Good, Bad and The… : #MicroMondays

Good, Bad and The… : #MicroMondays

Vishwas Kapur, the CEO of India’s second largest company, is a spiritual man known for his philanthropic deeds. His employees love and revere him completely. After all he is firm, yet generous with his words and actions.

But, each night he returns home to turn into a brutal monster. He rapes and assaults Nina.

“Good and bad do exist,” she thinks helplessly.



Written as part of #MicroMondays, hosted by the gorgeous couple Varad of Loose End Of The Thread and Namratha of Namy Says So.

Each week we are given a set word count for a piece of micro fiction, and a quote from a book that must be included in the story. This week’s quote to be included was ‘Good and bad do exist’ and the word count was 61.

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