When Gadgets Go Kaput…

When Gadgets Go Kaput…


I haven’t written a post on my blog for 8 days now!!! I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. Well, it’s not that I haven’t been writing. I have, but just for my posts for the impending A to Z Challenge 2017. I miss participating in all those fun prompts, but then to gain something you got to lose something.  Last two weeks I’ve had some sort of gadget breakdowns. It’s uncanny how life sometimes throws curve balls your way. When breakdowns happen, they don’t happen as a one off thing, as a series of events. One such example are my Macbook and iPhone going kaput in a span of two weeks.

I lost my little MacBook Air to water spillage, exactly two weeks back. The little guy had been my comrade in arms (literally, as I carried him everywhere I went) for less than two years. He could not be revived. His mother(board) gave up on him and we all know when mother’s give up on their children, not much can be done for them. Sigh! Anyways, I bemoaned his loss for two days and started hyperventilating on how I would manage to work on the much-anticipated A to Z Challenge. The DH had no other choice but to get a new one. I pitched in some moolah as well, and I’m proud of that. We got a good 20 k discount too. Apple is a brand that once when bitten into, one can’t get enough of it. An Apple owner may experience what Dracula did after tasting blood. This despite knowing the fact that it can at some point of time render us bankrupt. I did not manage to get another little guy-that Mac book Air had been shelved, so had to get a big guy. Whoever said, big is beautiful, or not, must have been off their rockers. This guy is a pain to cart, but I think I should not complain and be thankful that I have him at this point of time. Thank god for these not so little, but yes, big mercies!!

Today morning I was out on a ride, no, no not a motorcycle ride, but a cycle ride. In case you didn’t know, I’m an avid cyclist. Spring is in the process of hanging its boots and we were out cycling, biding her adieu. It was one wondrous morning. We were riding to one of our favourite destinations and I whipped up my phone to grab some pictures for an A to Z post. Once I was done, as I started to put the phone back in my armband, it slipped out and came crashing to the ground. To my utter dismay, the entire screen had cracked. The wondrous morning had in a slip of a second, turned into a wretched one! This phone was barely less than a year old.

The Cracker of a Ride! No pun intended :p

“Hell hath no fury when the Demi goddesses scorned,” I thought to myself. Was I paying a price for my technology dependence? Well, is that such a bad thing, considering I’m a writer/blogger? Anyways, who wants to go their. My optimistic side cheered up as I rode back home. I just feigned to bemoan a bit before the DH on the breakfast table, but he nonchalantly ate his scrambled eggs and toast and mouthed just one line in between, ” Get the screen changed tomorrow,” With those words he left for work. I don’t know if he was seething at my carelessness or simply trying to be nice, or indifferent in all probability!

The morning was spent again not writing for the A to Z. I was trying to figure out what could be done to revive my phone. 9:30 AM to about 1:00 PM is my sacrosanct time to write every weekday. A time when I refuse to do anything, but just write! I landed up at the Apple service centre around noon and I was told the phone would be sent to Bangalore and I would only know in about a week’s time. The screen would be changed, if all was well with the phones internal organs, else no, she wouldn’t require an organ transplant but I would have to cough up quarter of a lakh to buy a new phone! Well, for some reason I’m confident it’s just going to be the screen change which in itself will lend me broke for my holiday, but then…Que sera sera!

To placate my frayed nerves I went and pampered myself with some piping hot Khao Suey at my favourite eatery Burma Burma. Later I picked up a funky clothing (read cover/bag) for the big guy (the new MacBook Air, in case you forgot amidst my rant) from the Chumbak store. Maybe that will redeem his big and ugly identity! I suppose so! And in all probablilty force me into liking him a little more. I’m sure he hates me by now, as I use him as a tool to write and then bitch about him.

Ok, so I’m looking forward to this 7 day technology break. I hope to devour some unread books and spend some time offline, engaged in the real world, doing real things. Away from the virtual world that sucks you in with its coquettish charm. It’s time to break free. It’s time to redeem oneself. It’s time to live life, again!


                      Linking this to my first ever post with Wordless Wednesday.Though excuse the fact that it was less wordless and more wordy and verbose to say the least. 


3 thoughts on “When Gadgets Go Kaput…

  1. LOVE your Attitude! I would be heartbroken! 1 of the reasons i resist biting the apple is cof of it’s prohibitive cost! but seeing you so gracefully tapping away at it.. had me coveting! & that smarty big bag!! sigh! And it is a gorgeous click! only you can find such beauty in a concrete city!
    Ishieta @ Isheeria’s

  2. Oh no! Sorry to hear about the gadget breakdown stories. Well now that one issue is fixed, the other will find a way too.
    That picture is beautiful. Hey – tell me where was this? And I noticed that the phone would be sent to Bangalore. So, again – where do you live? 🙂

  3. Oh no! I’m sorry to learn how your Macbook and the phone met with an accident . Though am glad to see you take on life in your stride, fix the issues and best of all look at it all in a positive light.
    All the best for your phone surviving the accident with a mere screen change and also for scheduling your posts for the A to Z challenge. May your big guy win over you in no time 🙂
    P.S.- Isn’t this post supposed to be wordless? BTW love that picture <3

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