Ideas Are Bullet Proof: Wordless Wednesday | Wednesday Wisdom

Ideas Are Bullet Proof: Wordless Wednesday | Wednesday Wisdom

“Ideas are bullet proof”

– V for Vendetta


bench-window-poster with quote
On an early morning walk in the hills, I chanced upon this setting where this frame was idyllically hanging. This pretty sit-out caught my attention; as did the quote, “Ideas are bullet proof”; that came hurtling at me in all its power. This one’s from a recent trip to the stunning Himalayan mountains. This is one of the cottages of Emerald Trails in the Emerald Hills of Uttarakhand, a pet friendly place that our family of six, including our furry girls stayed at and enjoyed to the hilt. 


cottage with creeper-door-chairs-signboard
This lovely cottage overlooked the hills. The dappled morning sun streamed through the mountain tops caressing the lush, rose creeper that hung lazily across the verandah. Nature was benevolently sharing the crisp mountain air with mere mortals like me. Quite a sight to behold, as you can see for yourself. My eyes were also lapping up this unique quote; one I was reading for the first time! 


Table and chair- door -frame with quote
I was so taken in by this beautiful setting that I had to let the phone camera roll.


This lovely sit-out outside the cottage, was as enchanting as the cottage exteriors. The wild roses greeted every visitor at the door way.


It’s been one of those week’s when I feel lulled by “writer’s block”. Though this term does not exist in my lexicon. But, I really struggled to get a post going this week. I am now just glad it finally came through, though. 🙂


V for Vendetta and B for Bullet Proof Ideas

It was a stunning, sunny morning in the mountains that you just witnessed above. Over a piping hot breakfast with my 23 year-old; I shared with her the quote on the frame that I had come across. That’s when she described the back story behind the quote.

So here are bits about, “Ideas are bullet proof” that I learned from her. Some I also researched on the internet. 

This quote is from the movie and the book, V is for Vendetta.

V for Vendetta, the graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd is set in an imagined dystopian United Kingdom which is limping out of a nuclear war and is being ruled by a fascist party that has eliminated all its rivals and established a police state. In this near-future dystopian society, an anarchist, V inciting a revolution recruits a TV network employee, while a detective seeks his true identity. 

The main protagonist, called ‘V’, is a masked, anarchist revolutionary who targets this government in an attempt to bring it down.

“Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.” – V

The masked V, always anonymous declares himself to be an idea with all power and possibility.


What does the Quote Imply?

“Ideas are bullet proof” translates to the fact that an idea is strong enough to withstand criticism and skeptical evaluation. Figuratively, ideas can’t be “shot down.” Ideas linger on, even when the person who came up with them may no longer be around. Ideas are here to stay.

That’s what I gather this quote actually means. Though I haven’t watched the film or read the book, but that’s my personal deduction.


Have you watched V for Vendetta?

What are your thoughts on “Ideas are bullet proof?

Would love to hear your two bits.


Signing off with one of the stunning compositions from V for Vendetta by Tchaikovsky. I bet you will enjoy it.

Wishing you days buzzing with bright ideas,

crisp mornings,

quiet, relaxed nights, 

sunshine, moonshine

and laughter galore.






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40 thoughts on “Ideas Are Bullet Proof: Wordless Wednesday | Wednesday Wisdom

  1. Such an inspiring and true thought “Ideas are bulletproof” and an idea can change your life

    I am sure you and the entire family had a relaxed holiday at Junglian gaon.

    I have been to Emerald Trail long time back ….. the feel remains the same only the rooms/cottages have increased. It is beautifully located which makes it quiet and charming. Perfect for a peaceful break.

    I have not seen V for Vendetta but enjoyed the score you shared.

    Have a wonderful week full of fascinating ideas Natasha …… Love & Hugs
    Monika Ohson | TravelerInMe recently posted…Sat-rangi Sat-talMy Profile

    1. Yes, it’s a gorgeous place to hang out with the furry kids. Glad to know you’ve been there before too.

      Even now it stays a small property with not too many cottages. Just wish they had more food options. 🙂

      Glad this post resonated. Are you writing these days?
      Have a wonderful weekend. <3 <3

  2. Lovely scene/snaps, Natasha. I’ve never read V is for Vendetta. As, for ideas, I agree. Ideas stay with us–in some form or another. Even if we don’t totally buy into an idea, there’s always some part of it we can build on or use.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Cory. Just didn’t want to leave and return to the concrete jungle.

      I’m glad this quote and some details about the book and film landed on me too.:)

      Have a blessed week. <3

    1. Wow, I’m glad some of my friends here have actually seen the film and read the book, you being one of them, Vero.

      Natalie Portman is <3

      Have a wonderful week, my friend. Big hugs. <3

  3. Love the pictures; the play of the sunshine and shadows. Ideas are bullet proof – that is powerful.I think I am going to keep that as my theme for the week as I explore ideas that I was too scared to give words to.

  4. I realize from the photos that it was wonderful where you were! From what I see, I imagine an extraordinarily beautiful setting! A place where you can hear your thoughts.

    “Ideas are bullet proof,” oh, yes! I saw the movie twice (I also wrote on the blog about the movie) – it’s a movie that is one of the few I could see two or more times. From my point of view it has several stories in one.
    One of the stories: the young girl practically fell in love with an idea, because V was more of an idea and less of a man, although his heart had started beating for she who would continue the fight.
    English is an “obstacle” that prevents me from writing about the film as much as I would be able to do. 🙂
    Thank you, dear Natasha! <3
    I wish you the same! <3
    Much love!
    Hugs dearly! <3

    1. Dear Diana,

      It was indeed paradise. And so many birds, and bees and butterflies, and other critters.

      Even though English is an obstacle, Di you express yourself so wonderfully. Thanks for sharing these snippets from V for Vendetta.

      Would love to read your blog post on this. Do share the link please.

      Thank you to you too.

      Sending you big hugs and big love always. Have a blessed week dearest. <3 <3

  5. Hi Natasha. These pictures are a treat. I checked out the homestay in Bhimatal. It’s beautiful! At the same time, thanks for sharing the quote. Is there any way to stop ideas from mushrooming? Everything begins with one, right?

    1. Absolutely. It all comes cascading down on us. No way to stop them from branching out or flowing and swirling around.

      Bet you will find the place fascinating especially if you have pet children. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sonia.

  6. Like the way the sunlight is falling on the sit out.
    After watching the. video, I realised, at some point of time I had seen the movie. !!
    Joe recently posted…Bocce BallMy Profile

  7. You brought alive the beautiful morning at the mountains with your words Natasha. What a lovely post that took us to the lovely Himalayan foothills and left us with a powerful quote to mull on, dear. Haven’t watched the movie. Will try to catch up with it sometime.
    Wishing you a lovely Thursday

    1. Yes, Radhika the setting could inspire a thousand words of creativity and art.

      This was Emerald Hill, near Bhimtal; so not the foot hills, but the majestic hills.

      I’m not too sure I’ll watch the film, as it isn’t a genre that I enjoy too much. But would love to hear from my friends when they do. 🙂

      Have yourself a gorgeous, replenishing weekend, dear Radhika.

  8. Natasha,

    I hadn’t heard this quote or at least I don’t remember if I had but I like it. I think we saw the movie “V is Vendetta” and everything about it escapes my mind. I guess I wasn’t crazy about it. Thanks for music share and for joining the 4M party this week, my dear.

    1. Thanks for hosting, sweety. I hope you are having a delicious week, with dotty’s birthday. Happy birthday to you too, Mamma. <3

      Big love and hugs to her and you. xox

  9. We can think of so many people who started movements, died (or were assassinated) but their ideas lived on. It’s a good quote for these turbulent times in the United States. I was a little surprised I haven’t read V for Vendatta as I enjoy dystopian literature until I realized it’s a graphic novel, and I rarely get into those works. I may check out either the book or the movie because I can’t resist people in Guy Fawkes masks blowing up London to the tune of the Warof 1812 symphony.

    1. “We can think of so many people who started movements, died (or were assassinated) but their ideas lived on.”

      Absolutely bang on dear Alana.
      I’m so glad this post got you interested in the film. And yes, people in Guy Fawkes masks are a league apart, and the cherry on the cake, but of course is the composition.

      Hope you get to watch the film or read the book and share with us a little more than I did. I in all probability might not watch it, as it’s not a genre I enjoy.

      Natalie Portman on the other hand is a great reason again to go catch the film. 🙂

    1. Thanks dear Sandee. It’s lovely to be back on #WW. I do miss my days hosting, and reading such an eclectic collection of posts.

      But then, all good things must come to an end to pave way for the new.

      You have yourself a gorgeous weekend, my lovely.

      Big hugs <3

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