{R} is for Reflections by Resplendent Kali: #AtoZChallenge

{R} is for Reflections by Resplendent Kali: #AtoZChallenge

R is for Reflections By Resplendent Kali

20 September 2016, Dandeli, Karnataka, India

The DH and I took a memorable sojourn to the Western Ghats, in Karnataka last year. It was monsoons and the weather was wet; and nature was at its lush best. (This is before we drove down to Goa through the wondrous Western Ghats. You could read about our Goa adventures at Gobsmacked in Goa.) Dandeli has a fascinating forest cover in the midst of which lies the River Kali. Our getaway lay cradled by the banks of this serene river. Right after we reached the Hornbill Resort we dumped our luggage in our interesting tent house and went and sat by the banks of Kali, becoming one with the tranquility around it.

 a-to-z-challenge-2017-travel-epiphanies-natasha-musing-R-reflections-by resplendent-kali-river

I perched myself on a wooden bench and put my feet up on the fence and began to ruminate. The gentle breeze coquettishly played with my hair and the serenity of nature seeped into every bone in my body. (yeah the chronic back ache had suddenly disappeared) Everything was so still and quite. It felt as though time had stopped. I  gazed at the beautiful river, as it made it’s way, gently meandering through the forests on the either sides.

I thought – What if mankind were to also keep flowing with the rhythm of life, there would simply be less resistance and turmoil. A river doesn’t suddenly change course and start flowing in the opposite direction. It continues to flow in tune with nature, as the gentle breeze caresses it and the surrounding flora and fauna; all come together in a spectacle of harmony.

I saw a ripple in the Kali river. It could have been a stone or most likely a fish doing a somersault. The ripple lasted for fraction of seconds and then Kali continued to flow its natural course, as though nothing had happened.

 a-to-z-challenge-2017-travel-epiphanies-natasha-musing-R-reflections-by resplendent-kali-river2

Similarly, when we are faced with challenges our being does get shaken, but we don’t cease to exist. It isn’t the end of our world, or is it? We need to continue to forge ahead for the sake of our selves and our loved ones, with courage and fortitude.

Just like the any river- Kali or Godavari or the Nile, let the ripples in our life come and go. Let’s allow the storms to pass by, continuing to conquer them, and by ceaselessly flowing. Eventually the ripples will settle and we can be one with the universe. In sync, in amiability, in tranquility and engaged in the human dance of harmony.


 a-to-z-challenge-2017-travel-epiphanies-natasha-musing-R-reflections-by resplendent-kali-river-R

My theme for this year’s Blogging from A-Z Challenge is Travel Epiphanies that are my very own tales of adventure and revelation. I will be writing 26 posts throughout the month of April. You can read my theme here.

23 thoughts on “{R} is for Reflections by Resplendent Kali: #AtoZChallenge

  1. I loved the last para you have written. Indeed, the feeling is same when you are sitting by any river. I love it because it gives you a sense of calm and you can just dive deep into your muse.
    Excellent pictures too!

  2. You have written this one from the heart Natzee. Love the thought of a river flowing as it does without any hesitation, we should do the same with our life. And yes the ripples will come to stir something in us, which we should take as it comes.

  3. That is a beautiful thought, Natz. Nature can teach us so much, if only we learn to pause and listen. Lovely pictures too.
    Also thanks for sharing the name of the name of the resort, I am going to look it up for a visit.

  4. Beautifully written, Natasha. I like the idea of taking life lessons from the river. To forge ahead and flow with life, to just let the disruptive impacts fade like ripples on the surface. Nicely done, my friend

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