way she day-dreams and the noises she makes when fast asleep, the ravenous appetite and her playful bites, when the family is getting playful and naughty with each other. And many more such similar traits.

Precious girl, Cotton

It is indeed a blessings to have Cotton reincarnate back into our lives, as Mishka. She carved a precious place in our hearts for twelve beautiful years. And we are indeed fortunate to have her amidst us as this playful, bratty puppy; we so lovingly call, Mishki-Moo. 

Therefore, let’s not grieve the loss of our loved ones for too long. Who knows when they are waiting to reincarnate back into our lives with their treasured presence. 

Mishka, on her two hour road trip to meet her brother, Ebony.









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18 thoughts on “Reincarnated Souls: #MondayMusings #MondayBlogs #MicroMondays

  1. Would you review my book on the Universal Mibd and Reincarnation? If so, how would you prefer I send you a free copy? I am a self-published author so I can send you an ebook copy directly from the retailer by email.

  2. Oh, yes, Natasha, we believe in reincarnation. We had a doggie, Droppie, and she left our planet in 2003 and when Granny started her ‘Talking with animals’ course, about 10 years later, she had to pick up her grandson, my twofeet brother, from school, there was a little pup barking to get her attention, he was making the same moves as Droppie, when Granny came home from shopping, an overreacting of know the moves, right 😉 That little pup didn’t stopped barking until she said in mind *Droppie* then the pup stopped barking and it was alright. The owner of the doggie told Granny, that she never did that before, and he didn’t know why she did that, but Granny knew <3 Double Pawkiss

    1. Wow, Gran you are a animal whisperer too! I just thought you were an angel whisperer. Would love to know more.

      Droppie’s story is so incredible. Thank you for sharing with us.

      Rainbow hugs and pawsome love. <3

  3. I totally belive in reincarnation. And the departed souls always seek to be around their loved ones. They came back to us in some way or the other. I was just going to quote Shilpa Halwes story and then noticed her comment. Her story is such a classic case of reincarnation. I have followed her for a couple of years on SM and know how she feels about it as well:)

    1. I’m so glad this resonates with you, Ramya. I’m not too sure many people would believe in the process of rebirth.
      I for one believe in it wholeheartedly.

      It’s a blessing to have a loved one return to us in another form.
      Lovely to have you swing by.

  4. Sometimes I do believe in reincarnation. When mum passed away, I desperately wanted to believe that she will come back to me in some form. Now when I see my sagely Coco, how completely protective he if of me and how he loves me, it reminds me of mum. There is something so special that our pet babies bring to our lives, Nats. They own our souls with their kindness and love. I am so happy that Mishka filled the void that Cotton left behind. Hugs to her and you and lots of love.

    1. Oh you couldn’t have said it better, dear Rachna.

      Our furry children are such a source of unconditional love and sheer joy. Our lives would be incomplete without them. I feel people without pets are missing such a wondrous experience.

      We are blessed to have Mishka, as we were to have Cotton.

      Much love and big hugs.♥️
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, dear Rachna.

  5. I totally understand. For us, we have always had a pet in our house for the last 35 years. And over the decades, there have been some really eerie similarities between dogs whose paths never crossed in our house that really made us wonder if it was just the old fellow reincarnated 🙂

    1. Totally, Shinj.

      She has been like a whiff of fresh breeze in our lives.
      So blessed to have these furry wonders. She has also helped Laila move on from grieving after Cotton and filled her with such a sense of joy.

  6. This gave me goosebumps, especially because I remember how you were through those last days with Cotton. I remember texting you to check on her health and that sudden feeling of loss when she left you all. And I remember your utter joy when you sent me a message to talk about bringing Mishka home!

    I strongly believe in reincarnation and sometimes feel that Gy is my dear uncle reborn. He passed away two months before she was born and was very close to me. Her bright eyes, kindness towards people and the way she listens carefully when people speak all remind me of him. That plus his voracious appetite for books which I can see so well in GY.

    May Mishka continue to bring utter joy and naughtiness into your lives, now and always. Cotton must be smiling, reliving it all through her now.

    1. Thank you my dearest Shy, for being there for me in my moments of loss and joy. ♥️

      It’s so heartwarming to hear about the connection between Gy and your Uncle. Isn’t it beautiful how the universe works in mysterious ways.
      I so wish to meet Gy, some day. Have heard so much about her from you. And I also hope Aarshia gets to meet her too.

      Cotton is definitely smiling reliving it as Mishka now.
      There are so many other similarities that I haven’t written here. Maybe a sequel to this post?

      Big hugs and big love my dear friend. ♥️

  7. I completely believe in reincarnation, Natasha.

    Two years back, when hubby got home Cookie (on an impulse) I was annoyed and irritated. Cookie being a bird displayed traits that were completely opposite to what we had seen in Chikoo.

    She was not a bit friendly, would bite when I tried to feed her and in general, lacked any warmth which Chikoo exuded.
    But, one day, in the month of July, (almost 3 months after CHikoo’s passing), something happened to COokie. She was perched on the plant we had placed in our drawing room for her. And, I found her sitting there…still, like a stuffed bird!

    I stood close to her (which I hadn’t tried earlier) and called out her name. She would’t move, or respond. I took a leaf and touched her tummy, in the hope of getting a reaction. But, none would come. It felt as if she was gone!! her eyes were wide open, but they wouldn’t move. It was all so strange and paranormal, if I don’t sound overly dramatic.

    Then, the next day, I saw some movement in her and slowl and steadily she came back to her normal avatar.

    And, then in a matter of days I was stunned with what I saw.
    One day, as I sat beside her cage on a stool, reading a book. she stepped out of her cage and came over to my stool. She then proceeded to snuggle up to my back and went off to sleep there, leaning against me! I sat in that position for almost an hour during which she slept peacefully!! And, the next day, when I sat reading a newspaper beside her cage, she again came over to me, got on my lap and started behaving like a little kid, trying to get your attention! I was zapped by this complete transformation in Cookie.

    Since that day, each day she showed some or the other change that told me she was warming up to me. After some weeks, she would be perched on my shoulder all day long.

    I deduced that maybe that day, when she had gone all still, Chikoo’s soul must have entered her body, or some such thing. It may sound weird, but that’s what I feel. She loves getting kissed on her neck (where Chikoo loved getting tickled). And, whenever I scold her for biting my ear, she lifts one leg and lies on her side, waiting for me to tickle her tummy! I mean, which bird does THAT??? 😛

    COokie is definitely Chikoo. It’s one thing I believe in, wholeheartedly!
    So, yes, reincarnations are so real!

    1. Thank you so very much my dearest Shilpa for sharing this detailed account of Cookie and Chikoo. It gave me goose bumps even though I had heard a few stories in the past.

      Didn’t know the bit about how Chikoo’s soul actually entered Cookie’s. It raised my heckles.

      So grateful to you dear Shilpa for sharing your account in such details. Means so much.

      I’m glad someone does believe reincarnations are for real.

      Big hugs

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