Pattern: Shhh…Don’t Tell Anybody:#Blogadda-WOW #WriteBravely #WriteTribeProBlogger

Pattern: Shhh…Don’t Tell Anybody:#Blogadda-WOW #WriteBravely #WriteTribeProBlogger


Fourth time in a row!!


“I have struggled with the same issue for the last six years,” she said to me with much angst in her voice.

“Just when I think everything is going well and life’s looking up for me, I’m given the same set of challenges. Challenges that I thought I had managed to overcome once and for all. What do you think I’m doing wrong, Natz?”

Rita looked not just distressed and overwhelmed, but it seemed she was losing hope and wanted to give up.

Rita and I had been buddies since we were two. We had spent forty-one years of our lives together and we always had each other’s back. It tore my heart to see Rita looking so lost and dejected, and I had to do something about it.

Well here’s a thing, I have the answer but Shhhh…don’t tell anyone!”, I replied with a cheesy grin.

“What is it?”, Rita asked with that impatient urgency in her voice.

“Sweetheart, its time to reinvent the wheel”, I said “And that too with faith and hope in our hearts. After all we both know, it’s faith that keeps us going.”

“When we tend to make the same mistakes over and over again, or when the same challenges are thrown our way each time; it’s a sign. A sign from the universe telling us we are not aligned with the issue at hand. We are using the same solutions we have either imbibed during the course of life or from watching and hearing our parents or friends. Well, and guess what these solutions are not working or helping sort the problem at hand.”, I told her with a voice of conviction.

Rita nodded her head. “Yes, I get what you are saying Natz…”, she replied wistfully.

I held Rita’s hand tenderly, and then gave it the tightest squeeze. “What might work for me might not work for you. Also what might have worked for the both of us six years back, might not work now, Rita. After all, Bob Dylan rightly said, “Times they are a changin'” So it’s a good idea to look at the problem at hand with a new perspective, with a new pair of glasses as the old ones might have lost their sheen. That might help clear the fog and allow us to tackle the issue better.”

“Yes, but we tend to get stuck in life’s rut and start living life so mechanically, ” sighed Rita.

“Waking up at the same time, eating the same boring breakfast cereal, rushing through the papers and to work. Slogging ourselves likes robots at work for the fat salaries; though the corporate shit sucks. Getting back home and trying to rush through the kids homework. And then because we need down time, we either stay glued to our smart phone screens or Netflix, while our kids eat their dinner silently, hooked to their iPads. No time to for quality interaction with our kids or our better half for that matter.”

“Gosh! Natz, this life feels so lack lustre. How does one re-invent the wheel, when we continue to live each day without any spontaneity.”

I looked into Rita’s eyes reassuringly, “There is a way my friend, there always is. Life isn’t lack lustre. We make it that way. It’s about breaking these patterns. Of thinking out of the box. Of spending alone time in reflection or meditation and the answers will emerge. When I’m lost I turn to the Ghonzon and chant Nam Myoho Rengey Kyo. And the answers emerge on their own, as my inner strength wells forth. I also write, spend time zentangling/doing art. That is indeed very cathartic.”




“What do you think would work for you and help you Rita, when you feel lost?” I asked her.

” I guess meditation would. I used to meditate many years back. I even used to enjoy playing tennis, but now, where is the time?”

“Oh come on! You can always find time, for something that supports you in life’s journey. Even five minutes of meditation is good enough, to begin with and we know that, don’t we?”, I said to her in a comforting tone.

“True that!”, she replied pondering over my words.

“Also sweets remember, just as winter turns into spring, similarly our hard days or the challenges never last for ever. The spring in our life’s journey does eventually bloom forth into our being.”

“So break the patterns, think differently, act differently, watch a season transit, spend time in silence away from the technology, converse with a loved one, meditate in the company of nature, play with your pet; and you will be able to make breakthroughs. I promise you that.”, I said beaming my brightest smile out to her.

“And yes, please go right ahead and share this wisdom with everyone. These don’t need to be hushed away, but spoken about.” I said with an impish grin.

Rita’s eyes seemed to light up like a flaming lantern. She threw her arms around me in a warm, tight embrace.

“Time to create new patterns.” she squealed into my ears.






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35 thoughts on “Pattern: Shhh…Don’t Tell Anybody:#Blogadda-WOW #WriteBravely #WriteTribeProBlogger

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, Firstly because I believe exactly what you said – What works for you, may not work for me. So choose your own path. And also judge people who choose to drift away from the norm. Secondly because you put the essence of your message in form of a conversation between two friends rather than a preachy post. Good job

  2. Taking a break from life’s monotony and breaking the patterns is needed once in a while. It will refresh you. Happy to join with you for #writetribeprobloggerchallenge !!!

  3. Putting in an effort to not get stuck in the rut is so vital. I personally vouch for meditation and having pets around who act as stress busters. I love the way you have put your own thoughts as a part of the story.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my take on the prompt. Yes, I totally vouch for pets as stress busters. They act as wind beneath ones wings. And we all know the benefits of meditation and chanting

  4. Who’d have thought it would take such effort NOT to get stuck in a rut? It’s so true that we can find the time for what we really WANT to do – it’s just a question of priorities, and sometimes we’re like the proverbial donkey who starved to death between two bales of hay – he couldn’t decide which to eat.

    1. Gosh Holly! You are hilarious. Love your – “we’re like the proverbial donkey who starved to death between two bales of hay – he couldn’t decide which to eat.”

      Takes the cake

  5. Breaking the pattern is very important. I am coming from a similar place of being overwhelmed with the same routine, doing the same things at exactly the same time and in the same way. Thank God for the Dushhera holidays which gave a much-needed break from the routine. This was a wonderful post.

    1. Dear Anamika, I’m so glad you stopped by. Thank you so much.

      Yes, we do need a break of patterns and tweaking of schedules to break the monotony. I’m sure you can’t wait for Diwali now.
      Happy festivities and loads of joy and light your way.

  6. Change being the only constant in life.. it’s important to break patterns at times. Strong message put in a subtle way through a lovely short story!

  7. What a wonderful story and a beautifully incorporated prompt for today. It is indeed important to break the monotonous pattern of life to bring the happy times in life 🙂

  8. Looking at old things with new eyes is a great idea, and such an under-used one. Also, you are the only one who can break the shackles of your humdrum life. Lovely post.

  9. “Waking up at the same time, eating the same boring breakfast cereal, rushing through the papers and to work. Slogging ourselves likes robots at work because we know we are getting fat salaries, though the corporate shit sucks.”

    Yes, our own patterns imprison us. They have become so comfortable, it is difficult to change.

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