Beliefs Versus Reality: #MondayMusing

Beliefs Versus Reality: #MondayMusing


I’m a a firm believer of the fact that what you put out to the universe becomes your reality. In simple words, your beliefs and thoughts have the power of manifesting as your reality.


I gathered this wisdom over two and half decades back, when I read Paulo Coelho’s, Alchemist. He made this magical truth come alive for millions of people, through the characterisation of Santiago, a young Andalusian shepherd,  In this international best seller Coelho wrote something that left an indelible effect on many a minds.






Similarly, Rhonda Byrne in her well-known book, Secret also asks us to watch our thoughts and beliefs as they have a way of becoming our reality.










I have experienced this truth time and again in my life, sometimes in a positive way and sometimes impacting me in a negative way. A recent example of my belief system has been around my weight. Last year I had a back injury which meant taking it easy with high intensity exercises and stopping my running schedule etc. Thereafter, a monotony of sorts ebbed into my being and exercising took a major back seat. In my case, when I exercise less I tend to eat more. I have no idea what the correlation is. Probably the body knows its working hard to burn calories, so it ensures it craves fewer calories. To cut a long story short, I started gaining weight. Not many around me noticed the weight gain but I started fretting over it, instead of genuinely doing something about it. Except, throwing in this one liner every time I met a friend or family, “See, I’ve put on weight, haven’t I?” The other person initially would be flummoxed and then after scanning me top to bottom, would say, “Errr, I guess a bit.” And I would then go on to reiterate how fat I had become. Slowly, but surely, and not surprisingly, this became my reality. Over the months the weighing scale started tipping higher. And my love handles grew marginally bigger. Without even realising the toxicity of my thoughts, I had created a negative mindset, which gradually manifested physically. A lesson hard learnt. I’m currently working to shake off this belief and the excess weight by rephrasing my thoughts. I’m using the affirmations below when I chant. I think I might as well incorporate these during the course of my day, when the negative thoughts outweigh the positives.













Another example of my belief translating into my day-to-day life is that of not being able to wake up early (5:15 A.M than the usual 7 A.M., except when I go cycling I do wake up at 4:30 A.M. but that is once a week). I have worked on this habit a couple of times this year, but to fall back on it time and again. Probably because I have beaten myself up over it way too much, and complained about it too often to myself and others as well. I’m working on changing this habit into a positive reality. An affirmation like this should work, “I’m waking up early, every day, at the crack of dawn and making the best use of the golden hour”

There are some amazing examples from my life wherein I have manifested my dreams and goals in to life’s reality. Last year, July 2016, I had committed to be able publish my first book by 6 July, 2017. I had also written down the goal in my journal. At that point of time, in July 2016, I had no clue whatsoever, how I would make this dream a reality. But then things have away of falling in place, if you intend them to. When I decided to quit my work with the social sector in 2016, so that I could write for myself full-time, everything just started working in my favour. My personal domain/blog (this one of course!) went live in early December 2016. What followed was my commitment to write every single weekday unfailingly from 9:30 A.M. to 1:00 PM. I continued to blog and write enthusiastically, participating in various prompts. Then in April the A-Z Challenge 2017 happened, that was my gateway to the much dreamt about book. I took my time to edit the book, before I self published in on Kindle on the exact day I had imagined it to go live: 6 July, 2017. This was a huge personal victory. I felt not just accomplished, but also my faith in turning our dreams into reality got reiterated further.

My Buddhist practise helped me immensely in this journey. The practise did not allow me to cave in or give up and I unrelentingly chanted to meet my goal, which I eventually did. That too in time!








There have been innumerable other instances in my life where I have been able to manifest my thoughts into reality. I won’t list them all here just so that this post doesn’t become too long-winded. Now for the next one month I will be working towards meeting my two key goals – weight goals and waking up at the ‘golden hour’ to catch up on some quite, “me” time.  I will achieve these through my positive thoughts and beliefs around them. And yes, it also goes without saying that I will be tenaciously and diligently working towards them with a lot of self-discipline and will-power. Amen to that!

Do you believe in the power of your thoughts? If not why? And if you do, tell me about the instances where your beliefs became your reality? Would love to hear your thoughts and personal stories. Do write to me about them. 









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15 thoughts on “Beliefs Versus Reality: #MondayMusing

  1. This is exactly whats going on in my mind and my quoted stories post reflects that. We become what we think- so true. need to checkout your Book.. can you please share the link?

  2. You have struck a chord with many people it seems! I completely agree that you do become the person you want to be and when your desire is really strong it happens. And of course your bad thoughts always come true so you may as well focus on the Positive.

  3. Oh, goodie… so you’re saying I CAN have a unicorn in my back yard? I just have to think him up harder?

    In all seriousness, I do believe our thoughts play a role, but why then can’t I have a unicorn in my back yard? I don’t think we can truly create the reality we can envision, but certainly – out of a multitude of possible (and plausible) outcomes – can influence which one comes to fruition. I think it’s a matter of focus and commitment. I also think that writing it down is another channel through which these thoughts grow to reality. It can’t hurt, whether it works 100% or not, unless we beat ourselves up as failures when we don’t find a unicorn on the lawn in the morning.

  4. You spoke my mind here. This is exactly what I believe. You can manifest your dreams by thinking about it, believing it and wishing it to happen everyday. It wires the mind and body to continuously work towards the goal. Like you I too have seen this become a reality in my myself and I preach it to anyone who cares to listen 🙂 glad to find another believer 🙂

  5. If you can achieve that publishing goal, you can achieve anything. That’s fantastic! This was a very empowering post. If something is real in our minds, it’s up to us to put the work in to make it real in the wider world too.

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