{A} is for Anachronism – Misplaced in Time?: #AtoZChallenge

{A} is for Anachronism – Misplaced in Time?: #AtoZChallenge

A is for Anachronism – Misplaced in time?

It’s a pre-Easter morning that radiates the love and warmth of a receding spring. A pleasant breeze stretches out its lazy arms and wraps me in a warm embrace. I start my day with joy seeping into every fibre of my being. A mynah on our balcony chatters, announcing a promising day. One that spells anachronism, though seemingly misplaced in time…

We are coming together in mirth and merriment. A bunch of kindergarten friends from yester years. Twenty one of us. The anachronistic hands of the clock will tarry backwards and transport us all back in time.

Anachronism is  justified as a means of bringing the past to life. And we do just that in an anachronistic uniformity of sorts. Barring distances, differences, time zones, personal commitments; we the Class of 1990 come together to relive our heydays.

My Kindergarten Chums
(I’m at the top, second left; probably in deep contemplation ;-))
Highschool. Spot me if you can. 🙂

We revive those fascinating moments from our growing up years, when we came to terms with leaving the cosy comfort of our secure homes, to spend hours in a place that was new and alien to us, where we by some sheer stroke of luck also found love and solace in each others company, when slowly but surely we learnt to take simple, small, sometimes unsure steps into this world that was a canvas for us to paint. We fought, we teased, we made up, we teemed up, we kept evolving with each other, and as we grew we discovered our hearts also fluttered for that special one. Our teachers, we learnt to love and despise; all at the same time.

In the now…

And as we come together this weekend; laughing and conversing endlessly, without a care in the world;  all the duress of our mid-life burdens are put on hold. We manage to experience an anachronism of sorts, where we travel back in time, framing those moments in our minds eye. All that matters on this decadent afternoon is that it misplaces us in time, as we experience the joys  of the days of yore and now. These we recreate, relive, refurbish and relish time and again, when we the Class of 1990 come together.

Together we continue to treasure these memories of a beautiful time just gone by, as it will remain etched in the anachronisms of our hearts. This, till we spin new memories together and get misplaced by the beguiling charm of the time gone by.




59 thoughts on “{A} is for Anachronism – Misplaced in Time?: #AtoZChallenge

  1. What a great start! I too enjoy school/college reunions – it s amazing to see the change in people and often the most unlikely person emerges as the most successful!

  2. This post reminded me of some of my friends from school with whom I had the best time ever and simehow lost touch now. Getting together with childhood friends and relieving those days is actually a bitter sweet experience because those were amazing days which will never come back. Looking fwd to reading all the posts of your #AToZChallenge just like the Write Tribe challenge 🙂

    1. Hi Ryan, Good to see you here. Been a long time. Thank you for your thoughts. Look forward to reading from you in the coming days. Are you participating in the challenge too?

  3. Oh my Natasha! This is such a beautiful post. Loved the word you picked to kickstart the challenge. The pictures from Nursery to High School to now is just heartwarming. Thanks for sharing it with us. And I couldn´t place you out at all….would have never guessed the girl in glasses was you. You look so different. Amazing post! Keep them coming. Sharing my A post and would love to know your thoughts on the same 🙂 – https://thetinaedit.com/2018/04/01/amma-atozchallenge-2018/

  4. Wonderful start! I do love anecdotes. And I’ve learned a new word!

    Marquessa @simplymarquessa from The Next Chapter
    Visiting from the 2018 A to Z Challenge
    Start at the beginning with “A is for Afflicted”

  5. Oh I love your theme and this post just warms my heart! You have had such a happy and wonderful life. May you stay this blessed and happy always, Natasha.


  6. Wow I like the choice of the word, I love the way you have used this word Anachronism:) reunions are great and I could see so much of enthusiasm and positivity in your post, appreciate the pictures you have treasured, especially the first two. I couldn’t place you, I thought you are in the second row without specs the 6th person and not fifth:)but then i saw your responses to previous comments and tried to figure you out:) thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful post Natasha. Love the way you write. I couldn’t spot you in the picture though. This post took me back to my school days. Ah, those were the days!

    1. Thank you so much Meha for reading. I’m glad you liked it. I’m in the second row from bottom, fifth from the right. Yes I was Miss Soda Bottle glasses. :))))

      Yes, those were indeed the days.

  8. Such a beautiful and happy post, Natasha! Loved reading your account and the fact that you all had such a wonderful time catching up and connecting after decades. I know the feeling to some extent having met three of my own schoolmates after years In Jaipur and yearning for a reunion that I haven’t been able to join in despite my best intentions! I think I have been able to spot you in the second pic…the one with glasses (the lovely big smile was a dead giveaway!) 5th from right, second row? Am I right? Fab start to the #AtoZ and best wishes with the challenge, dear Natz. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much dearest Esha for your kind, heart warming comment. Your words always make me smile and are like the glow of the warm winter sun. Yes, you recognised me right. :)))
      Hugs and big love <3

  9. Isn’t it wonderful meeting up with old school friends again? Somehow the essence of those early school friendships can never be replicated later on in life. Good post.

    1. So very true Neha. That feeling, that friendship is simply incomparable to no other. Thank you for swinging by and commenting. Cheerio! 🙂

  10. Wait, why am I not able to spot you.. and considering I have actually met you in person!!!!! But well I am a tad jealous of your reunion. this is something I am craving for !!

    1. Hey Ramya, second row, fifth from the right. Yes I was Miss Soda Bottle glasses. :))))
      You must try and get your school friends together and organise a reunion, if you can. The feeling is incomparable.

  11. Something truly special about those relationships forged through our growing up years, right Nats? How precious. Lovely post, Nats. Glad you decided to do the challenge.

    1. Absolutely, Shy. 🙂 Indeed very special. I’m so glad we had that chat the other day and I took the plunge. Thank you. Big hugs. <3

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation Shilpa. Made my day. <3
      Yes, such reunions are a must I feel. And we as the Class of 1990 are blessed to have frequent ones. Though this one was on a pretty large scale. Its incredible how everyone scales distances and time to come together and frolic without a care in the world.

  12. Hey Natasha, this is such a beautiful post, dripping with nostalgia. I met my school friends after 20 years last June. I was not in touch with any of them over the past two decades. It was actually surreal. Great post to kick start AtoZ.

    PS: You are the tall girl in the second row, right? The cheekbones give you away 😀

  13. You met your friends from Kindergarten?! How cool is that!! This reunion after so many years would be so special because, old friends never leave us, they could be absent physically but their memories always warm our hearts. Loved this post, Natasha ♥

    1. Hey Namy, Thank god! You came by. I was unable to find your blog for some reason and I call this synchronicity that you choose to visit minutes later. :))

      Hopping right across.

  14. This is brilliant. I couldn’t spot you though . I wish to have a reunion of this kind with my school friends, truly life has taken us on very different paths but meeting after decades and reminiscing old days would be fun

  15. Reading this made me feel so bitter and yet soft in the heat at the same time. I don’t have the connection with my childhood friends that I once did. Its really heart melting to see that you and your friends have made it through the various tests of life. Is that you in the middle with the dark coat in your high school pic?

    1. Yes we really have. Would not have been possible without Facebook and Whatsapp. We have a very active WhatsApp group, where we coordinate meet ups, fight like cats and dogs-as though we were still in school, tease, and engage in mindless banter.

      Maybe you could look at reviving the connection Arjun. Believe you me you will never regret it. And in return you will be given so much joy. Even if it is with a few.

      No I’m the one in glasses, second row -fifth from right.

    1. Hey Shalzz. I’m glad you enjoyed the memories.

      I’m the one in glasses, second row -fifth from right. 🙂
      Thank you so much for reading. :)))

  16. How wonderful is this! You guys have managed to stay in touch all these years!
    What a wonderful memory, and a post to start the challenge with. Tells me there will be more delicious slices of life to follow!
    Loved this, Natz!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my slice of life snippet May. Thank you so much for motivating me and for always being my impetus to go for all things blogging. Hugs <3

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