I am This. I am: #Poem #Poetry

I am This. I am: #Poem #Poetry

Hello my dear Amigos in blogsphere!

Sorry I have been awol. I just have been taking time to be.

I had no choice but to return today, as my blogiversary is around the corner. Yes, we turn 5 on 6th December. But, having said that; yes, I have missed not being in my cosy den too!

Watch out for this space for a quiet celebratory post this time, just by me. 

How Things are in My Neck of Woods:

My younger poppet who is thirteen went to boarding this month. She loves it there. Back home the familia which includes the DH, our older poppet, the two furry girls – Mishka-Laila and A’s Betta fish, Montero and I; are now settling in to the new family dynamics, which is fun as well.

Nopes, I haven’t suffered the empty nest syndrome, except the first 3 days. I knew I won’t. I also believe, having the older one around and the other pet children helps too. Also knowing that our child is in a wonderful environment which she loves and is settling in well into; is hugely reassuring.  Moreover, the DH and I are getting a lot more time together as well.  And I have extra  me-time too. 

Mishka, our Cocker Spaniel who was A’s sweetheart all along, seems to miss her the most. She still sits by the door, moping, many times during the day, hoping her sister will return anytime soon. She even insists on seeing us off at the elevator, worried if we shall also do a disappearing act!

In the interim I haven’t really been writing much, but an odd poem here and there and few Instagram gratitude musings.


Today I’m sharing a poem I wrote inspired by a few gems of wisdom I was blessed to be tuned into.

I am also sharing a poem written by my friend, Vipul Shaha, who wrote on the same topic much before I had even written this piece.

Synchronous right? Vipul is an avid wildlife and forest lover, just like me. 

I am. I am This. 

I’m the sky all expansive,
every thing else is weather.

I’m the river that knows nothing,
but to flow.
Drifting with the pure and impure.

I’m the cool breeze that caresses your hair,
The wind that stirs a storm
and blows out as dust and air.

I’m the earth all embracing,
some days rebellious,
some days grounding
or simple and unassuming.

I’m the fire, burning bright.
Rousing passion,
calming the fears,
toasting our toes and ears.

I am you, you are me.

Dropping what no longer serves us.
Co-existing in our dualities. 👩🏽‍🤝‍👨🏿👭🧍🏽‍♂️🧍🏻‍♀️


© Natasha Serenity Sinha

If you noticed my poetry takes you through a human analogy of the 5 elements. These elements also celebrate their dual nature, as much as we do. Sometimes we find it hard to make peace with the yang. But it all boils down to being one with the Ying and Yang. 


Tree-Frangipani flowers- Sky

I am.

I’m a drop of water that makes the ocean,

a ray of sunshine that powers the creation

I’m the vast emptiness of a colourful sky,

the softness of a cloud just floating by

I’m a still mountain, majestic and strong

a vast green valley, so deep and long

I’m a forest drenched in the rain-showers,

the dance of streams and the smiling flowers

I’m a river eager to meet the ocean,

the cooling breeze along its direction

I’m the song of a bird, a playful elephant,

the joy of a child and the cry of an infant

I’m the warmth in a mother’s presence,

the longing of a heart in a lover’s absence

I’m love itself…so blissful, pure and true

like the sweetness in a berry so blue

I’m everything and everything is me,

the universe imbued with, the divine glee!  😊

© Vipul Shaha

Deck- Oaks-Bench



It’s good to be back and I hope you all enjoyed this little come back, as much as I did.

Love, light, laughter and divine playful energies your way.

Big Hugs,

Natasha <3 <3

7 thoughts on “I am This. I am: #Poem #Poetry

  1. So good to see a post from you. I check here every Tuesday afternoon to see if you’ve posted a Wordless Wednesday post.

    Love your poems and I’m glad you’re doing well.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. Big hug. ♥
    Sandee recently posted…Happy TuesdayMy Profile

    1. My dear darling Sandee
      Your message made me grin ear to ear.
      Thank you so, so very much.

      Miss you all loads, and I wish you a sparkly December

      Biggest hugs

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